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Biden’s Inflation – Hurts Seniors

Biden's inflation

Biden’s inflation – driven by curtailing the US energy sector, price hikes on fossil fuels, and massive overspending by Democrats – hits the entire US population. That said, it is especially devastating for seniors on fixed incomes, including pensions and stock investments.

How Democrats could be so tone deaf, so ignorant, indifferent, and unmoved by the rising inflation tax on middle-class Americans, especially older Americans, is unclear – but they are.

As Biden’s inflation hits new highs, subgroups of goods and services consumed by older Americans are spiking. Seniors need more medical care, medical devices, prescription drugs, fuel oil, long-term care in housing, specialized foods, and other services in higher proportions than younger Americans – and these are precisely where inflation is hammering consumers hardest.

As the consumer price index jumped 9.1 percent in June – the highest in 40 years – the impact on specific sectors was higher, with “shelter, medical care and new vehicles being some of the biggest contributors,” electricity up 13.7 percent, gas up 38.4 percent, other fixed costs inordinately high.

Similarly, “new prescription drug prices soared…on 20 percent annual inflation in 2021.” Over time, prescription drug prices rise faster than annual inflation rates – which again directly affects seniors.

In parallel, seniors are hard hit by higher prices for other necessities. For example, “long term care” expenses and assisted living are becoming highly expensive, driven by both price and wage inflation.

Experts make clear that Biden’s inflation indifference is hammering older Americans. “The inflation risk is most acute for retirees and near-retirees who live on fixed incomes, according to financial experts …” seniors having “a tougher time adjusting to higher consumer prices than workers, who continue to get paychecks,” those who “live off income from investments and guaranteed sources such as Social Security or pensions,” in deep trouble.

The real question is why the Biden White House and congressional Democrats are not more concerned. The answer may be wishful thinking, cognitive dissonance, a sense that many seniors are not Democrats, and a general disinterest in the impact of their policies on seniors.

On one hand, Biden and congressional Democrats downplay inflation, oddly blaming Russia, pretending it is minimal, or somehow justified by federal climate policies. On the other, they seem to misunderstand how profoundly older Americans are hurting.

Energy and overspending inflation are not easily contained, and so we can expect effects to continue for months, if not longer. Farmers, for example, face higher costs for petroleum-based fertilizers, crop maintenance, and transport to markets.

So, when will Biden’s inflation end? Probably, not soon. Needed will be a recession, high interest rates, unemployment – which lowers consumption, investment, and prices.

The only other way out is reopening the fossil fuel economy, restoring US energy independence, curtailing federal overspending, reducing the regulatory drag, more trust in the private sector.

Patently wrong-headed are federal subsidies – for gas or any sector – aimed at reducing inflation since one of the key drivers is a dollar value that is falling under the weight of federal debt. Perhaps the best answer is this: Needed is more responsible federal leadership, which may have to wait until next year. In the meantime, buckle up. Thank you, Mr. Biden. 

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5 months ago

i agree that Biden is not living up to his commitments when he got elected for seniors. Whatever happened to the supplemental income he was to give seniors. Not just seniors at poverty level are struggling now. Inflation is killing the senior population. I feel the government does not care and would be happy if we all just died so that we do not drain a system going in deficit in around 10 years that no one wants to fix. He is spending money like it means nothing and the middle guy stuck with inflation because of it. Latest move tuition forgiveness. It is now forgiven. The government is simply transferring debt from the person in debt to YOU. Joe could be doing a whole lot more for seniors than what he is doing. He will not get my senior vote next election. Hey if they can forgive student debt they can do something for seniors.

5 months ago


5 months ago

The article didn’t talk about the major increase in the cost of housing, especially rent. Our rent just went up 15% overnight. Add this increase to gas and food inflation for seniors on fixed incomes. The golden years are disappearing as we speak.

5 months ago

Biden is about as useless as “Lipstick on a Hog”. I stand by that. Didn’t meanto insult the Hogs like that. I stand by this..

6 months ago

I remember when the Dems were pushing the affordable care. The GOP was throwing grandma under the bus. Just goes to show the party that is doing just that.

6 months ago

When the government gets rid of the senior population, there will be less resistance to the changes they want to make because most of us know how this great this country used to be & don’t like or want the transition being offered by our government. The younger population has been indoctrinated for years & are now adults accepting these negative changes.

6 months ago

These Democrats don’t care who gets hurt and could care less about seniors. Remember that most of these Democrats are climate change alarmists and part of that is overpopulation. Allowing those, they deem unproductive to the State can suffer and die, leaving no more carbon footprint. And with all the indoctrinated Marxist being cranked out of the colleges and universities, more and more as seniors die, these Marxist will continue to vote for more government until the whole country becomes a totalitarian tyranny! Is this the coming of end times? Only God knows!

