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Border, Clinton, AMAC Action

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In a week of shocking news, an assassination attempt was made on a former US president due to our wide open southern border; the testimony of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager implicates her in the Russian collusion hoax; and yet ANOTHER school shooting. The Biden Administration has a lot of explaining to do! Rebecca Weber also joins Ben to recap the recent AMAC Action Delegate Conference and tell you how YOU can attend the next conference!

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Lynne Pace
3 months ago

It is unforgivable, unbelievable, & un-American the amount of damage that has occurred in and to this country in the last 14 months. This administration needs to be overturned ASAP.

3 months ago

SAVE THE U.S.A…..arrest all demonrats, socialists, leftist loonies, and nazis and send them to GITMO FOR TREASON!!..

David Millikan
3 months ago

Song of Today that fits is; ‘WHAT’S GOING ON’, By: 4 Non Blondes.
Take a break and listen. See for yourself.

3 months ago

Joe Biden’s amendment to give up our sovereignty at the WHO didn’t fly but on June 12 he will try again and if that doesn’t fly, then they will try again in August! Please be praying and don’t let up! We must not give our freedom to this evil WHO !

Gail Wright
3 months ago

I want to see hillary in Federal Prison! They can’t get away with what they’re doing. We have to vote every democrat out of office!

3 months ago

Myorkas is a primary example of destructive incompetence. He is a huckster as every time his lips move he is lying. He doesn’t know the meaning of “control” and he also has that artificial intelligence look perfected. Thanks Joey.
Hillary is bullet and bombproof. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. THE DECK IS STACKED.

Philip Hammersley
3 months ago

Currently there is NO government department run by a competent, America-loving person. Senile Joe’s crew looks like the bar scene from Star Wars : freaks of all kinds.

Victoria Gardner
3 months ago

The boarder and our safety is the most important issue. Joe Biden is incompetent and should be impeached.

Harris Faulkner is an exceptional reporter and commentator.

God Bless America!!!!

Terry Cooney
3 months ago

Assassination attempt? I do not like it when we (the “Right”) use hyperbole to describe events, any more than I like it when the other side does it. The weekly video is becoming a little too strident and hyperbolic in its descriptions of weekly events. Disrupting an alleged PLAN falls far short of an “attempt.”

3 months ago

The next census that will include illegals will give the marxist democrats the winning number of Senate and House representatives to win all elections from here on out. This is why they want open borders.

Philip Hammersley
3 months ago
Reply to  Kay

Fortunately, the majority of illegals go to already-DIMM states to get free handouts : welfare , health care, and education.

3 months ago

Should just load them up, finger print them, take a photo, and drive them to the nearest bridge crossing back to Mexico. They are breaking the law and Border Patrol would just be enforcing the law. To continue this so called processing then giving them cell phones and bussing or flying them all over the place. If they want to fly them somewhere, fly them back to their own country. I am expecting some bad terrorist attack this summer as there is no telling how many have gotten through and are spread out to different cities in America. If Mexico doesn’t want them, they need to stop letting them come through their borders or fly into their airports. Finish building the wall!

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