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Biden’s Dizzying Array of Border Excuses

AMAC Exclusive – By Claire Brighn


Over the past two years, the Biden administration and elected Democrats have employed an astonishing number of pernicious lies, pathetic excuses, and self-contradictory explanations to deflect blame for the ongoing national security disaster at the U.S.-Mexico border. With the midterm elections less than three weeks away, it’s worth looking back on some of the more audacious claims employed by Democrats in lieu of a genuine strategy to restore the border.

“The border is secure”

As illegal crossings began to spike early in Biden’s presidency, the first approach the administration took (and one it has returned to repeatedly) was to deny that a crisis exists at all. As early as March 2021, Biden Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas testified before Congress that “the border is secure” and that “the border is not open.” But in February – Biden’s first full month in office – illegal border crossings had already increased by 28% from the month prior. By the second full month into the administration, there were 173,277 border crossers apprehended – the highest tally of any March in 15 years.

Fast forward to September 2022, and Vice President Kamala Harris (whom President Biden famously dubbed his “border czar” amid mounting criticism) still maintained the border was “secure.” By then, this was of course a preposterous assertion given that more than 4.4 million illegal aliens had crossed the border under Biden, including roughly 600,000 “gotaways” in FY 2022 alone. (Even these official numbers are likely a gross undercount of the real number.)

The “root causes” of the border crisis are problems in Central America

As the border crisis became impossible to ignore, the Biden administration has attempted to shirk blame for the disaster by claiming that the “root causes” of illegal immigration are problems in Central America, not Biden’s open borders policies.

But Latin American leaders have explicitly rejected this argument. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said migrants see Biden “as the migrant president.” Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei said that the very next day after Biden’s election, “coyotes here were organizing groups of children to take them to the United States,” lured by Biden’s promises of an open border. El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, meanwhile, has said the promise of free healthcare acted as an “incentive” for migrants to make the dangerous journey north.

Central American countries have had major challenges for a long time. But it wasn’t until Joe Biden became president that migrants began racing to the U.S. border in unprecedented numbers.

Perhaps even more devastating to the Biden administration’s “root causes” talking point has been the explosion in the number of illegal aliens arriving at the U.S. border not from Mexico or Northern Triangle countries. In August 2021, 61,518 individuals from outside those countries had entered the United States illegally. For reference, during Trump’s last full month in office – December 2020 – this number stood at 7,504. Moreover, illegal aliens from more than 160 countries have been apprehended during Biden’s tenure.

The surge in illegal crossings is “seasonal” and “cyclical”

In April 2021, amid criticism over the record number of illegal aliens arriving at the southern border, Biden said “it happens every single solitary year.” Then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the spike “seasonal” and “cyclical.” In both cases, Biden and Psaki were referring to how during winter months apprehensions typically rise, only to fall in the summer months when it is hotter and fewer people are willing to make the dangerous trek.  

But by no means were the number of apprehensions under Biden seasonal or part of a longer “cycle.” In March 2021, there were more than 173,000 illegal crossings – more than 3.3 times higher than the average for crossings in March under Trump. Then in the hot month of August 2021 there were almost 210,000 crossings – about 3.4 times higher than the average for crossings in August under Trump.

A liberal favorite: “It’s Trump’s fault!”

In April 2022, Biden again tried to shirk blame for the border crisis, this time by blaming “the failure to have a real transition” between the Trump and Biden administrations. He specifically lamented “understaffing” when he first took office.

In the same interview that Kamala Harris said the border is “secure,” she also cited supposed “deterioration that happened over the last for years [under Trump].” Current White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also said that the Trump administration “decimated” the immigration system. Even more recently, far-left radical Squad member Pramila Jayapal said “[Trump] put in place all these things that eliminated legal ways for people to come to this country.”

The claim from Democrats seems to be that because Trump enforced immigration laws on the books, the surge in illegal immigration resulting from Biden’s return to lax enforcement is somehow Trump’s fault.

The truth is that it was Joe Biden himself who made the most fateful decisions to throw open the southern border. Biden reportedly ignored warnings from career officials early on to keep Trump’s border policies in place. Instead of adhering to Trump’s successful strategies like the “Remain in Mexico” program and Title 42, the Biden administration rapidly reversed them—and we have been dealing with the fallout ever since.

Congressional Republicans are “obstructing” border security

More recently, Democrats have turned their ire toward congressional Republicans after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and Kamala Harris’s front doorstep at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. Karine Jean-Pierre said if Republicans really cared about border security, they would have approved “record funding” for DHS. Just a few days prior, she also claimed that “[the Biden administration] is doing a lot more to secure the border [than the Trump administration] and could do a lot more if Republicans would stop their obstruction.”

