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Best Tips for Full Time RV Living With Grandchildren

Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
Full Time RV Living

Planning a memorable trip

Grandparents often love to interact with other family members and include grandchildren in their adventures. While it can be particularly fun, there are some good things to know about planning a trip with grandchildren while full time RV living. Here’s a mini list of ideas to make your trip together go smoothly:

  • Accommodate the group: If renting, choose your RV wisely. Drivers will want to make sure the vehicle is something they can handle on the road. In addition to comfort and desirable features, there should also be ample space for family members on the trip. It’s important for everyone, including grandkids, to have their own space for individual playtime or quiet time. Also consider storage space when selecting your RV rental.
  • Engage everyone in the planning: Have several meetings to establish your itinerary and show able-bodied passengers how things work on the RV. If grandchildren are old enough, involve them in the trip planning. Include them in choosing sights to visit which are of interest to them. It is a way in which grandparents can make grandchildren feel included in the trip planning.
  • Choose appropriate RV parks and campgrounds: Read reviews and select those which are family and kid friendly and safe. Since children need room to run and play, choose places that have access to playgrounds and other recreational areas where children can get their energy out. Avoid RV parks geared strictly for adults.
  • Keep trips short: Since kids need to be buckled up for safety, long road trips can be rough on little ones. If you are traveling with youngsters, consider shorter days on the road to keep comfort levels high. Consider potty breaks for the little ones and chances for adults to stretch their legs. Keeping everyone comfortable on an RV trip can greatly enhance the experience.
  • Communicate well: Explain the trip to kids who are old enough to understand and set expectations. Share some basic RV rules and campground etiquette. Not only will this teach grandkids appropriate behavior, but it helps establish safety rules. For example, a child who is unfamiliar with the “camping” environment will benefit from learning to be mindful of noise and careful around campfires.
  • Understand care requirements and responsibilities: Routines are important for kids. Whenever possible, stick with those established by the parents. If the children’s parents are also hitting the road with you, acknowledge that they are the primary caretaker of their children and that they set the rules for them. Try your best to respect their parenting decisions regarding naps and bedtimes, eating schedules, discipline and so forth. Grandparents who travel in an RV with grandchildren should expect some rules to affect their own normal routines.
  • Have plenty of snacks, drinks, and activities on hand: To keep kids happy and entertained, it’s important to attend to their needs. Having healthy snacks and drinks available, and toys and games to fill time, is a win for everyone. Grandparents who RV with grandchildren will be especially thankful to have activities on hand during inclement weather.
  • Bond: Grandkids grow fast, so enjoy your time together. Whether you’re rocking a baby to sleep, playing games with teens, making smores, dancing to music, reading maps over breakfast, or star gazing at night, use this special time to bond. Don’t be afraid to involve kids in helping, encouraging them to pitch in to wash dishes or pick up toys. Doing activities together, both fun and practical, makes everyone a valuable member of the family team.

All in for fun! 

RVing is a great experience for families and helps to strengthen relationships. Trips that involve grandchildren are especially memorable. Grandparents who are full time RV living, can take  a trip with grandchildren and benefit from the above tips. While traveling with little ones can sometimes be challenging, being organized, planning well, setting expectations, and being adaptable to changes are great keys to success.

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