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Six Ways to Embrace Summer in the Fall

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Most people welcome the fall season and enjoy accompanying changes such as cooler weather, colorful leaves, fresh apple cider, pumpkin, hayrides and more. No matter how wonderful these things are, change can be hard. Lucky for us there are some “summery” things we can do to perk up our days as nights grow longer.

  1. Think light & bright – Summer offers us an abundance of bright natural lighting. Sunlight is known to boost mood. Why not incorporate a happy feeling indoors by adding specialty lighting such as LEDs to our homes? This is particularly helpful to illuminate dark rooms that otherwise feel stuffy and dreary. 
  2. Exercise & keep active – Though autumn has arrived, there is no reason to hold up inside. Once the sun rises, take advantage of early morning walks, fall gardening, and more – and spend as much time outdoors as possible before wintertime, especially if you live in snow-prone regions.
  3. Take vitamins – if you are indoors often in the fall and winter seasons, talk to your doctor about which vitamins are beneficial or perhaps necessary for you to take. An appropriate dose of Vitamin D-3 might be beneficial for those who have limited sun exposure.
  4. Get a hobby – Finding something fulfilling to do is one of the best ways to adapt to change. Discover a hobby you love, such as baking, cooking, taking French lessons, paper crafting, or woodworking as a few examples. Joining group activities provides a great way to stay social all year long.
  5. Adopt an animal – Spring and summer are full of life and energy. Pets have a way of making people feel wanted, needed, and loved. Though they are a big responsibility, they have a lot of happy energy to share and can deliver massive amounts of joy in return for a good home, love, and proper care.
  6. Cook summer vegetables – Eating smart is key to staying healthy. With today’s modern markets, many summery fruits and vegetables are available year-round. Though sometimes slightly more expensive due to being imported rather than grown locally, they are well worth the splurge as they are investments in your health.

Though many people welcome the fall season, saying goodbye to summer can lead to feelings of melancholy, especially as we head from summer to fall to winter. Above are some great activities folks can do to keep summer joy strong in the fall and year-round. Staying active and involved and focusing on being happy and healthy can make all the difference in fending off the change of season blues.

While it is typical to experience some melancholy during seasonal change, anyone experiencing symptoms of sadness or depression, or extended periods of the blahs, should seek the advice of a medical professional immediately. Know that there are helpful therapies and treatments that can make a difference. 

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

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