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Decorating the Front Porch

Posted on Friday, June 4, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

front porchPorches are features that dominate older homes, particularly in the south. They were an especially important home element prior to the advent of central air. Not only do porches allow occupants to take advantage of summer breezes, but they are also important gathering spaces for families. Front porches are perfect open-air spaces for entertaining. Plus, these extended living spaces can be decorated on a budget to reflect the seasons, with minimal changes needed.

Here are some easy-breezy ways to create a welcoming front porch:

Seating: Inviting seats welcome visitors to kick back and relax. Rockers, porch swings, and comfy all-weather furniture are great additions to the space. Older furniture pieces with newer cushions can provide a shabby-chic effect and blend the past with the present.

Wall art: Decorating exterior walls with outdoor metal signs, old shutters, colorful wreaths, and decorative house numbers can add interest and appeal to a home. Weathered pieces can provide a time-worn look, whereas newer art can give a burst of freshness.

Plants: Adding greenery is a great way to add warmth to any space. Plants, depending upon their needs for shade vs. sunlight, can be tucked into corners, placed on tables, line pathways leading to the porch and more. Even twigs in a tall vase can add interest.

Lighting: Outlining the steps with a variety of lanterns can help light the way to the porch and welcome visitors especially on a warm summer’s eve. So, too, can specialty ceiling fans with built-in lighting, wall scones, lamps, and summer candles.

Accessories: Outdoor rugs, chair cushions, blankets, stackable crates, watering cans, statues, benches, small tables, and durable knick-knacks are some examples of accessories that work well in covered spaces.

Remember that when it comes to outdoor spaces, such as a front porch, the sky’s the limit. Think big ideas and use your imagination. To be budget friendly, keep the main furniture pieces the same. Simply swap out a few select accessories seasonally. For example, decorate with pumpkin décor in the fall and swap it with holiday wreaths for winter, tulips in spring, and lavender in the summertime. On the Fourth of July, a properly displayed flag and some red, white, and blue accessories can make an impressive impact. Also consider keeping the paint on the front door fresh and adding a welcome mat to provide a warm greeting for your guests. A front porch is more than a gateway to your home, it is a highly usable and delightful extension of your home and personality, so make it fun.

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