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Biden’s Border Disaster Is Boon for Cartels, Crime in Latin America

AMAC Exclusive – By Louis J. Senn

As President Joe Biden has moved to rescind the Trump-era Title 42, a decision that border officials say will touch off an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration, even some Democrats are beginning to break with the White House. But while Biden’s open borders policies have been devastating for American border communities, they’ve also emboldened drugs cartels and crime syndicates throughout Latin America, created a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions on the route to the U.S.-Mexico border, and poisoned U.S. relations with our Central and South American neighbors – the very things that the media and elected Democrats breathlessly insisted for four years that President Trump’s policies were doing.

For the few conservative outlets that have consistently focused on the border crisis, much of the attention has appropriately been on how the huge influx of migrants affects Americans. In addition to those tragic consequences, however, the Biden administration’s complete abandonment of border security has also created a ripple effect of suffering and despair throughout the rest of the Americas, undercutting Biden’s claims that he would govern with “compassion” for all people.

Immediately following the 2020 election, people throughout Central and South America expected Biden follow through on his open-borders campaign rhetoric and explicit invitation for migrants to come to the United States. The inevitable result has been the return of massive migrant caravans.

This proved to be a huge opportunity for human trafficking and drug smuggling operations. As Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma recently remarked, “the Biden administration has been the greatest profit maker for the Mexican cartels that we’ve ever seen and their ability to be able to move humans and smuggling and to move drugs across our border.” Some estimates suggest that these cartels make “over a third of their profits from illegal immigration.”

The route to the United States from countries like Guatemala and El Salvador has become a scene of horrors. Many girls and women are raped throughout the journey from their home country to the U.S. border. Injured members of the migrant party are left to die. Finally, many of these cartels torture, rape, or murder simply to show dominance and reinforce widespread fear in the territories they effectively control.

While the Biden administration has paid lip service to combatting human trafficking, their actual policies have only paved the way for more of these crimes to occur. As Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, stated, “If they were really serious about stopping trafficking, they would secure our borders, rather than create an environment for human trafficking to expand and then react to it after it’s already happened.” But a better environment for human trafficking appears to be exactly what’s likely to occur to an even greater extent with the abolition of Title 42.

Biden has also repeatedly said that he wants to support Central American countries from an economic perspective, insisting that creating more opportunity in the so-called “Northern Triangle” nations of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala will reduce the motivation for people to venture north. He even assigned Vice President Harris to the task, and Harris traveled to Guatemala for a summit with Central American leaders on her first international trip.

However, these overtures at addressing the “root causes” of illegal immigration have had little effect on actually stemming the flow of migrants. Guatemala recently tripled prison sentences for smugglers, but experts believe it will just make the trip more expensive and the migrants more desperate. Moreover, the Guatemalan government appears to have little incentive to actually prosecute these cases, as money that migrants send back home has in recent years kept the economy afloat; even with COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the global economy, Guatemalans sent back $15 billion from the U.S. last year.

In El Salvador, the infamous MS-13 gang has only grown more powerful since Biden took office, and now appears even to be gaining a hold over the El Salvadoran government. As the official homicide rate has declined in the country, the number of “disappearances” has risen drastically. The discovery of mass graves is now commonplace, and corruption in local governments is widespread.

The instability in Central America caused by the Biden administration’s policies has also raised serious national security concerns for the United States. As criminal elements become more influential in those nations, American adversaries like China have seized on the opportunity to gain a foothold in the Western Hemisphere. Late last month, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) warned that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is “seeking to deepen its engagement in the region by funding the construction of ports and space programs and other dual-use infrastructure.”

By destroying the progress on border security and asylum cooperation agreements forged by the Trump administration, Biden has escalated the issue of illegal immigration to previously unimaginable heights. Through all this, the media continues to act as if Democratic border and immigration policies have nothing to do with the mass suffering now facing millions of people in Central and South America. Accordingly, it looks as if it’ll be up to voters to hold Democrats accountable, both at the polls this fall and in 2024, when Joe Biden, the architect of the border disaster, will have to answer for his actions.

Louis J. Senn is a lawyer living in Louisville, Kentucky. He previously served in the Trump administration.

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John S.
2 months ago

Members of the Senate, House, and Biden all took an oath to follow the laws and to protect this country. Seems to me that the traitors should be impeached at the voting booth. Save us from hearing more BS lies from the dems and wasting our time again.

2 months ago

… the Biden people are using illegal immigrants, to prolong the pandemic –

2 months ago

President Cabbage Brain must go!!

2 months ago

Whether we like it or not, Joe Biden is the President of the United States of America. Why? Because Donald Trump lost the Election 2020. Why? Because Donald Trump has a big, narcissistic mouth and poor leadership skills as demonstrated in and before the year of 2020. Let’s face it folks: Trump is a charismatic guy who is good at campaigning but he was always bad at governing and communicating ideas. The Jan 6 2021 and the events leading up to it further demonstrated that Trump was no chess player – he was a bad checkers player at best.

Therefore, I think, the Republicans must come up with somebody new for the 2024 election – like FL Gov Ron DeSantis. He is a younger and the better version of Trump. He can actually talk to the media and handle things in a professional manner. He will govern better than Trump ever did. He can actually usher in some unity among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. We don’t need Biden or Trump in 2025. We need new faces.

