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Biden’s “pledge” to Fix Race-Relations is Stymied by His Record and the President’s Accomplishments


Presidents of Mount Rushmore National Monument, South Dakota, USA

Shortly after President Trump delivered a historic speech in front of Mount Rushmore on Friday night, presidential hopeful Joe Biden released an Independence Day video message of his own focusing, in part, on racial issues. In his message, Biden pledged to end systemic racism and blamed the president for the divisiveness within the United States. The trouble, of course, is that Biden’s “quest” and commitment to fix race relations is significantly tainted because of his record and the president’s many successes with regard to black Americans. In essence, Biden’s “quest” to “fix” race relations only seems to apply when he is not engaged in the very wrong that he allegedly wants to correct.

According to Biden, his election in November would give the country the opportunity to “rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country.” Moreover, in a separate opinion piece published by NBC News, Biden blamed Trump for the division in the country. In essence, Biden is asking the American people to believe that he is their savior, the “messiah” who will unite the nation and bring all people together in peace, love, and harmony.

While Biden wants the American public to buy into his “pledge” to end/reduce racism throughout the country, he is, once again, haunted by his record. For example, according to Business Insider, citing a NY Times story, in 1977, Biden made very controversial remarks relating to busing and racial issues and was one of the Senate’s most vocal opponents to court-ordered busing. At a congressional hearing about anti-busing legislation, Biden stated:

Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this.”

According to Business Insider, Biden was concerned that court-ordered busing would lead to a “race war” and cause resentment among black and white statements:

“You take people who aren’t racist, people who are good citizens, who believe in equal education and opportunity, and you stunt their children’s intellectual growth by busing them to an inferior school, and you’re going to fill them with hatred,” he said of a busing plan that would bus white students from the suburbs to urban schools.

He extended his concerns to a hypothetical black student from Wilmington too, wondering, “you send him to Alexis I. DuPont, bus him through Centerville every day, then send him back to the ghetto. How can he be encouraged to love his white brothers?”

Is this what Biden means by “fixing” race-relations?

Aside from these controversial and divisive comments, Biden’s record is marred by other such comments and/or examples. As reported by the Washington Examiner:

Biden told a largely black audience in Virginia during President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign that Republican candidate Mitt Romney was “going to put you all back in chains” should he win the election. And prior to Obama’s election to the White House, Biden called Obama the “first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

“I mean, that’s a storybook, man,” Biden said at the time.

In 2019, Biden told a group of his supporters that “poor kids” were just as clever and talented as “white kids.” Finally, during a recent interview, Biden, in essence, told black voters how they should behave. According to Fox News, Biden stated, “I tell you if you’ve got a problem figuring out if you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.” This comment immediately faced backlash, leading a Biden aide to abruptly try to end the interview.

These examples cast serious doubt about the notion that Biden intends to “rip the roots” out of systemic racism and/or fix race relations. To the contrary, they are all controversial and directly relate to race-relations and/or stereotypes that he associates with different races. Rather than serving to calm emotions, they inflame and incite anger and resentment. However, Biden is stuck because his record speaks for itself. He is like a deponent who testifies under oath and later tries to change his answers because they do not fit a particular narrative/story. Unfortunately for Biden, he cannot take back his comments.

Further adding to Biden’s troubling record and his “pledge” to end systemic racism and/or fix race relations is the fact that President Trump, for example, has dramatically helped black Americans. More particularly, according to Newsmax, Trump signed the First Step Act into law, where 91% of the total inmates released have been Black Americans! President Trump also provided funding for historically black colleges and universities, reduced unemployment levels for black men and women to their lowest levels in modern history (the coronavirus has obviously impacted these employment numbers), and reduced dependency on food stamps by black Americans by encouraging (and helping) them to work.

Last Friday, after the U.S. Navy Blue Angels dazzled the thousands of onlookers, President Trump addressed the nation in front of Mount Rushmore, denounced “far-left fascism,” and defended Judeo-Christian principles.

His opponent, on the other hand, merely sent a video in hopes of garnering support and erasing a record that will stick with him long after the November elections have come and gone.

Reprinted with Permission from - Thoughtfully Conservative by - Mr. Hakim

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Joann M Evjen
11 months ago

What’s going on? I cannot open the AMAC program about the 4th of July. Anybody else having problems?

11 months ago

dEmenTIa jOE is UNFIT !! for office – he is a puppet who will be replaced IF in office by his VP and Pelosi and her ILK!!
will take over.
Race relations will Never work – they cannot even relate to themselves without Violence and bloodshed.
Look at the way they treat themselves in Africa –
The Prisons here are 65% Black. 80% of violence is B-on-B.
Now the Rappers are killing each other or by whom. Where is BLM when they kill each other.
This country is in a sad state as never before – the Leaders of our states are continuing to get paid and do very little to
make things good and right for all – Hope for this country and world is lost – look around far and wide.
This country deserves another Sodom and Gomorrah. Wishing the Angels do now what they did then. maybe??
When Abortion is Stood Against then maybe I will care about the issues. Mistreat an animal oh no. Kill the innocent – so what. SAD!

