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How to Learn From Experienced Leaders: 10 Things To Do

Posted on Monday, January 10, 2022
by Outside Contributor

Gain Leadership Skills

What is one thing an entrepreneur can learn from an experienced leader to help propel both the entrepreneur and their staff?

To help entrepreneurs learn from experienced leaders, we asked business leaders and mentors for their best advice. From asking for book suggestions to getting expert mentorship, there are several ways to learn from other experienced leaders to propel yourself and your business.

Here are ten ways to learn from business owners:

  • Ask for Book Suggestions
  • Take Advantage of LinkedIn
  • Read Books on Leadership
  • Watch or Listen to TedTalks
  • Observe Other Leaders
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Attend Networking Events and Workshops
  • Research Best Practices
  • Seek Advice On Maintaining Awareness
  • Get Expert Mentorship and Support

Ask for Book Suggestions

A great way to learn from leaders or entrepreneurs is to ask them what they are currently reading. Not only is this a great topic of conversation, but it also allows you to glimpse inside the mindset and thoughts of this leader. If you end up reading the book, article, or journal, this could be a great way to continue the conversation and dive deeper into what the entrepreneur thinks about the subject.
-Thylan Le, Markitors

Take Advantage of LinkedIn

Many experienced leaders have a presence on LinkedIn, where they share their wisdom with the masses for free. Their anecdotes, lessons and advice are generally tailor-made for entrepreneurs, even if a general audience can also benefit. You can use this content to motivate yourself and your team in times of challenge or change.
-Eric Blumenthal, The Print Authority

Read Books on Leadership

Read, and read voraciously, books on leadership like “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” by Simon Sinek. Books are one of the most accessible means of learning about the experiences of others, and you can highlight particularly useful or insightful passages to share with those on your staff. Whether you’re all in need of motivation or a reminder of what your business stands for, reading books by experienced leaders can really help.
-Kenna Hamm, Texas Adoption Center

Watch or Listen to TedTalks

TedTalks are a wonderful resource for entrepreneurs who need a bit of inspiration from those who’ve gone through similar struggles and have thrived. After watching or listening to TedTalks, there are often worksheets that you can print out that can serve as a starting point for discussions in your own business. Don’t be shy about asking your employees to watch the same TedTalks so you can discuss them together as a team.
-Allan Switalski, LendThrive

Observe Other Leaders

One important thing an entrepreneur can learn is how the experienced leader handles work-life balance. Observe whether they take breaks during the day, stay on top of eating healthy or whether they make time for leisure activities. A work-life balance is vital to allow yourself to take time for your mental and physical health throughout the day. You need to be comfortable taking breaks and encourage your staff to take them as well.
-Shaun Price, MitoQ

Listen to Podcasts

There are many podcasts, TedTalks, YouTube videos and books out there to learn from. You can share the lessons from them with staff directly or gather and discuss in a Zoom call or meeting room. Thought leaders in education aren’t shy about passing along their wisdom to those who can benefit. Educators should be on the lookout for relevant videos, passages or books that they can learn from and share with staff.
-Erick Streelman, King’s School

Attend Networking Events and Workshops

Entrepreneurs should attend networking events or workshops where experienced leaders share their wisdom. Whether you attend online or in-person, come prepared with questions so you can leverage the expertise at these events. The lessons and advice entrepreneurs gain from networking events and forums are useful for everyone at every level in an organization, and can provide a foundation for in-house team building workshops and exercises.
-Thorin Yee, Best Companies AZ

Research Best Practices

Improve your entrepreneurship knowledge and skills by researching the best practices of an experienced leader. Cut the awards and recognition. Instead, ask the leader’s worst challenges and pitfalls. This way, you can determine the leader’s concrete solutions that they implemented to overcome those problems. Share your learning with your staff to propel them and take your business revenues to the maximum speed and velocity.
-James Parsons, Content Powered

Get Expert Mentorship and Support

At Breathing Deeply, we offer a comprehensive yoga therapy program that includes how to be an entrepreneur and build a successful yoga therapy business. Our program allows students to grow and develop their understanding of yoga from myself and other experienced leaders. We also provide expert mentorship and support along the way. Our community can sign up and participate live online, in our discussion forums and during retreats.
-Brandt Passalacqua, Breathing Deeply

Reprinted with permission from – – By Brett Farmiloe

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