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Border Crisis – Moves to the Interior, Demands State Accountability


As House Democrats continue to oppose every border protection measure President Trump offers, they are getting a little of their own.  Sanctuary cities across America are swelling – and creating a new reality.  They are becoming magnets for illegal aliens, driving up homelessness, creating unprecedented housing shortages, producing tent cities in parks, and measurably increasing public health and safety costs.

Ironically, as Florida’s Republican governor last week officially banned sanctuary cities, requiring municipal authorities to cooperate with federal law enforcement, California has taken the opposite approach, becoming a full-blown “sanctuary state” – and a national leader in homelessness.

Where does it end?  Which side will prevail?  Will we secure our border, returning American cities to lawful cooperation with federal enforcement, restoring rule of law, lowering housing costs for citizens – or drift into some borderless, sanctuary morass?   One answer comes from Florida, another from California.

Start with California.  Here is the country’s first “sanctuary state,” filled with counties and cities refusing to comply with requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities, empowered by an audacious Democratic governor – and facing a major homelessness problem, arguably brought on by his own party’s policies. 

In point of fact, California tops the sanctuary county lists, outnumbering any other state for counties, cities and numbers of harbored illegal aliens.  Of the top ten homeless cities in America, California has four – Los Angeles with 55,000 homeless, San Diego with 9,000, San Jose with 7,000, and San Francisco with 6,000.  California’s de facto open border has not done neighbors any favors.  Seattle wrestles with 12,000 homeless, Las Vegas with 6,000, and the list grows. 

At the moment, California is living through a corporate profit bubble. As the Wall Street Journal reported, “California’s economic boom has resulted from the successes of technology companies such as ride-sharing businesses Lyft and Uber, both which went public, minting a new batch of high-earning taxpayers.” 

With wind in their sails, they continue to accommodate illegal aliens in record numbers, whether for political benefit or other reasons.  In fact, the state just expanded government-subsidized health care to adult illegal aliens, a first.

But the future is uncertain.  There is no obvious answer to expanding homelessness, especially with a growing number of illegal aliens.  Moreover, as the Wall Street Journal reports, “Historically, the state has proved susceptible to economic swings” and “even a mild recession could result in budget deficits of $40 billion over a three-year span.”  So, what seems barely manageable today, may be less so tomorrow.

So, what is California doing?  They are living in the moment, not thinking too hard about the future, and gambling wildly on illegal aliens – the opposite of Florida.

By stark contrast to California’s spendthrift, stick-it-to-Trump political ways, Florida is on another course.  Governor Ron DeSantis this week signed one of the strictest bans on sanctuary cities anywhere in the country, following eleven other states to assure cooperation with “federal immigration authorities.”  Not coincidentally, no city or county in Florida makes the top-ten list for homelessness.

All these presages bigger questions.  At some point, if the border is not effectively shut by cooperative US-Mexican agreement or responsible congressional action, the president will have to act.  His options are limited, but he has some.

Beyond specific border actions, one way to manage the crisis is to hold sanctuary states responsible for rising related costs, from homelessness to transportation infrastructure, public health threats to expanding criminal groups. 

As states like Florida take self-preserving actions and cooperate with federal law enforcement, states like California may become outliers, a source of national concern over public health and safety.  Exactly how federal authorities legally hold California accountable – in a world of conflicting federal and state laws –– is unclear, but some degree of accountability seems appropriate. 

In short, why should federal tax dollars paid by citizens who live in states that have agreed to enforce federal law – by banning sanctuary cities – be required to pay for burdens created by sanctuary states?  Why should Florida, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Texas – all of which abide federal law – be forced to fund rising public health, safety, transportation, education and other costs in sanctuary states?

The irony in California’s position is that their state budget is one-third federal money.  That is right.  Eye-popping but true, while the state pays federal taxes, their vast spending is one-third federal money.  Look closer.  Some 72 percent of the federal dollars go to health and human services, the exact faucet they turn on for illegal aliens, now including adult illegal aliens’ healthcare costs. 

No obvious answer exists, short of fixing the border, creating greater compliance and accountability by sanctuary states, and thinking harder about legal remedies available in our federal system – which balances states’ rights against federal rights.  But the crisis that everyone now admits exists on the border – is moving inland.  Record homelessness is appearing in sanctuary cities.  It is a sign.

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If “sanctuary cities” want the illegals, give them to them. Ship all the illegals, who need to be released, to sanctuary cities and cut federal funding to any cities breaking the laws. See how long the citizens of these cities and States stand for the over-load before removing the politicians creating the problems.


