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The Origins of the Easter Bunny

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Easter traditions have been around for a long time. For Christians, the Easter holiday marks the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Per, the decoration of eggs is believed to date back to at least the 13th century, while the Easter parade has even older roots. However, many may wonder, where did the Easter Bunny come from? This is especially perplexing as the Bible makes no mention of the cherished furry hare who delivers decorated eggs.

The Easter bunny concept is believed to have been brought to America in the 1700s by German immigrants. They settled in Pennsylvania and brought with them the tradition of an egg-laying rabbit called “Osterhase” or “Oster Haws.” The children created “nests” for the hare in which it could lay colorful eggs. A theory exists that Easter bunny origins stemmed from early pagan celebrations around the vernal equinox. As Christianity spread and missionaries blended traditions to ease transitions of new believers, the celebration of springtime and renewal of life, as represented by a hare or an egg, purportedly merged with religion.

Today, the Easter bunny is largely associated with the Christian celebration of Easter. However, since the Easter bunny carries no religious significance by itself, children of all religions may enjoy decorating eggs, attending egg hunts, and getting baskets of chocolate or candies. While we can’t point with certainty to the origins of the rabbit, we do know that the Germans who came to America carried with them the beloved tradition of the Easter Bunny that has grown epically and still puts smiles on the faces of young and old across the USA.

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1 year ago

Pretty sad that so called Christians have denied Christ by endorsing a Friken RABBIT AND EGGS!

The so called Jews for Jesus endorse the Old Testament holidays to bring in Jews for Christ! LEGALISTIC RITUALS!

Christ said it is finished! Adding and removing truth about Christ is a warning, But man is so depraved he does as he pleases!

Chris Fostel
Chris Fostel
1 year ago

I was taught that the Christmas tree was also imported from Germany. Although ‘many points of light’ has caught on as the meaning of Christmas trees, the early pagans worshiped tree sprites. Bad luck would befall anyone who cut down a tree for decoration. The Christian missionaries cut down trees and suffered no bad luck, showing the pagans that Christ was stronger than the tree sprits.

Gene Carr
Gene Carr
1 year ago

I was born in the USA but of Greek parents, some traditions about Easter can be very helpful. At Easter the children would each take an egg. One would hold his with the top exposed, the other hold the to; with the pointy side down and strike the other child’s egg and say in Greek, “Christ has arisen”, the one whose egg was struck would say, “its the truth He has arisen”. When I was 19 the evening I had asked God to show me the truth, God revealed that truth to me in my sleep and He captured me really strongly. So there are some things that are not against Biblical truth but not in Scripture that can be used to bring others to our Savior like this little Greek tradition. The next morning I bought a Bible, and compared it to the old 1928 Anglican Prayer Book which contained the truth but in old English. I lost my mother, she couldn’t accept we all fall short, but Jesus paid for and paved the way for us. Mom sent me to the Episcopal Priest. The b@st*rd didn’t believe the works in his own prayer book, and trying to share the truth of Jesus to my family broke my family off from me. So there are some traditions that can really help. I never wandered or doubted Jesus, perhaps because it cost me everything.

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