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Blood Trail – in Afghanistan


When the Biden Administration fled Afghanistan, leaving 100,000 allies formerly with the US military and diplomatic communities stranded, they sent a message: America’s word – under Biden – is worth nothing. The Taliban moved in, persecuting allies. That blood trail continues.  

No one likes bad news. We have too much. Hope is vital, even in Afghanistan. But for those who believed our promises, who worked with our military and diplomatic teams, for millions of women and girls who thought life could be different, times are hard. They are hunted and worse.

Someday things may change again. But what Biden did – the reprehensible nature of his cowardly retreat without honor, order, empathy, contrition, or accountability – remains a moral outrage.

How easy it is to forget, as the world spins and new headlines replace old, that yesterday’s events do not stop – even if the media stopped reporting. Putin deserves global condemnation. But what about the ongoing tragedy in Afghanistan – lives shattered and allies who gave their all for us?

We must not forget. Every day or two, via a former US military intermediary, I get news and clips of what is happening. The news is horrifying, culpability Biden’s. 

Think about this:  For 20 years, the US did more than stabilize Afghanistan, more than pursue the Taliban and other terrorists, more than fight forces and sources of instability. 

We educated young girls and boys, who in that period, came to believe life could be equitable, knowledge mattered, moral fiber was real, and self-rule and respect in society were self-sustaining. These children became young women and men. They were nearly at the governing age. 

Then, we left. We did not just leave but left them to a band of medieval thugs, ruthless, brutal, immoral, corrupt, and ideologically distorted, who despise Western values and resolved to hunt, imprison, torture, and kill those who bought into freedom, equality, and self-rule.

This is the reality in Afghanistan today. It is as heartbreaking as it was avoidable. In the last five years, we lost fewer than five uniformed personnel per year. We lost more than twice that fleeing and 20,000 times that number of innocents now pay for Biden’s betrayal.

One begins to run out of words for writing about this continuing tragedy. With a focus on other events, Biden and his deflectors and handlers seem unmoved by their horrifying failures, unwilling even to talk about what they have done. But what they did is hardly forgotten.

On the geopolitical front, thinking big, Biden’s abandonment of mission, hope, promised safety, and 100,000 allies in Afghanistan was observed by Russia, China, Iran, North Korea – all our allies. We lost billions in equipment, but we hemorrhaged credibility and trust.

In some ways, Putin’s gamble – while revealing misjudgment and military weakness – reflects the notion that America is caught in irons, led by a weak, faltering, even frail leader. The decision China and Russia made to ally prior to the Olympics, says the same thing. 

On the ground, inside Afghanistan, the consequences of Biden’s failure continue to pile up; they have not stopped. Young people are tortured, homes turned upside down, looking for anything that might link them to America, a candy bar, MRE, gift, or article of clothing.

Today, emails with video clips of persecution and torture regularly bring me silence, sober, and seemingly helpless state in which I wonder how we – how leaders of this great and good country – could have been so inept, immoral, indifferent, stupid, and disinterested in downstream effects.

I have no answers. I do know those suffering at the hands of Biden’s missteps, enduring betrayal in Afghanistan and elsewhere, want the news to get out. That is why I write, why you can also access some of the difficult-to-watch videos, unique to AMAC, on this site.

The reality is this. Good leadership – the sort personified by our Founders, by the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and on many critical policies, Donald Trump – is identifiable by the outcome. The reverse is also true.

What we are seeing – better said, not seeing – in Afghanistan is emblematic of a broader political, military, diplomatic, and moral failure. The Biden team leaves a path of destruction, diplomatic failure, and poor judgment behind them – a path littered with missed opportunities.

In Afghanistan, they leave a trail of blood. No one is bothering to follow the story or say so, but it is true. Bad leadership, like good, is distinguished by results. And results are also predictive. 

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8 months ago

Komrad biden and his leftist marxists are nothing but treasonous towards America. If we truly have”Liberty and Justice for All”, let it begin. How much more must we endure before the leftists wake up? All those greenies out there, when you fly on an airline propelled by wind and solar, then your hypocrisy will be forgiven. The cavalry is coming, and not any too soon!

8 months ago

Best description of Biden: Without honor. He’s never had it, and he never will.

8 months ago

The videos without captions or any explenation of what’s happening, are useless.

Paul A Leonhard
8 months ago

We leave $84,000,000,000.00 of the most advanced, high-tech, secret technology weapons in Afghanistan and this frail President is giving $800,000,000.00 in weapons to the freedom loving people of Ukraine. Remember in 2014 in Ukraine by Biden: ” fire the prosecutor that is investigating my son Hunter or loose the $200,000,000,000.00 of assistance from US taxpayers. Call Obama if you doubt me” PA fired next few hours. Hunter living LARGE!!! Should be in prison, many money frauds and big number laundering. We are on the glide path to being another Cuba.

Richard J Caruso
8 months ago

Is not leaving citizens or troops behind to fend for themselves without attempting to save them treasonable?? Is that not impeachable??

james michalicek
8 months ago

I was an Army contractor in Kandahar and Helmand Provinces from 2004 to 2013. We also gave the people jobs and skills.

8 months ago

This decision to withdraw suddenly is not by Biden , but by Obama.

8 months ago
Reply to  Vietvet6769

So what? Everyone knows that Biden is Obama’s avatar.

Deb Rockwell
8 months ago

It is on purpose. The evil and the foolish are running the show right now.

8 months ago


8 months ago

Why are the hundreds of American citizens abandoned last August in Afghanistan always omitted from your articles? As if they never existed or we should just ignore that fact, because it is politically embarrassing. Yes, many Americans have been smuggled out through brave third-party organizations at great risk, but no one is claiming that every American abandoned in Afghanistan by the Biden administration has been safely extracted?

John B.
8 months ago

I don’t think the videos worked at least on my laptop. I tried to watch them but they either did not work or I did not understand what they were trying to show.

8 months ago
Reply to  John B.

I could see the videos, but without any explanation of what they were purporting to show, they were utterly useless.

Joe M
8 months ago

Once again I say …. the Democrat party and everone who follows it are STUPID, IGNORANT and GODless !!

Martin Plecki
8 months ago

I would love to see Joe Biden Hunter Biden and their ilk in jail:-)

8 months ago
Reply to  Martin Plecki

I’d rather see them hanging from a gibbet. After a trial, of course.

Dora Cornwall
8 months ago
Reply to  Martin Plecki

Convicted of their Treason.

Philip Hammersley
8 months ago

While the DUMMs play up electric cars and solar energy, they conveniently omit that Afghanistan had supplies of the rare earth minerals needed for both. Not to mention, Taliban enslavement of its people and soon-to-be home of more anti-US terrorists!

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