This claim, of course, ignores the fact that Democrats control both chambers of Congress and the White House. For example, Congress has voted to hire 87,000 new IRS agents, and Biden has unilaterally ordered the cancellation of $400 billion in student loan debts, all without the support of a single Republican. In contrast, every single Senate Democrat voted in August against the hiring of at least 18,000 more border patrol agents. For the past two years, House and Senate Democrats have voted against virtually every border security measure Republicans have put forward.

Illegal aliens are “fleeing communism”

Another new favorite of the Biden administration when it comes to the border has been to claim that the United States has no choice but to take in millions of illegal migrants because they are supposedly “fleeing communism.” As the total number of apprehensions for FY 2022 topped two million in August, Biden said that “what’s on my watch now is Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua…We’re dealing with a totally different circumstance,” alluding to the fact that all three countries are communist dictatorships. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre followed up later with a claim that the massive influx of migrants is the result of a “new” migration situation stemming from migrants fleeing communism.

But in August, only 35% of those apprehended at the southern border came from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. And even though there has been an uptick in illegal aliens apprehended from these three countries over the past year, when excluding these countries, the first 11 months in FY 2021 saw 1.43 million apprehensions, and in FY 2022 1.66 million—still more than any year in history prior to Joe Biden’s presidency. In other words, while the number of people fleeing communism may be rising, it remains only a fraction of the overall number of people crossing the border illegally.


With the border crisis as bad as ever, Americans can expect to continue to hear a long stream of lies and deflections from Democrats. But come November 8, voters will have a chance to make clear that they’re not buying the excuses—no matter how many times they hear them.

Claire Brighn is the pen name of a conservative researcher and writer with previous domestic and foreign policy experience in the Executive Branch.    

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Bob R
5 months ago

These #DemocRATS are unbelievable, and attempting to destroy America from the inside! #TheEnemyWithin

5 months ago

When I was growing up my parents taught me that if you lie, you will then have to come up with more lies to cover the first lie. I think the socialist/democrats have actually learned something! This “administration” is so pathetic. Too bad so many of their supporters have gotten drunk on the cool-aid.

5 months ago
Reply to  Rich

My dad used to tell me, “Son, you go to hell just as fast for lying as you do for stealing”. That doesn’t bode well for this administration.

Allan E Brem
5 months ago

Biden is the most pathetic excuse for a President I have ever seen. Early into this administration it became evident that he is not calling the plays. It looks like Susan Rice is sitting in the White House of the third term of Basah Adaba.

5 months ago

The Democrats have failed in everything they have put their hands in i.e., Illegal Border Crossings, Failure to finish the Border Wall, Failure to support the Border Patrol , Allowing transgender, homosexuals, and gays into our military which is in it’s weakest stage in history, Woke, Critical Race Theory, Renaming military installations , removing our historical statues, the weakest President and an inept Vice President and a House Speaker that’s a drunk. The only thing the Democratic Government has done is to destroy the integrity of this Nation that I served for 30 years. If I had to serve in this modern military and under this President and his government of my own free will today it would never happen. This government is for turning this into a Communist Nation that kisses Russia’s, China’s, and North Korea’s a_s because our President is to inept to make his own decisions. Just my opinion

5 months ago
Reply to  Jeff

Your opinion is right on!

5 months ago

He sounds exactly like his buddy, Obama. Everything is everyone else’s fault. Unless, on the extremely rare occasion something good happens, then it is all him.

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago

ABC GMA reported today about a “mysterious children respiratory disease”. The same “mystery disease” that killed hundreds of children in 2012 identified in a CDC Rport dated April 2012 as traced to Latin American immigrants I’m betting… but to insinuate this means I’m racist! Just a coincidence the majority of cases are along the border, hm? Google it. Unkess they flagged it already as “Russian misinformation”…

5 months ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

I agree. I was thinking along the same lines. Many are crossing the border and not given any kind of health check and dispersed throughout the country. Then there is the jab.

William McBreen
5 months ago

Beyond all doubt: worst President ever, worst administration ever, by the worst iteration of the democrat party ever.

Clark Kent
5 months ago

He is the RESIDENT, not the PRESIDENT.

5 months ago

Steal the election, cause chaos, steal honest hardworking Americans’ money. Most democrats haven’t worked a honest days work in their life-Obama/Biden/Killery!!!

Dr Rene
5 months ago

Biden does make excuses, China-Joe just lies. Just like Biden’s illegal EDUCATION Forgiveness EO. If true, the 8th Circuit Court actually followed the US Constitution, which clearly says the US House of Representatives has the “PURSE” duty. Vs Comrade Joe Biden’s illegal pre-election Executive Order (EO).