11 months ago


11 months ago

it’s easy to talk out of both sides of your mouth. biden does just that and never produces anything. Trump has proved himself 100 percent

11 months ago

How is it all forgotten what happened with Joe Biden and his son’s dealings with the Ukraine and he’s running for president? Isn’t that impeachable?

Phil Hammersley
11 months ago

Biden’s been on the government teat for his entire adult life and has accomplished NOTHING to help blacks (or anyone else). He has appointed AOC and Pocahontas to head his study committees, He tries to use the moniker “Lunchpail Joe.” He’s never carried a lunch pail or even known anyone who carried one. He’s an arrogant aristocrat selling his influence to enrich his family.

Joanna Johnson-Smith
11 months ago

Yeah, this is what the Democrats have ALWAYS been! They pretend to sympathize with the Blacks, while behind closed doors they are calling them the N word and laughing at their gullibility. The Democrats are the most racist group of people in America, but they “Love” Black Americans when it’s time for voting!

Robin W Boyd
11 months ago

Biden has been part of the problem over racism for the entire time he has been in politics. President Trump is remedying racism by actually treating all American citizens the same rather than enslaving some with government programs, laws and regulations.

11 months ago

For Pete’s sake, the MOST DIVISIVE administration in American history was Obummer/Sleepy Joe!!!
President Trump has done more to advance the socioeconomic status of blacks than any president in history, in only 3.5 years.
He will continue to do so, as soon as the terrorist groups BLM and Antifa are eliminated.

11 months ago

I encourage every voter to get out and vote for President Trump! The democrat communists will say anything to regain power! Just remember what democrat party really wants – the Green New Deal, socialized medicine, the elimination of law enforcement, legalizing millions of illegal citizens as voters – anything to overturn the will of the American people!

El Ey
11 months ago
Reply to  James

Let’s all pray that NO DEMOCRATS will EVER get elected/re-elected EVER!!

dino deplorable
11 months ago

Sloppy joe is a programed drone and i’m sure that after seeing videos of him that he is incompetent to make his own decisions and they are very carefully manipulated to make people think that this is his opinion.I don’t think that joe knows what is really going on.

Bill Brown
11 months ago

Live as an American. Stop being Brainwashed: 1) Stop watching the mainstream news;  2) Stop watching mainstream Entertainment;  3) Stop sending your Children to Public School; 4) Stop watching any and all Sports that either does not have Our National Anthem and/or insults our Country via protests as kneeling. We are all being brainwashed.

Bill Brown
11 months ago

Decide to be free!  Take our Country BACK: RED – Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

David Wyncoop
11 months ago

Everything that comes from the left which includes the media of course is not only untrue but it is usually the very thing that they themselves endorse. Nothing new here but as for systemic racism, it doesn’t exist, check our history oops, they are trying to erase that aren’t they:) And as for divisiveness which can be pronounced two ways, it is a basic tenant of the left’s agenda. They love to use it against President Trump but of course, all you have to do is look at the facts. That’s right Joe, the facts which just so happen to coincide with the truth:) That is one of my pet peeves, divisiveness caused by Trump. It’s like hearing someone run their fingernails across a chalkboard!

11 months ago

Is even sanctioned under the constitution to run a mentaly defective candidate for President??

11 months ago

What “Fix the Race Relations” Joe? We were doing fine until Obama became president!

11 months ago

Why can’t the humanoids demo’s give the same teacher education 4 blacks as well as whites. Give more money 2 black schools. Oh i forgot the white dems stole it r personal projects of theirs. Like here in cal 4 every dollar the lotto brings in they take it away by giving less money 2 schools. Oh yeah these r Democrats who so love blacks. As joe said blacks r like cockroaches crawling all over u because they love u so much. As told by a black woman on a black radio program on the larry elders show 590 am

11 months ago

Truth is the best defense!

11 months ago

bho picked biden when he ran because biden was bendable. bho also could have seen that biden was in a decline and used that. BOTH bho & biden set race relations back at least 150 years promising blacks all this free stuff and end racism. All he did was put more in poverty than ever before. the ILLEGAL USED the blacks for votes and then tossed them aside just like every other democrap they have ever help to “elect”. The illegal also put more tension between blacks and the Police. Remember when the black professor locked himself out of his house and a neighbor called the police because she saw someone climbing through a window and instead of the professor looking at it like any NORMAL person, he made it a race thing which bho took up without even finding out what really went on and said…”the police acted stupidly”. The neighbor couldn’t see who it was breaking in, so she did the right thing and called the police. What is happening today is just a continuation of what bho started. Biden don’t even know where he is half the time and lord help us all if he picks kamala harris as vp if the dems can garner enough ILLEGAL VOTES to put biden in.
However, I truly don’t think that will happen. The AMERICAN people are smarter than that! They have eyes and no matter what they may HEAR, they will believe their eyes first. NO ONE who loves this Country can stand by and allow what has been happening to continue!

Art A
11 months ago

I don’t care. In the words of Colonel Potter. “It is all MULE COOKIES.” I am tired of everyone parsing statements. Who really cares about a 50 year useless veteran of the congress and a “do nothing accomplish nothing.” It is all about hate of POTUS. No one will read this. There is a revolution coming and we can win or we can can lose. 50/50. What side do you want to be on? Hope that yoju are all resting in your air conditioned abodes. Have a great day.

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