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Crafting with Cans

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

can-craftAn easy fun homemade can craft that will WOW your friends!

But first…about cans!

People often use the words tin cans and aluminum cans interchangeably. However, per Sciencing, they are not one and the same. Though they serve the same purpose to store food, the two items are distinctly made up of different materials and have varying properties and manufacturing costs. Tin cans were patented in 1810 and have been around for a long time, whereas aluminum cans were not available until much later, in 1965. Tin has long been used for food storage since it does not easily corrode. However, present-day tin cans are made from steel coated and have only a thin layer of tin. Aluminum cans are made from alloys of aluminum, which makes them strong and lightweight. And they can be easily recycled. Tin cans are generally heavier and more durable but are less efficient to recycle. Many of the cans used today are made of aluminum or different types of treat metal that can resist corrosion and rust and keep foods safe. The containers that green beans come in are mostly made of steel. Both steel and tin cans can be repurposed into useful items.

Here’s how to create a steel or tin can twine-covered vase:

Materials & tools:
• A clean can with no sharp edges
• Hot glue gun (with glue)
• A large spool of thick brown Jute twine or Sisal rope
• Coordinating ribbon (enough to wrap around once or twice)
• Scissors
• A faux flower (paper or silk) or multiple faux flowers

Protect your work surface. Heat glue gun.

Place a continuous strip of hot glue along the top outside ridge of the can. While the glue is still warm, wrap string tightly and entirely around glued ridge. Where the string meets, do not cut the string. Simply continue tightly wrapping the string around the can, leaving no space between layers. Repeat until entire can is covered in string. Tip: Always pull the string or rope taught. If the string appears loose, dot some glue on the can as you wrap the string or rope around it. Use the hot glue again to adhere the final and bottom layer to the can. Be sure the end strand is secured with glue. Using scissors, cut the string and tuck the very end onto the glued can. Next, for decorative purposes, hot glue a band of ribbon around the center of the can. Glue a single flower to the front of the ribbon or affix multiple flowers, using glue, to decorate the twine-covered can.

To use:
Fill the decorated can with faux or real flowers (insert a plastic cup inside to hold the water) or use it to hold pencils, scissors, paintbrushes, or other craft supplies. Or use in the bathroom for Q-Tips, cotton balls, or other essential supplies. They are so attractive that they can be made and given out as homemade gifts.

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