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Worry-Free Packing Tips

Posted on Monday, July 5, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

packingLet’s face it. Getting ready for a trip, no matter how fun it will be, can be stressful and time consuming. Having trouble deciding which luggage to use, what clothes and accessories to bring, and how to pack efficiently? Ever get that nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something important? When it comes to packing, these are some commonplace issues. It’s time to address those concerns.

What type of luggage to use – There are numerous factors which influence what kind of luggage one may select for a trip. The length of a stay, personal preferences, airline rules, or car space may come into play. For example, a young adult taking a weekend trip and traveling by air may decide to bring a carryon duffle bag rather than check luggage. Whereas an older person going on that same trip might prefer lightweight luggage with a sturdy handle and wheels. If you are undecided about what size luggage is best, lay out what you’re taking first. If you expect to bring back souvenirs, be sure to factor that into the luggage equation. Packing cubes are an excellent way to organize clothes by categories and reduce bulk. These functional zipper compartment bags can neatly contain odd-shaped items, such as socks. They also make it easy for travelers to pack and unpack quickly. Because packed items are compartmentalized, things are easy to find. Not only do packing cubes protect and compress clothes, but they also prevent wrinkles.

What to bring – Travel experts apply a general rule of thumb when it comes to packing. For trips that are under seven days, one shirt a day is generally acceptable and one bottom for every two days. Whenever possible, pack multi-purpose clothes that can be worn for several occasions, such as a solid black jacket. Seasonal and specialty clothes, such as swimsuits, should be kept to the minimum. Consider the weather forecast of your destination, as the climate provides vital packing clues. Also consider the ratio of formal to informal activities, as this can greatly influence what you’ll need to bring. If you have access to a washer/dryer, you may consider packing lighter and doing some laundry to get you through your trip.

Best ways to pack – Overstuffing luggage is a common problem. Packing efficiently is key to saving space. Tightly rolling clothes in lieu of folding can help avoid wrinkle lines and saves on space by making clothing more compact. Travel & Leisure recommends a folding technique called Ranger Rolling, which basically involves laying out the item, folding the bottom two inches inside out to make a pocket, and then rolling from the opposite end to get to the pocket. Lastly, fold one side of the pocket over the roll to secure. *See link below for video demonstration. Rather than force bulky items like coats into luggage, pack lightweight items you can layer. Wearing layers gives added flexibility for temperature changes. Also focus on packing wrinkle resistant clothes so that you won’t get stuck having to iron when you reach your destination. Knowing which fabrics travel best is helpful. Who What Wear lists the six best wrinkle resistant fabrics, which includes some popular ones including polyester, knit, and Lyocell.

How not to forget stuff – It’s a royal pain to get to your destination, only to realize you forgot to pack your toothbrush or unmentionables. And it can be downright dangerous when missing medications. To ensure that nothing is forgotten, create a computer-generated packing list. Print the list before each trip. As you pack, check off the items once they are placed into the luggage. The packing list should include basic travel items, such as passports, tickets, credit cards, etc. It should also include clothing items, such as pajamas, sportswear, shoes, etc., and toiletries, such as soap, deodorant, and razors. Personal items such as medications and accessories like reading or sunglasses should also be on the list. A checklist is a reliable tool for packing and is guaranteed to greatly reduce your odds of leaving essential items behind.

Prior to travel, it’s a wise idea to familiarize yourself with airline baggage fees that can affect how much you’ll pay for luggage when flying. To reduce costs, pack light and use a luggage scale to stay within the luggage weight restrictions. This can help you avoid extra surcharges or the unpleasant task of having to transfer things out of your luggage while in a crowded airport. To some people, packing and unpacking is an unpleasant part of going on a trip. However, applying some fundamental tricks and tips for packing can greatly ease the burden and make your trip go more smoothly.

Link to watch the packing video:

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Mantharagiri Packers and Movers
Mantharagiri Packers and Movers
1 year ago

Amazing… This is really very informative blog.. Thanks For Giving Detailed information 

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