5 months ago

Biden does make excuses, China-Joe just lies. Just like Biden’s illegal EDUCATION Forgiveness EO. If true, the 8th Circuit Court actually followed the US Constitution, which clearly says the US House of Representatives has the “PURSE” duty. Vs Comrade Joe Biden’s illegal pre-election Executive Order (EO)

David Millikan
5 months ago

For 8 years we heard same LIE from Hussein Obama that Border’s are secured but he implemented FAST and FURIOUS (To use against AMERICANS 2ND Amendment Rights) giving Cartel’s Guns which Cartel’s STILL HAVE and STILL USING. While, favoring ILLEGAL ALIENS and CRIMINALS over AMERICANS.
But according to DICTATOR Beijing biden with his ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST INVASION letting in
MILLIONS (MILLIONS NOT CAUGHT) and giving them Cellphones and Government Benefits as soon as they cross Border with Midnight Flights sending them all over the country (KIDNAPPING THEM).
Telling AMERICANS that the Border is Safe and Secured and all AMERICANS have to do is look and know that is a LIE.
Now, DICTATOR Beijing biden is going to let Ethiopian WARLORDS and TERRORIST in giving them OUR MONEY so he can BUY and BRIBE for more votes with OUR TAX DOLLARS.
But, our Borders are secured according to DICTATOR Beijing biden who lives in FANTASY WORLD.

5 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Agree! Biden does make excuses, China-Joe just lies. Just like Biden’s illegal EDUCATION Forgiveness EO. If true, the 8th Circuit Court actually followed the US Constitution, which clearly says the US House of Representatives has the “PURSE” duty. Vs Comrade Joe Biden’s illegal pre-election Executive Order (EO)

Enuf Said
5 months ago

Well, if they are fleeing Communism, then they would NOT be coming here, as they would recognize that Biden is trying to get us into a Communist country. What a great deal of them are fleeing, is the PRISONS in their countries!!

David Dauphinais
5 months ago

Biden, Biden, Biden. I do believe we are changing the wrong name. How about the real root to the America takeover, Soros, Soros, Soros.

David Millikan
5 months ago

Soros funding most of it.

Clark Kent
5 months ago

Don’t forget Obozo and Bloomberg.

5 months ago

Americans: If you love our country, please get out and VOTE! Biden and the democrats must be stopped from ruining The land of the Free. Now, more than ever, every vote counts.

Clark Kent
5 months ago
Reply to  Drue

Except the massive voter fraud of 2020 has not been fixed. Nice try; no cigar.

Ralph S
5 months ago

President Trump may have a foul mouth… but Bejing Joe and the demonCRATS have foul policies and foul intentions.

stony acres
5 months ago
Reply to  Ralph S

Trump does not have a foul mouth! He simply tells it like it is. If you can’t handle that then you have a problem!
Joe is the one with the foul mouth. You should listen to his off camera rhetoric sometime.

Clark Kent
5 months ago
Reply to  Ralph S

Guess you missed it when Sleepy Joe called the Fox News reporter a SOB. Or recently, when he claimed ‘nobody fu*ks with a Biden’.

Randall L. Beatty
5 months ago

Without a secure border what will happen is every taxpayer in this country will pay for it the Dems in Washington love giving away our money because it does not come out of there pocket but just wait till they start taking more money out from everyone’s paycheck for everything they gave free nothing is free just lies that is free. When they deplete Social Security to pay for all this then everyone will work for nothing for there retirement years they will have everyone work till they put you into the grave but never fear Washington Dems will have plenty of money to live a great lifestyle.

5 months ago


Clark Kent
5 months ago

Social Security is already depleted. You are late to the party, pal.

Barrett Smith
5 months ago

The border is as secure as they want it to be. In other words, fully and completely wide open to future democrat voters.

Clark Kent
5 months ago
Reply to  Barrett Smith

Perhaps. Recent polling has shown Hispanics are not too keen on Dumbocrats. Especially their position on abortion.

5 months ago

My wife and I just took a trip to the Dominican Republic to an all inclusive resort. When it was time to fly home, we had to show our passports 4 times in the Dominican Republic, and 4 more times in the US to get back into our country. I don’t mind them seeing that we are citizens, but what is wrong with this picture? We had to show our passports 8 different times to get entry to a country that we are citizens of, and ILLEGAL entries can come in at will with no one even checking them. This is just terrible. All I can say is LETS GO BRANDON!

Clark Kent
5 months ago
Reply to  Ken

Perhaps become a citizen of the Dominican Republic?

5 months ago

Define the word ONLY in this article: Says that only 35% came from three communist countries. That percentage is very high in my opinion, and is meaningful that they are fleeing communism & that makes me appreciate my freedoms 100% more. Do not take for granted the freedoms we have and do not give way to socialism/communist tricks.

5 months ago

Does someone think he knows squat about the border. Stuff like that is hidden from him.

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