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Biden’s Domestic Energy Poverty | Tim Stewart | EP 209

The Biden Administration has taken the US Oil and Gas Industry from a position of Global Dominance to energy poverty falling weak to foreign nations. Rebecca invited Tim Stewart, President of the US Oil and Gas Association, to discuss their latest initiative Lawmakers in New York, California, and other liberal states across the nation are moving to ban gas appliances and the unrealistic expectation of migrating to electric, considering the lack of infrastructure. Stewart, a 30-year veteran in the industry, explains how this Administration is intentionally crippling the American economy, pushing us to rely more heavily on OPEC and other oil and gas producers around the world. Leave it to the Biden Administration to invade your home; tune in to learn how you can support the Oil and Gas industry!

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Joey Mize
9 days ago

This issue with ” Natural GAS” from This Administration has me puzzled? Somewhere in all of this rhetoric there is an underlying point? But for the life of me I cannot see why ” GAS ” is suddenly such a big NO NO ? I might see and actually don’t understand why they have not jumped on COAL, again. It releases much more environmental chems. into the atmosphere. Not once in my lifetime have I heard any negatives related to GAS. My family have been in the gas and oil industry for over 100 years. Not a single person has had an issue from those chemicals or by products. There is something deeper here than we are being told or seeing and I would presume it is global. Something like offering a pacifier to OPEC or CHINA to get something in return. This administration is corrupt, in so many ways now. There has to be something deeper hidden that is going on. Someone will receive a kickback for putting up the legislation to reduce and end the use of Natural Gas.

Stan d. Upnow
25 days ago

Progressive-Socialist insanity(hypothetical; or is it?):

Well, they’ve managed to get rid of all fossil fuels. Now what do people do for heat/cooking? Why, they turn to wood, of course. “Oh no, we can’t have that!”, the Leftists say, “Wood gives off more pollutants than even natural gas!” Next step is to destroy all forested areas. Every tree must be cut down — even those on private property — to prevent global warming and the ice caps melting. Never mind trees are vital in absorbing excess carbon, producing oxygen, preventing erosion, and providing essential compounds, as well as habitat for wildlife. Those caught hoarding “illegal” wood stashes will face $10,000 fines and/or 3 years in prison; 1st offense.

When public outrage swells, the P-S’s will blame Trump and his “MAGA extremists.”

Da-ham! If I wasn’t a Conservative, I could write strategy for the Left. :-)

23 days ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

the issues aren’t important (could be anything) but the reaction/confusion is of critical importance to them. those demonstrate their control/lack of control over us. don’t hold back. they already know who each of us is. you might come up with a simple idea that can stop them, other than their bloodshed before ours.

Bob L.
25 days ago

The insanity of yet another government intrusion into basic life necessities cements the need to downsize government and eliminate most of the bureaucratic “branch of government”.

25 days ago

The wealthy corrupt elite globalist class rules over us. The elite wealthy ruling class has their money invested in this green environmental climate hoax movement. This is why they are pushing everyone by government force (fascism)?, to go green. They stand to make MULTIPLE $BILLIONS AND $BILLIONS OF DOLLARS off of our backs! It’s all about control and the money. BTW, isn’t this a MONOPOLY and breaking anti-trust laws? This was done with vaccine mandates. Look it up, big pharma companies are raking in $Billions. There is a billionaire made every day from the ranks of big pharma management. As a FREE AMERICAN we should have the Constitutional FREE CHOICE of (multiple), many different energy sources to choose from! Not just ONE! Think about it. Wake up Americans. LET’S GO BRANDON!

25 days ago

Jackass Joe is willfully and intentionally trying to destroy the American economy! . . . Why? . . . It appears that today’s so-called Democratic Party Leadership are Communist wannabes! Are the Biden’s now owned by the Chinese? . . . It certainly appears so!

Mike L
25 days ago
Reply to  Rik

jackass joe must be owned by China, even the wind turbines for “clean energy” he is forcing the US to install are made in China.

Stan d. Upnow
24 days ago
Reply to  Mike L

I’m not up on this stuff, but it just might be China is the go-to for wind turbines, as they are for solar. They’re manufacturing is advancing, ours is declining.
This is the wrong time to have a corrupt, weak leadership running the country!
Pray we change in 2024.

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