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Three New Decorating Trends that Provide Huge Impact

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Incorporating newer trends into your home décor can keep your home stylish and updated and give you an edge on the market should you choose to sell. Currently, some inspiring decorating fads are not only growing in popularity, but they can have a huge visual impact on your home. Enjoy these three examples:

  1. Wallpapering the ceiling – Consider hanging wallpaper on the ceiling to create a dramatic visual effect. Natural fiber wallpapers are also an excellent choice to update a home’s interior. Many patterns, such as geometrics, foiled accents, or embossed patterns, can add color or texture to turn a dull space into a contemporary dream. Per Home Depot, the most popular wallpapers are pre-pasted vinyl and vinyl-coated papers, which offer effortless application, are resistant to tears, and can be adjusted before the paper dries. Today’s wallpaper is very versatile and lasts for about 15 years before needing a refresh; thus, it is a reasonable way to update some areas of the home, such as a dull or stained ceiling, without breaking the bank.  
  2. Adding a welcoming Hall tree –The home’s entranceway is the first impression that visitors will see. Rather than have guests sling their coats or jackets over the back of a chair, or worse yet, risk tripping over mounds of shoes piled near the front door, give things a handy place to go by adding a hall tree to your entranceway. Today’s hall trees look quite sophisticated and mimic the look of custom-built furniture. Most have hooks and baskets or offer closet or drawer space to hide away hats, gloves, scarves, briefcases, handbags, umbrellas, shoes, and more. Hall trees are available at different price points to match your budget. And they come in many different styles to completely complement any décor.
  3. Creating “Island” flair– One of the biggest decorating trends for kitchens is having an island. Islands are attractive to homeowners or prospective buyers who enjoy cooking and entertaining family and friends. A portable kitchen cart is a workable solution for those faced with small kitchens, a lack of adequate storage, or limited budgets. Not only do they serve as attractive prep tables and serving stations for food or beverages, but they also increase storage space by offering under-the-counter shelving, drawers, cabinets, hooks, or baskets. While some carts are stationary, mobile ones are optimal for smaller homes, as their wheels enable them to be rolled and tucked away into a pantry space, dining room, or closet when not in use. Plus, many resemble custom-made pieces.

Keeping up with current trends for 2021, such as those listed above, can have rich benefits. While homeowners often spend a lot of money on renovations, it is not always necessary to go overboard. Replacing outdated popcorn ceilings with eye-catching wallpaper, creating a neat and welcoming entryway, and providing more storage, work, and serving space in the kitchen are simple new trends that homeowners or prospective buyers are bound to enjoy! Not only will your home look fashionable, but should you wish to sell, these updates will likely increase your asking price while swaying prospective buyers your way.

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