2 months ago

You’re wrong and winded ….Jan 6th was a set up by Antifa and evil dems Antifa posted flyers all over as well as social media announcing to dress up like trump supporters ???? this administration is what our forefathers warned us about as well as the Bible warned us about. Study a little deeper

2 months ago

Keep smoking that weed sparky

2 months ago

I agree,Trumps mouth at times was not his best asset. His leadership however, I don’t question. He did a lot of good for the country.
Biden should be impeached. His main job is to keep us safe. He’s not doing it. He and his fat butt VP don’t care about the border. Personally I judge Hiden is getting paid from the cartels for keeping the border open. He will maybe even get a raise when he cancels title 42. Our pres is a weak, confused, idiot that should be in a home for the aged.

2 months ago

If you go that route the GOP will only get 8 years! If Trump goes first we get 12 years. Trump is familiar with the swamp and knows what is needed on day one! If the GOP Congress has any balls?

2 months ago

New Yorker’s are pretty well known for being apathetic narcissists who are incapable of shutting up. Trump expected things to get done like most businessmen. What he failed to realize is, the difference between politics and business is, business accomplishes whatever their goals are or they close their doors. Politicians TALK about getting things done but rarely ever do. For example, my nutless Governor Abbott TALKS tough about all the illegals about to swarm over the Texas border but ultimately will do little or nothing.He’s won his primary and knows nobody in their right head wants a useful idiot tool like Bobby “Beta” O’Rourke skateboarding through the governor’s mansion. So Abbott, like the good little RINO tool he is will actually expect POTUS craps-his-drawers to enforce border security. Even though the border towns have been stripped bare by previous waves of “migrants” Abbott will do nothing. In his latest tough talk press conference he promised to bus the illegals out of Texas to Washington. But like a typical RINO politician, less than 12 hours later backs down. Hopefully this next”wave” will be met by angry citizens armed to the teeth ordering them to go back. No, the country needs President Trump back at the helm.

2 months ago

Your an Idot

2 months ago

It aggravates me to no end when I hear or read about people who say they will no longer vote “because the elections are rigged anyway”, or that they will no longer vote for Republicans “because they are as much of a problem as the Democrats”. People, if you don’t vote, then the Democrats won’t need to rig the elections, they will always win. Is that what you want? I oftentimes wonder if AMAC and other conservative forums have been infiltrated by Liberals who want to sow seeds of discontent and despair among us, so that we will give up and stay home on election day.
Also, voting Libertarian just takes away votes for a conservative Republican. According to, “Jo Jorgensen, the LP candidate, got about 1.1% of the total national vote in the 2020 election. However, she siphoned off enough Republican votes in certain swing states to assist presumptive winner Joe Biden in likely taking the White House”. People, how does that help in defeating the Democrats?

2 months ago

Hey guys, VOTE. There can be no justice if there are no consequences. There doesn’t seem to be any consequences for the left agenda. Their answer, when asked why they are destroying America is silence. The response, when presented with facts of wrong-doing is “so what?” The only thing Americans have is the vote and I’m not sure we still have that.

David Millikan
2 months ago

WHY WOULD ANY so-called president put The UNITED STATES of AMERICA and the AMERICAN PEOPLE LAST unless DICTATOR Beijing biden wants to DESTROY the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
Which is his and the FASCIST liberals plan all along.

Marilyn E Kaplan
2 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

A thousand Thumbs up for you, dear David!

2 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Agree 100 percent

Patty L
2 months ago

Fire Biden!!!!!!

James Thompson
2 months ago

I’ve e-mailed Mr Biden ( he’s not a president) and asked him why he hates Americans. Haven’t heard back. I told him that was a fair question. He is supposed to be representing us. I know it won’t do any good but I need to try something. Been sending notes to everyone. If my Representatives are contacted I get back a Thank You note that is some generic dribble about the great job Joe is doing and how much better things will be once his build back better program is enacted. What BS but I need to do something so I keep writing. When they bring in the U.N. my house will be one of the first places they will go. Oh well, we’re ready

Marilyn E Kaplan
2 months ago
Reply to  James Thompson

Resident Biden but wait…is he even IN the White House or just the studio of it???? He has always been derilect in his duties and has never worked for an actual living. Just getting his share of the taxpayer dollars as is most of DC. I think we may have 2 or 3 actual servants of the people in the Capital if that!

2 months ago

In his entire 40+ years as a government moocher, has Biden ever done one thing that actually was a benefit to America? Even close?

Patriot Will
2 months ago

Biden and his administration don’t care about the citizens in this country. If they did, they would do their best to slow down illegal immigration, illegal drug trafficking, and illegal sex trading at our southern border. Millions of Americans and foreigners are tragically suffering and/or dying just so that Biden and the Democrats can satisfy their lust for power. The criminality of the situations at our border with Mexico is horrible and terrible. Words can’t describe how disgusted all Americans should be.

Ralph S
2 months ago

Joe needs to check if AmTrak has a depot at Club Fed for his final ride.

2 months ago

For the Democrat Party, the massive influx of illegal aliens means one thing: A massive increase in the number of Democrat voters going forward, which ensures Democrat victories at the ballot box. It’s about preserving and expanding the power and money of the Democrat Party. If that just happens to also help the drug cartels and certain socialist governments in Latin America and elsewhere around the world, well then so be it. To date, the Border Patrol has stated they are seeing people from over 156 different countries coming across our southern border and then released into the United States. Never for one second should you think the primary driver for all this massive influx of illegal aliens is anything other than for the political and financial benefit of the Democrat Party.

Collenton Family
2 months ago

The US needs a “Deporter-In-Chief” because immigrants bring over their mass suffering consequences, like spikes in crime, etc.

2 months ago

Brandon looking for voters at the cost of another 911. Not to mention the spike in crime as millions of unemployed will now reside here.

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