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Biden is facing serious questions following a whistleblower report on communications between President Trump and the President of Ukraine. Also, liberals use every opportunity to push for impeachment, even calling some of Trump’s actions “treasonous.” Finally, with the climate change craze brainwashing millennials, some Democratic presidential candidates are pushing to limit your meat consumption.

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Pelosi should be arrested for hate crimes! Charging the president at this time is taking the spotlight off of real crooked politicians like Biden. $50,000 a month for doing nothing is a real deal for his son. We paid for that and got nothing in return.

Dianna Patrick

I stand with Trump they should impeach Nancy Pelosi and throw Biden and his son in jail that was a witchhunt


From day one they have tried to run trump out of office. My friend stated if the democratic would do what they are suppose to be doing and let President Trump do his job. Which he’s doing great. I would love to go to one debate to ask the democratic presidential candidates what they have done for the people that put them in office? Because all i’ve Heard is trying to figure out how to get rid of Trump. I pray this back fires on them


On climate change….go back to 1929 and look at the report that said that in ten years, the earth would be covered with sea water as the artics melted. Ninety years later….same bunch of crap.

JD Moore

For over two years now, the democrats have wasted almost 40 million dollars to impeach Trump without any thing he has done to be proved wrong, Now the idiots are going after him because of a phone call some one else changed the contents of. How low can a party go? They, meaning the dumbocrats have done nothing for the betterment of the country and people still vote for them. Until we get term limits to get those idiots out off office, we will not get any better. Nancy Pelosi is a millionaire many time over, and all she has done is be in political office all that time. Almost 40 years. So she is a millionaire, and in office, not a type of work or tax paying job, just paid by our taxes and a millionaire. WHY? We need to get together and get them out of office. WAKE… Read more »


I wish these young brain washed kids really knew what life was all about. They should all understand that they WILL die someday, climate change or not. And, all you need to end climate change is one rogue nation that decides to launch a nuke at another to start a war and you won’t have to worry about eating too much meat or what fossil fuel might do to dirty up the air. Would any of these twisted kids have the guts to really fight to save our nation if their little electronic world was about to end? I think not. It’s one thing to fight for realistic change for a common goal, it’s quite another to be brain washed by radical liberal theory and accept it as fact. The liberals and socialists should be proud.

teresa Ann d'alessandro


Jeff Noncent

the Democrats are sick


Good old grouper Joe! Put him and his son in the same cell with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Doris Feinstein

No president has been so abused as President Trump has. Enough. These haters should be impeached. The left has become
So offensive to our Country.

Doris Feinstein

The Democrats were my party for at least 30 years. For the past 4 years their ugliness and lies against Pres Trump is a national disgrace.
They are perpetrating such ugliness . It is a disgrace. Nancy Pelosi step down. You cannot control the haters Omar and Talib.
You are not longer effective

Carolyn Hilt

It is like watching the “legal” assassination of our President. Heartbreaking and sickening.

Willie Ryan

If the democrats had to pay out of there own pocket to impeach trump they would probably think twice about it. They are spending money on trying to impeach that could be used to help build better roads and bridges. That is why this country is in poor shape because the democrats are spending our money on foolish stuff and not doing there jobs get them out of office…