Don’t blame the democrats. Blame the voter (and voter fraud). Democrats are committed to the complete and total destruction of the United States of America. And with the voter’s help, they are becoming more and more successful in their efforts.

Todd Taylor

States can not pick and choose what Federal laws they wish to enforce or not; hold these States that are defiant to Federal law accountable; last time States defied the Federal government we had a Civil War.

Mark Jebe

The State Department says only 1 in 10 Americans ever gets a passport, and only half of the passports granted are ever used. That means very few Americans ever see the world outside our borders. I have. I’ve spent over half of my adult life working and living overseas, much of that time in dictatorships and Third World countries. I’ve yet to meet someone living in poverty or under the threat of violence who didn’t want to come to the United States. Most were very vocal about it, over the years thousands of them have asked me how they could come to my country. PEW Research Center says 6.5 BILLION people around the world live below the official US poverty level. After traveling across 6 continents, I’d say PEW is in the ballpark; 80% of the world’s population lives in what we’d call poverty, AND THEY ALL WANT TO COME… Read more »

Laura Gentry

The media has once again completely ignored reports of thousands of illegal immigrants being identified of being from the Conga and other countries of Africa. Along with these unvaccinated People come their diseases such as Ebola Democrats are putting every US citizen at risk.

Mary Hibbard

So glad there is an alternative to AARP, and Conservatives and Christians have a voice. Thank you for being there!

General Patton

The Liberal Demorats are delusional and dangerous to our country, and our country’s security.

Margaret Amador

I am sick and tired of the mindless policies/attitudes of Democrats as a whole. I am sure there are good people among them but the crazy ones right now have the upper hand. On top of that, Congress is asking for a pay increase for its members. Really??? How about you work and we will discuss it.
We also have to examine the teachings at schools. Our children are not educated anymore. Instead, they are being indoctrinated!
What happened to learning how to think independently and rationally looking at the pros and cons?


You got what you asked for. You are responsible for the choices you make California. Don’t expect handouts. You have enough influence without the whole nation and world following your mistakes of making wrong decisions.

Brenda Blunt

Since California wants to be a sanctuary city, then they should have to absorb ALL the costs associated with housing illegals and be held as an accomplice for any crimes committed! The Hollywood folks can help pay for everything as well along with athletes who support it!!!!

Deb Day

Trump tried to keep federal funds from these places and was shot down by (liberal) federal judges. All of those illegals represent thousands of democrat votes for 2020. And yes, they do vote. Voting has become exceedingly fraudulent. If we retain Trump in 2020 it will be through a God sent miracle only. I guarantee you that more democrats are going to vote than there are people on the rolls. They are working on stealing the election.


Gee who’d a thunk! Ok, so Calif is a sanctuary state, let’s move ALL the illegals there and fence it off and cut off all Fed tax $’s to them and watch what happens. Object lesson for all. Anyone that objects gets shipped there too for their enjoyment.

Paul W

Leftism destroys…always. It’s not a by-product of their policies; it’s their goal. Complete and total globalism. Globalism can never bring the bottom up. It brings the top down. It’s what they are attempting to accomplish. Cold, scared, hungry and poor minions will invariably cry to the government for help. Just as the leftist want it. That’s not hyperbole…that’s the way it is. Believe it.


A great way to cure this scam in CA and else ware is to publish that all victims of crimes committed by any illegal but thwarted by the state gets sued for protecting criminal behavior, which is what they are doing. This sanctuary policy is causing death and other crimes to innocent people and it is time for citizens and protectors of liberty to stop this!

Neal Christensen

Looks like we need to wall off California as well as the southern border.

Jack Muckey

You get back what you cast out. California is doomed as a viable state. It cannot support the illegals on any kind of a budget. The state will soon drown in it’s own dirt.


When the walls of Babylon fall, taxpayers money should not be used for disaster relief. Fires, mudslides, earth quakes or law enforcement. Incidentally my state was not on the list against sanctuary cities either. I would like to thank all the POS Democrats in our state for electing our current governor.

Rick J.

The mess is going to get worse before it gets better.

Stephen Russell

Waiting for 2028 Games to flee CA due to state city policies, since day 1.
Poor Mgmt, NOT fixing streets & now growing homelessness, watch Games die OK IOCC.
Revisit LA for Games

victor F. Bastianos

you vote democratic you vote to destroy America as we know it…….Hahahhahahahaahhaha TG, i lived 60 years alread
y in the greatest country ever produced…..i will expect FREE HEALTHCARE GOING FORWARD!!!! TY!!!!!