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How To Organize: Tips from a Professional

Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Organize in bursts

Create fun challenges for yourself. Set a timer and see how much you can get rid of in ten minutes.

Make Time

Expect the process of organizing to take some time and energy. Make decisions quickly to avoid dragging out the process. If you cannot mentally decide whether to keep an item or not, place it in the undecided box and move on. Address it later.

Dispose of Damaged Goods

Products that are expired must be properly discarded. Things broken beyond repair and clothes that are deeply stained, tattered-n-torn, or moth-ridden should be disposed of. No questions asked.


If you do not intend to have a yard sale, donate. For clothing, release items that do not fit you or your style. Take donations over asap to remove clutter from the home.

If you do have a yard sale, price things reasonably and donate remaining items to a charitable organization rather than bringing the clutter back into the house. Remember, your generosity helps others. Get receipts for your donations if beneficial for tax purposes.

Think Practical

As you organize, think practically. Get rid of double and triple items. Place items you are keeping in practical locations and group like items together.

Avoid overstuffing drawers or closets. Continue to sort until the clutter is minimalized. Make sure things are stored neatly.

Give your objects a home. Make use of clever storage solutions, such as a shoe rack for shoes or a key holder for keys.

Remove as much off surfaces as possible to give your home a clean and neat effect and to show off a limited number of knickknacks.

Take your time

Be sure to take regular breaks when organizing. Eat healthily, drink water, and get an adequate night’s sleep to maintain daily energy and momentum.

Avoid overfilling boxes and watch that they do not become too heavy to carry.

Stick with the program

Its one thing to organize your home but to keep it organized is the real chore. Limit anything new that you bring into the home. If you do have an urge to buy something new find something that needs to go first. Swap all new items one for one and you will be able to avoid an organizational relapse. And, in the future, spend some time each day decluttering the house to prevent future build-up.

Use these tips and tricks so you don’t find yourself overcome with a tsunami of knickknacks next time you open a hall closet and follow the AMAC Blog for more helpful articles. 

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