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Summer Décor Inspiration

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Nothing screams summer more than ice cream, a fun and cheerful treat!  Why not use this cool and delicious dessert as inspiration for home design? Here are some examples:

Dreamy peaches & cream– Paint the walls a cream base shade such as the linen-toned Farrow & Ball’s White Tie to set a lovely neutral backdrop. Choose complementary classic furniture such as a cream sofa set. Then, add touches of the color peach in your art and décor to include paintings, throw blankets and pillows, carpeting, lighting, curtains and more. For best results, stick with either a light orange-pink or yellowish-orange shade that is soft, dreamy, and pleasing to the eye.

Tasty chocolate & vanilla– This is a classic play on dark and light. Paint the walls with Benjamin Moore’s Calming-cream, a color reminiscent of creamy vanilla gelato. Then add soft and chocolaty wood tones in visible features such as flooring, wood trims, picture frames, furniture and more. This creative use of dark and light introduces pleasing contrast to the room and is very traditional yet tasteful – much like the perfect chocolate and vanilla soft serve cone.

Satisfying strawberry swirl– Paint the walls Sherwin-William’s Natural Linen. This shade has a soft rose undertone. Or go bolder with Behr’s Pink Elephant. Then accent the soft linen shade with a focal point featuring one wallpapered wall in soft pink and strawberry hues, or add red floral fabrics, fresh cut roses, and more. Let your imagination sweep you away into a fantasy world of strawberry fields – vibrant and highly palatable, just like rich strawberry swirl ice cream.

Perfect pistachio Paint the walls a light shade such as Soft Chamois by Benjamin Moore. This neutral color is known to reflect light. Then bring in the pistachio color and have fun with it. Pistachio is a shade of green that is considered “in between yellow and blue.” This color tone works perfectly in homes with beautiful gardens where window treatments are open. This allows incoming sunlight to enter the room, bounce light off the walls, and showcase greenery both indoors and out. Touches of pistachio should be thoughtfully featured throughout the room in solid furniture fabrics. Consider adding touches of gold for cool opulence, a delightful topping for that perfect pistachio ice cream.

A home refresh  

Decorating the home doesn’t have to be dull, dreary, or drab. Instead, seek inspiration in the wonderful things around you – such as your favorite summertime ice cream. Most people enjoy trying new ice cream flavors. Likewise, it’s fun to try new color palates and home décor designs to discover what’s most pleasing and freshen up the home. Ice cream is a truly delectable treat. So, why not take decorating cues from your favorite ice cream flavors?

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