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Fun Pumpkin Projects

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Hand using colored pencil to outline a pumpkin face for carving

Pumpkins are of great significance, particularly in the fall season when they are most abundant. Whether you’re a fan of recipes made with them, such as cakes, soups, and pies, or you simply enjoy decorating with them, these colorful fruits emanate autumnal splendor. Yes, they are technically fruit – read on to learn more. Likewise, if you’re interested in fun pumpkin projects – this article is for you! Keep reading!

Oh my! So popular!

If you like pumpkins, you are not alone. They are extremely desired! Do you know that over 1 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced in the U.S. every year? That’s incredible, right? Most people love the flavor of pumpkins – evident in the enjoyment of pumpkin lattes and dishes such as pumpkin pie associated with the Canadian and U.S. Thanksgiving holidays. To learn how to roast them as a side dish, please click here. For awesome pumpkin craft ideas to do with kids, read on!

But first, some fun facts:

All pumpkins are winter squash, and squashes are scientifically defined as fruit. Thus, pumpkins are botanically fruit, defined as a product of the seed-bearing structure of a flowering plant. The average pumpkin contains about 500 seeds. Due to how they are used in cooking and baking, many folks in the culinary world refer to them as vegetables. This may cause confusion – but technically they are fruit.  

So many colors:

Though pumpkins are typically orange, they also come in other colors to include yellow, white, green, and red. In addition to being a nutritious food source, pumpkins are often used as fall decorations. They are largely associated with Halloween. The tradition of carving pumpkins, known as jack-o-lanterns, is believed to have come from Ireland, as part of the Gaelic Festival of Samhain. Let’s examine some clever ways to decorate with colorful pumpkins:

Awesome craft tips:

Not into using sharp knives to carve pumpkins? Here are four easy ways to decorate pumpkins without the need for sharp utensils – allowing kids and grands to participate hands-on in fun!


For this project, choose smooth, clean pumpkins. Paint your pumpkins a solid base color such as blue or white. Be sure to use water-based and quick drying acrylic paint for easy clean up. Once the base color is dry – use painter’s tape to temporarily yet firmly hold your stencil in place. Select a second color to stand out against your base color. Use stencil brushes or small foam rollers to apply the stencil paint. Top stenciling tips: Don’t overload the brush. Use very little paint when stenciling. Use quick up-and-down movements to dab paint onto the stencil. Apply a second or third layer of paint if necessary, allowing paint to dry between coats. Remove stencil when paint is dry.  


Use real or fake smooth pumpkins for this project. Cut festive paper into tiny strips or squares. If using a real pumpkin, wipe down the surface to remove dirt and grime. If desired, paint the pumpkin and/or stem a base color and let it dry. Working in small areas, apply a medium layer of Mod Podge (an all-in-one sealer, glue and finish) onto the pumpkin. Adhere your paper bits where you want them and allow them to dry. Once dry, apply a thicker layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper pieces to secure. Top decoupage tips: Opting for fake pumpkins allows you to reuse your pumpkins each year. Real ones will have to be disposed of after the season. Regarding technique, only use small pieces of paper to avoid wrinkles.


Choose smooth, clean pumpkins. Attaching items like feathers, buttons, sisal rope, ribbons, glitter, confetti and more using basic craft glue can add interest or glam to ordinary pumpkins. Kids can put their imaginations to work creating one-of-a-kind pumpkins – as fancy as they wish! Additional top creativity tips: For a scary pumpkin, glue plastic fake spiders or adhere googly eyes onto the pumpkins. Not a fan of glue? Apply washi tape or stickers around the pumpkins – using a variety of interesting patterns and designs.

A rewarding experience

Autumn is a delightful season to engage in fun pumpkin projects. With an abundance of this fruit available, it provides great opportunities for parents and grands to get the kids involved in festive pumpkin crafts to be displayed around the home. Not only will these amazing autumn-themed decorations enhance one’s decor, but kids will be filled with pride for their roles in helping to create them. Above all, happy memories will be made to last a lifetime. What’s not to adore?

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