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Best Fall Beach Vacations Along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard

Posted on Friday, October 8, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Autumntime strongly beckons people to mountainous destinations with abundant trees that scream with color. However, fall foliage is said to be disappointing for most of the country this year due to an abnormally warm fall season that delayed the onset of color production. Wetness across the mid-Atlantic and southern New England also delayed fall colors and resulted in a less vibrant show per Thus, it is time to consider a new travel option for the fall season and head to the beach instead. There are many unique advantages of a fall beach vacation. Not only has the intense summer heat subsided in many places, but the summer crowds have also faded, allowing time for quiet activities such as landscape photography, yoga on the beach, private walks, shell collecting, and nighttime bonfires under the moon. Many seaside towns offer great lodging and dining options, local attractions such as lighthouses and maritime museums, and pretty downtowns for those who enjoy shopping or frequenting a café or bar along quaint Main Streets. Here are four great beach towns to consider along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

Town & Info: Atmosphere: Fun things to do:
Kennebunkport, Maine
Located in York, County. It is part of the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford metropolitan statistical area.
Average temperature in October: Hi 58F / Lo 36F
An historical shipbuilding and fishing village and popular seaside tourist destination. It is known for its expensive homes along the Atlantic and for the summer vacation home of the presidential Bush family. The beaches are noted for being long, wide, and sandy, and provide the perfect spot to walk and observe stunning ocean views. The Dock Square boasts lovely bed & breakfasts, galleries, restaurants, shopping and more. Stop for coffee, a stroll, or to dine in Cape Porpoise, a small village area that maintains its charm as a fishing harbor. Kennebunkport beach features three distinct beaches, of which Mother’s Beach is the most family friendly – but do visit them all.
Cape May, New Jersey
Located at the southern tip of Cape May Peninsula in Cape May County, New Jersey where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean.
Average temperature in October: Hi: 67F / Lo 50F
Cape May is among the country’s oldest vacation destinations. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the entire city of Cape May is designated the Cape May Historic District, a National Historic Landmark due to its concentration of long-standing Victorian buildings. Visitors enjoy walking the beaches in search of “Cape May diamonds,” which are collectible sparkly pieces of quartz. Cape May is noted for its beautiful Victorian architecture and for its intimate B & Bs. In addition to its beautiful beaches, there is miniature golf, arcades, museums, shopping, and dining. Enjoy an historical home tour, taste wine at a local winery, take an historical mansion tour, explore a lighthouse, or go birding. So much to enjoy!
Ocra Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
Located roughly 18 miles off the coast of mainland North Carolina. It is one of the southernmost islands of the Outer Banks.
Average temperature in October: Hi 71F / Lo 59Fcoke Island, North Carolina
Located roughly 18 miles off the coast of mainland North Carolina. It is one of the southernmost islands of the Outer Banks.
The 16-mile-long island hugs the southern coast of North Carolina. The small island is accessible only by boat or ferry. Not only is the town known for its iconic village and delightful beaches, but here one can also visit the historic Ocracoke Lighthouse, finished in 1823, and the second oldest operating lighthouse in the nation.

This remote location is a nature lover’s paradise, from birding to observing Ocracoke’s “Banker” wild ponies which are under the care of the National Park Service since 1959. Rent a bike to explore the Island, visit the famous lighthouse, or head to Hatteras to see the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, just a short ferry ride away, and featuring the history of shipwrecks of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This museum is ideal for those who love history and a little bit of folk lore.
Palm Beach, Florida
Located on an island in east-central Palm beach county, the postcard worthy town is separated from others by the Intracoastal Waterway. It bears the nickname “The Island.” It is incorporated in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Average temperature in October: Hi 85F / Lo 72F
This ocean front town gained its fine reputation for hospitality early on, with the development of its first hotel, the fabulous Coconut Grove. Today, it is a fully developed community that possess small town charm and features award winning golf and tennis facilities. The Palm Beaches offer tropical ambiance, and an abundance of water sports such as paddling and snorkeling and boating and fishing opportunities in pristine waters. There are also numerous parks to enjoy. Palm Beach is home to exclusive real estate, fabulous upscale shops along Worth Avenue, a variety of night clubs, ritzy restaurants, and is also home to the famous Breakers Hotel, the Flagler Museum and more. Here water activities can be enjoyed year-round. Or take a fun airboat ride, visit one of an abundance of wildlife centers, such as the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, golf, or simply relax on the beach.

Whether you decide to go this year or next, each of these beaches offers a unique town experience and perspective of the Atlantic. Forget the mountains and hit the beach. The fall season is an optimal time to walk the sandy shores and explore the beauty of these special locations, minus the big summertime crowds. Each offers an abundance of fun activities fitting for families, singles, or couples seeking a fabulous getaway under the autumn sun!

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