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Holiday Decorating Ideas

Posted on Wednesday, December 8, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Bring style and holiday cheer into your home with these easy & creative holiday decorating ideas.

1) Create a DIY Tablescape  

General supplies:

  • A glass bowl or pretty platter
  • Evergreen boughs or Christmas tree clippings
  • Pinecones or glass ornaments

Easy directions: Arrange greenery and pinecones or ornaments in your glass bowl or on your platter and for use as a table centerpiece. If desired, add a tiny strand of battery-operated lights, hiding the battery pack underneath the greenery.

2) Create a dangling ornament curtain

General supplies:

  • Silver or gold ribbon
  • Sparkly ornaments
  • Command Small decorating hooks

Easy directions: Attach the decorating hooks on the interior top windowsill at equal intervals apart. Hang the ornaments in the window using the hooks and assorted lengths of ribbon.

3) Make a homemade snow globe

General supplies:

  • Glass apothecary or mason jars with lids or an empty snow globe
  • Epson salts for snow
  • Mini bottlebrush trees, miniature toy reindeer, miniature gifts, or combination
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decoupage glue & foam brush

Easy directions: Hot glue gun the trees and figures to the underside of the lid. Let dry. Apply some decoupage glue around the underside of the lid around your trees/figures to help the snow to stick, and add a little bit of decoupage glue around the bottom inside of the glass jar or globe to create a winter/snow effect. While the decoupage glue is still wet, add some Epsom salt snow to the mason jar. Close the lid and gently shake. The snow will stick where you applied the glue.

These are a few examples of fun DIY home crafts that are cheerful yet involve little time or expense. Be sure to take advantage of ideas in magazines and on Pinterest and remember that imagination has no limits.

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