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Three Crafty Ways to Bring Spring & Nature Into Your Home

Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Spring Home

Many designers are excited for the arrival of spring as they look forward to sharing great ways to spruce up home interiors and breathe bright seasonal colors and life into a home. During the winter, and especially during COVID-19 peaks, folks hunkered down inside their homes. But now that society is once again on the move and pleasurable temperatures are on the way, homeowners seek creative ways to bring the outdoors in and connect to nature and the environment in brand new ways. Here are three crafty suggestions to shift homes from winter to spring:

1) Use floral wallpaper. Nowadays, there is a resurgence in the use of wallpaper. Not only is most wallpaper washable, durable, and easy to install, but choosing strippable wallpaper makes the task of removing it quite easy. This is especially handy for people who like to change their décor frequently. Designers use wallpaper for its high visual impact. The product can take a dreary and dull room and turn it into something quite spectacular in a short period of time with minimal expense and energy output. Nothing says spring more than botanical and floral designs. Nature-inspired wallpaper is a favorite of many designers because it is exciting, colorful, and happy. Rather than apply wallpaper to all the walls of the home, consider doing one wall as your focal point. This is generally the wall across from the room’s entrance or the one with a dramatic feature, such as a fireplace or window, that deserves attention.

2) Display items in groups of three. Decorators often incorporate groupings of three into their designs. For example, they may stack three books on a coffee table or display three candles or vases together. Groupings of three have a high visual impact and often add more drama than single items that, when displayed alone, are lost in a room. Photographers also fancy the number three. There is a trick that photographers use called the rule of thirds. It is essentially a compositional guideline that breaks down an image into thirds by positioning key elements along gridlines to produce better compositions. Their goal in using threes is to increase visual interest and make photographs more pleasing. Photographers also often make use of three subjects. For example, their photographs may feature three birds on a fence or three frogs on a log to pack a big punch through repetition. The rule of threes can be easily applied to decorating. Interestingly, this ties back to nature, where odd numbers are common.

3) Use color combos from the environment. Professional decorators often let one natural color element be their guide. Though they may carry one main color through a home, many add several complementary accent colors to the mix for interest. Most people can follow suit and, for example, use blues, grays, and whites to reflect the sky; soft yellows, pale greens, and dark greens to reflect a fresh field; or pinks, lavenders, and violets to reflect a floral bouquet. These color combos a guaranteed to pop against a neutral background and can turn any ordinary room into something quite spectacular and inviting.

Decorating a home allows us to take exciting risks, explore new ideas, and gain newfound inspiration from nature and the life around us. Above are three fun ways to incorporate spring into your home décor. Each uniquely ties into nature and the joy of the new season. Rather than keep with a tired winter theme, the new season allows us to bring light and joy into our homes. We can achieve this by introducing bright and bold botanical or floral wallpaper, displaying items in three according to nature, and taking hints of colors from the environment to make our homes joyous places to live.

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1 year ago

Especially during these trying times, getting close to nature is a great stress-reliever. Whether it’s a new project outdoors or bringing the outdoors in, there are documented psychological benefits to connecting with the natural world. Buy a new houseplant, visit the local farmers’ market regularly, walk the trails, grow Asian greens, sustainable bunching onions, and ‘Sun Gold’ cherry tomatoes in the vegetable garden, photograph the flowers and the trees… guaranteed, you’ll fell better.

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