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An Introduction To The Incredible World Of River Cruising

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2023
by Outside Contributor

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When you think of a cruise, you might picture a massive ship sailing the open ocean, featuring waterslides, casinos, and an array of food options. While these types of cruises are an exciting way to travel, these aren’t the only cruising option available. Let us introduce you to the incredible world of river cruising! 

River cruising has been around for years but has only recently begun to see an increase in popularity. There are no waves, meaning there is a smooth comfortable ride, they have a luxurious atmosphere inside and out, and these types of cruises rarely allow children onboard. It’s understandable why people have been gravitating towards this type of vacation. They’re also an excellent value since almost everything is included in your cruise fare; there are no hidden fees every time you turn around! 

Are you new to river cruising or on the fence about booking one of these unique cruises? Here are the top five reasons why you should choose river cruising:

1. An Amazing Variety of Locations 

On a river cruise, you can experience several different countries and cities on the same vacation – without having to worry about constantly packing and unpacking your bags. You could easily explore from Amsterdam to Budapest in one trip – along with many lesser-known destinations that are waiting to be discovered along the way. You may just find your new favorite holiday destination!

Plus, since river cruises often travel at night, that means less time spent sailing during the day and more time spent exploring your destination! You’ll wake up at a different port almost every morning, giving you the most time possible on land. It doesn’t mean that sailing during the day doesn’t have its own perks- you’ll be able to watch amazing destinations go by as you relax onboard.

2. Smaller Ships 

River cruises were designed to sail the world’s rivers – meaning they have to be small enough to fit through locks and under low bridges commonly found on routes. While the most significant ocean cruise ships can hold up to 6,000 passengers, river cruise ships generally have a capacity of under 190 guests. 

As a result, the ratio of passengers to staff is better, so you can expect to receive much more personalized service. As a plus, it also makes it easy to meet new people! Seeing the same familiar faces daily, whether it’s the crew or fellow passengers, makes it easy to spark up a conversation. You’ll have plenty to talk about after you get back on the ship after a long day of exploring! 

3. Convenience 

With river cruising, the majority of planning is taken care of for you; there are no booking hotels, determining transport, or planning an itinerary while on the river. Your luggage will also stay with you on the ship until the end of your journey, giving you the peace of mind you need to relax during your vacation. Plus, most river cruise lines include one complimentary shore excursion per port, meaning all you have to worry about is what type of tour you want to go on that day! 

4. An Unrivalled Range of Itineraries 

River cruising used to be solely planned on European rivers and itineraries- but not anymore! River cruises can be found on virtually every continent, meaning you won’t have to go far to take one – many cruises are now operating on the Mississippi River. River cruise lines are also beginning to specialize in specific demographics and interests. For example, Viking River Cruises are for adults only while Adventures by Disney offers family-friendly options. European Christmas Market Cruises and Tulip bloom cruises in Amsterdam are themed cruises that have become increasingly popular. There’s a river cruise for anyone!

5. An Exceptional Food Experience

Chefs on river cruises typically buy their ingredients in each port and use them in their meals onboard. As a result, the quality of food available on river cruises is often more unique and destination-focused than on ocean cruises! Drinks and meals are usually included in your base fare, so you don’t have to think twice before ordering something special from the menu; this includes wine, beer, and soft drinks!

You can find exceptional cuisine everywhere on your river cruises- including on land! One of the best parts about visiting several places in one trip is constantly trying unique food you won’t find anywhere else. 

It’s easy to see why river cruising is quickly becoming a favorite way to travel! Bringing you to multiple destinations in one vacation provides value and ease you won’t find in any other vacation. River cruising offers the perfect blend of adventure, education, and convenience. 

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