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How Well Can You Do on the Social Security Knowledge Quiz?

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2023
by AMAC Action
social security

The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company has released its annual Social Security retirement benefits quiz results where 1,500 Americans nearing retirement age (55-65) but have not started receiving Social Security benefits answer true or false questions about the program. 35% of respondents failed, another 34% got a D on the quiz, and only 31% could get a C or better. The quiz is based on 13 true or false questions ranging from retirement age to taxation of benefits. How would you do on this true/false quiz?

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Bob c
Bob c
6 months ago

Only missed one.

6 months ago

No. 7 should have been true because when it was started it was that way….was put into a special account and not to be touched until people that paid into it started collecting on it. But since the gov’t felt free to take our money for other purposes …..that is why there isn’t that much in there anymore. I paid into it for almost 50 yrs and I am entitled to it. People that have never paid into it should not get any of it….nor should the gov’t be able to take what they want out of it. And if they can’t get their freaking budget together by June 1…it should be politicians that don’t get paid, not gov’t employees, military and social security recipients. And if politicians would get paid for the ‘actual time worked’ instead of a salary, the country wouldn’t be broke. And Pelosi’s bar bill is more than my social security check each month.

6 months ago

The 3 questions I missed, one concerning same-sex spouse benefit, which is probably under “review somewhere. Another one concerning taxes on Social Security benefits, the amount taxes are based on total income received for that year and where that income comes from, and how it is taxed so one could possibly be taxed on 85% of your benefit. The last one I missed, was concerning non-citizens collecting benefits, I was thrown off by the missing legally allowed employment here in the USA under the allowed work visa program without becoming a citizen allows those individuals to collect a benefit on those specific earnings that had FICA taxes taken out of if they achieved the required minimum of 10 years or 40 credits at the minimum income of $6560/year.

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