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Mancaves, She-Sheds and More…Making the Most of Our Home Spaces!

Posted on Tuesday, July 5, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Traditional rooms of a home include a living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, you get the picture. A newer trend has swept the nation in which people are creating and dedicating specific places in their homes for relaxation, fun, and hobbies – away from the rest of the family. Unlike home offices, these private spaces are not for work. Rather they serve as personal hideaways to unwind and have fun. These escapes are commonly called “man caves” and “she-sheds.” Names aside, these areas may or may not be separate from the main dwelling and can be created in basements, attics, garages, spare rooms, and even in detached sheds or outbuildings.

Creating reserved areas for fun might require some building skills. However, most often, a few changes to an existing space are all that’s generally needed. For room conversions, there are a few things to do upfront. If one plans to use electricity to run TVs and other electronics, or needs extra outlets, it’s vital to contact a qualified electrician for safety. It’s also sensible to hire a professional plumber should a source of water be required, say for a beverage station. Depending upon a room’s usage – whether serving as a game room, crafting station, entertainment bar, art or dance studio, etc. what people put in their space matters. For example, if you plan to watch movies, you’ll want to invest in a sizeable and quality television or projector. Decorating will also come into play – and dark rooms can enhance what’s seen on the big screen. Of course, if your space is used as a reading nook or sewing room, you’ll want the atmosphere light and bright.

It’s important to reflect upon the elements that can make a space welcoming and relaxing. A game room is one example where homeowners may wish to incorporate a variety of activities, such as pool tables, dart boards, pinball machines, and more. It’s especially desirable if the room has its own indoor/outdoor access. That way when friends come over to watch the baseball game, and stay up late, they won’t wake the entire family. Soundproofing is another important element to consider, especially if neighbors are in proximity and you plan to crank the tunes. Thus, your goals are key.

Years ago, it might have been considered a selfish thing for people to create their own hideaway or entertainment spaces. But, no more. Man-caves and she-sheds break the mold of having traditional home spaces that are generic and rarely used. This new trend also enables folks to spend time at home doing things they enjoy without having to frequent crowded spaces such as sports bars and the like. When it comes to entertaining friends, this area is top-notch. What’s wonderful is that these rooms can also do double duty and become family spaces upon invitation. Perhaps there’s nothing sweeter than father-daughter time bonding over soccer, mother-son time painting in the attic, or family movie nights filled with laughter and lots of buttered popcorn. Whether people use their dedicated spaces for fun, or to kick back, unwind, and forget the world, it’s fantastic to have options.

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