6 months ago
Reply to  Carol

They have lied, cheated and stolen millions from us and others, why should they care they will never run out of money!! And anyone that thinks he is our POTUS better pull their heads out before they smother.

Patricia A Arsenault
6 months ago

I am so disgusted by this man and his people #AmericaFirst

Viola Dionne
3 months ago

Biden, what can i say about him? He has run our country into the ground and i am so ashamed to call him a President. He has turned all these illegals into the country and has no clue who they are or what they have done, plus worst of all what he has done to the economy. President Trump made this country great and at least our economy was better, he was a tough man who wouldn’t take crap from Putin or anyone. I just can’t understand why anyone would vote for Biden, wake up people!! Lets get Trump or DeSantos in there and make America great again. I am 82 and think i will go back to work, i have some health problems, but i need the money. Keep going Seniors, try to think positive and vote right at the election in November, its a start.

Stephen Russell
6 months ago

Hurts ALL but leftists who dont “feel” like the Rest of US

Gabe Hanzeli
6 months ago

of course it does and what hurts worse is this briberous scumbag that is in the white house.

Eve Adams
6 months ago

I am a senior, I have had to cut out meat, vegetables and fruit from my grocery list. I cut my prescription pills in half and in fourths to make them last longer. I eat once a day now. I have to save up for 2 months to be able to drive to the city to buy food and putting gas in my car cuts into my food budget. I eat rice, beans, pasta, a little cheese when I can afford it. I have not seen a doctor in 4 years. I do not get any assistance or help from any church or charity. I can’t imagine things getting worse for me, but here we are, with a illegally seated fraudulent president who is ruining our beloved country and he and his cohorts are evil and heartless and it has always been their intent to ruin our nation and they won’t stop until they are stopped by the True Patriots who have a voice and are willing to fight to get us back on track. I am too old, poor and sickly to do anything much. I pray to our Good Lord, that is the best I can do and I pray every day. God help us. God bless America.

Legally Present
6 months ago
Reply to  Eve Adams

Check to make sure you can’t get meals on wheels delivered to you! Also a lot of churches have days where Seniors and others can go and get different items, like food, sometimes toilet paper, paper toweling, etc. Please check you should qualify for meals on wheels.

5 months ago
Reply to  Eve Adams

I agree. I try to see some good in Biden but am seeing less. He gives a bunch of bs about helping seniors and does nothing. All seniors need help not just seniors in nursing homes, assisted living and poverty. Their party tries to make you think they are the only alternative to hitler TRUMP. Trump wanted to take away social security.. I do not see how we are any better off with Biden. He spends like there is no tomorrow. Hated Trump but was better off financially with him.

6 months ago

I wonder if the high jobs report posted today has anything to do with many seniors returning to the work force just to survive?

5 months ago
Reply to  Felix

Reply to Felix…. I echo the same thoughts. I have noticed in the last 2 years that more and more jobs are being filled by folks over 65. I have been wondering what’s going on. I have politely asked on occasion what are you doing here? Haven’t you retired , Thought you were retiring, what gives. Most of the time I get back a true black and white response, Hey they made me an offer I could not refuse. 20.00 dollars an hour for 4 days a week no nights. Ya know how much that helps ? I said yeah I know I’M doing it too, and so are many many more senior citizens, to the betterment of the country at all levels. Those that are still viable and have not given up, are holding down the four corners of the BIG RETAIL TENT IN THIS GREAT NATION AND HAVE BEEN FOR A GOOD WHOLE NOW. I see 3-4 at CHIC FILET , a Dozen at Home Depot, 10 to 20 at Target, more and more at crazy places like Krispy Kreme and Jack in the Box. Makes me happy to see them, makes me realize they still have value, and certainly will and can contribute. HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE FOLKS… Sitting at home wondering if I can pay my electric bill is B**S*
. when you can make a difference. My Girlfriend at 67, said to me last week, HEY JOE I GOT AN OFFER TO DO TRAVELING NURSES @ $59.00 and hour plus expenses. I said why are you still here? GO GO GO … DO IT TILL YOU CAN”T and then some. This is a window of opportunity that may soon close, I always say they only come around once in a lifetime you better be ready to step through it or you will loose it forever. Set the example, put your best foot forward. Lead when you can… This generation that is now growing up is watching so teach them a few things, if we don’t who will ? PAY IT FORWARD and the next generation will benefit 10 fold.

David Millikan
6 months ago

DICTATOR Beijing biden’s INFLATION hurting Seniors is an understatement.
It’s DESTROYING Seniors lives and the United States of America.

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