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Home Improvement Shows -Can We Learn From Them?

Posted on Thursday, November 18, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Renovation programs on television seek to have storylines that broadly appeal to audiences. Even though most are labeled as “reality programming,” viewers watch is edited for time and content. And, in some cases, shows can be scripted. This doesn’t necessarily mean that what we see is untrue; instead, it means that viewers are being fed a specific focus or angle to stir and maintain audience interest. Despite these discrepancies, there is often much wisdom that we can gather from home improvement shows. We can learn some important construction basics, improve our product knowledge, and witness some financial, physical, and emotional aspects of home renovation projects. Here are three examples of lessons that one may learn:

1) The significance of thinking long-term – For major renovations, such as building a new roof, consider that it functions as a protective shield over your home. For this reason, it’s worthwhile to consider installing high-quality and long-lasting products, such as a tin roof. Though it costs more upfront than a standard roof, a tin roof can last anywhere from 50 to 75 years. In contrast, a standard shingle roof, whose longevity is often negatively affected by weather and environmental factors, requires replacement more often, on average, every 15 to 20 years. Thus, if you decide where to allocate money, even if it means cutting back on some interior features like the family on-air chose to do, be reminded that installing a quality tin roof is a solid long-term investment. Because it is extremely durable and energy-efficient, it offers protection and profitability; thus, it provides substantial benefits to homeowners.

2) The importance of focusing on the indoor quality of your home – A newly engaged couple undergoing a minor reno discovered that moisture had permeated through a portion of the home and resulted in mold. They ultimately were forced to replace a substantial portion of drywall in their home. Since the couple has allergies, rather than use standard drywall, they invested in a special product that actively removes formaldehyde from the air and converts it into a safe, inert compound, as explained by Wallboard Supply Company. Formaldehyde is a chemical used in some building materials and household products like flooring, furniture, and fabric. It is a (volatile organic compound) and is one of the few indoor air pollutants that can be measured. Thus, they were able to protect their health by choosing the best drywall to improve the air quality in their airtight home.

3) Finding value in newer products – The drywall in the instance above is one example of a newer product that can improve quality of life. In another example, a homeowner featured on TV purchased an older home with issues related to the sewer pipe. Her home lacked a backwater valve, a device used to prevent outbound water that moves through a drainpipe from re-entering (backflowing) into a home. In this case, the home was tied into the storm lines. The valve, which the homeowner had installed, now activates when the city’s sewer lines are unable to handle a large amount of precipitation, thus preventing a backflow.

Each instance above demonstrates lessons we can learn from watching home renovation shows. If you can get past some of the drama (yes, likely staged) and focus on the build, you will likely come away with some valuable and useful information. Watching the shows won’t turn us into experts, but it can sure open our minds to new ideas, advancements in building and design, and innovative products on the market.

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