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Best River Cruises for Seniors

Posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
best river cruises for seniors

Looking for the best river cruises for seniors? There are many great options! People who go on river cruises get to experience exciting places. European river cruises continually rate high with the over-age 50 crowd. They provide exciting ways for passionate travelers to explore fascinating countries such as France, Germany, The Netherlands, and more!

Here are some reasons why seniors love European river cruises:

  • Provides unique opportunities to explore a variety of charming European cities
  • Trips offer immense cultural experiences and opportunities to see new sites
  • River cruises are a safe, secure, and fun way to travel
  • Sailing aboard river cruises is calm and soothing as opposed to being at sea
  • Ships are more intimate and less crowded and noisy than large cruise lines
  • Cruises may be more geared towards adults with fewer party crowds
  • River cruises offer more slow-paced activities with more time for relaxation
  • Provides opportunities for travelers to socialize and make new friends with similar interests
  • Many excursions are included in the price you pay
  • River cruises generally accommodate 100 to 150 guests. In contrast, a typical ocean cruise passenger size ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 guests. 

    River cruises provide an intimate experience aboard specialized ships with amenities to include:

  • Balconies
  • Luxurious cabins and suites
  • Open-air viewing areas
  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Fitness areas
  • Walking and jogging tracks
  • Gardens
  • Lecture areas
  • Comfortable lounge areas
  • Libraries
  • Dining facilities
  • Bars and lounge areas
  • Coffee and gift shops
  • & more


River cruise guests have opportunities to:

  • Enjoy views from the ship’s private balconies
  • Relax indoors & out
  • Meet new people
  • Play games
  • Read books
  • Spend time at the spa
  • Delight in onboard entertainment
  • Dine at the chef’s table (Link to video: Chefs Table Dining on Ama Waterways River/Travel with Rick…)
  • Partake in educational talks
  • Stop in ports to explore castles, villages, vineyards, and beyond
  • Bike in most ports
  • Enjoy walking tours in most ports
  • Taste and enjoy regional foods
  • Shop in various towns and villages


What are the best river cruises for seniors?

Now that we understand why river cruises are ideal for seniors, which are the best ones? Unfortunately, there is no single answer for all.

Answers largely depend on some key elements:

  • Which countries/rivers interest you
  • What experiences/activities you seek (Ports of call, excursions, etc.)
  • Your budget/airfare costs
  • Length of vacation time desired
  • What’s included (Accommodations, food, etc.)
  • Ship details

Some of the top-rated cruises for seniors include:

  • Viking River Cruises – These adult-geared cruises offer itineraries that are intellectual as well as Begin and end your tour in Paris, the City of Lights. Then explore the heart of Normandy. Dock in Paris with views of the Eiffel Tower from your ship.  Experience history firsthand at the beaches of Normandy and explore Giverny, the charming house and gardens of famous artist Claude Monet.
  • Avalon Waterways – These cruises feature modern luxury as you set sail on legendary waterways and boast a 3:1 guest-to-crew ratio. Cruise to Austria on the Danube aboard an Avalon Waterways cruise ship. An Austria river cruise package includes seeing Central Europe and cities like Vienna, Budapest, and Prague or Munich, particularly spectacular during festive Christmas time. Enjoy exploring the beloved holiday markets up close and personal.
  • Emerald Cruises – The Australian-owned Emerald Cruises features a variety of luxury river voyages including a Frankfurt-to-Frankfurt Legendary Rhine & Moselle Cruise. Taste fine wines in picturesque Bernkastel, visit Trier, known as “Rome of the North,” walk the enchanted historic streets of Cochem and explore the Imperial Castle. Other highlights of the cruise include visits to Marksburg Castle, Eberbach Abbey, a Wiesbaden walking tour, and more.

Making dreams come true

This mini sampling is specially designed for seniors who seek authentic adventures aboard luxury ships. Each cruise transports folks to historically rich, memorable, or fairytale-worthy destinations. For more ideas, read our sister article entitled River Cruises for Seniors.

Final thoughts

Travel decisions are highly personal; thus, it’s comforting to know that a plethora of wonderful cruising opportunities exist for seniors. To discover more of the best river cruises for seniors, or to zero in on which cruise is right for you, visit your AMAC travel member benefits.

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