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Biden’s Afghan Horrors – Unforgivable


Lest we forget – Joe Biden’s horrific exit from Afghanistan left hundreds (reliable sources say thousands) of Americans and 100,000 Afghan allies (who risked all for the American military and diplomatic communities). They remain there now – suffering, trapped in a Taliban hell of Mr. Biden’s making.

Lest we forget – We promised not to leave these Americans, or any of our 100,000 Afghan allies, behind. Said Biden August 19, “we’re gonna stay to get them out.” Did not need saying, but was it done? No.

Lest we forget – Prior to fleeing the Taliban, inside sources confide Biden’s State Department gave the Taliban a complete list of Afghans who had worked for the US Government. We were there for 20 years. Why give up that list? “To help get them out.” Naïve, stupid, cowardly, indefensible, unforgivable.

Lest we forget – An organized departure, aggregating Americans and allied Afghans, was possible at the US-run Bagram Air Force Base. Biden’s team gave away that secure, two-runway airport to the Taliban. Why? Fear, hurry, indifference to American and allied lives, domestic politics. Indefensible.

Lest we forget – Afghan families loyal to our military and State Department are now tortured and killed daily, compliments of Mr. Biden, Mr. Austin, Mr. Milley, Mr. Blinken, Mr. Sullivan, and Ms. Harris. They have borne no accountability – or even contrition – for what they did. Women and girls are ritually being kidnapped, raped, married into terror, forsaken. Men are tortured, butchered. Unforgivable.

Lest we forget – America is an avowedly, historically, determinedly moral nation – so our word was trusted. We lost an annual average of 10 military personnel in the past five years while keeping the peace, educating girls and boys to respect the law, aspire, learn to lead. All that disappeared in a blink.

One friend, an American former special operator, decorated, courageous, compassionate, emailed recently to say friends and their families were being dragged into the streets, raped, hacked up in the town square. Where is the US State Department, US Military, US moral fiber, courage, conscience?

Another friend showed me her texts, emails, and videos of what is happening – right up to yesterday. She was a US military nurse and teacher for years in Afghanistan. Years ago, her young students – as many girls as boys – thrilled to learn and to learn about America. They strived, believed, aspired.

Today, they are in hiding, hunted down, beaten. The boys are young men, trying to get their families out, still devoted to American ideals, which they learned from us. Daily, they suffer, stay in the shadows, pray, hope, and wonder what happened to America.

Daily, they watch Taliban and ISIS-K contingents engage in battles near Kabul, massive smoke plumes bursting from their videos. The Taliban are ramping up persecution, torture, hunt-and-kill missions.

Wrote one American ally inside, who has survived: “The Taliban came to a wedding last night. They broke all the musical instruments and beat the men and took the singer and others …,” adding, “They took military power, nothing can be done, we are currently captives ….”

Wrote another last week: “The Taliban came and beat all the people,” and while he and two relatives escaped, “they beat me … I spent the whole night in the gardens of our village until they left … The Taliban took eight people with them.” These are America’s allies, those who risked all to an affiliate. Mr. Biden – and your whole team – what do you say to them? You promised safety; you delivered hell.

As if a perfect mirror reflection of what should have happened, many Afghans who surged the Kabul airport were unvetted, terrified, but not affiliated with the West. They scrambled aboard overpacked planes as Biden’s military and State personnel fled the Taliban in fear. While the masses were not vetted, the truly loyal ones were left behind. And the Biden team claims an interest in morality and justice?

So, where are we now? In denial. The US media is pretending the Afghan exit was a success, that the word “Afghanistan” is in rearview, that we are back to COVID news. Reality is elsewhere. Terror will reach us again from Afghanistan because Biden gave that country back to terrorists.

And right now, what was stable is now a living hell. Biden and his team are personally responsible for these ongoing killings, rapes, tortures, slavery, defiled and decimated dreams, unforgivable abandonment of American allies, girls, women, boys, men, let alone Americans still trapped. They ignore the savagery they introduced, the pain they continue to inflict, the price of cowardice, lies, fear, and vanity.

Let me pull back. In 1785, a 42-year-old lawyer – who had penned a weighty document nine years earlier – wrote a small volume on liberty, morality, and justice. As president, he would later confront and convincingly beat the brutal, Islamic Barbary pirates, refusing to pay their ransom, deploying US Marines and fortified Navy to Tripoli, a victory still memorialized in the US Marines’ Hymn.

But in 1785, he was concerned about what our new nation stood for, and he knew – above all else – it must stand for the moral right, not flinch, eventually bring the bow spirit around, hold a moral bearing.

That young man was Thomas Jefferson, and in that volume, he wrote: “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just – that his justice cannot sleep forever.” Today, once again, we should tremble for our country, for our moral fiber, for the kind of leadership that would abandon innocents – Americans and thousands of American allies – to evil. A just God knows what we have done.

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H L Howell
6 months ago

joe biden is the Manchurian candidate. chinas’ puppet.

6 months ago

We will never forgive you, commie Biden. Hopefully, you will be outta there soon. Oh, I mean Obama……wishing your third term ends soon.

Mario Capparuccini
6 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Very well put. How Americans can continue to vote for these agents of Satan is beyond my ability to comprehend. I am afraid that God’s judgment is close at hand. May he remember mercy as millions of us hate the evil of this administration.

6 months ago

This is the government our founders warned us about…bottom line!!!

6 months ago

We should never forget or cease to remind the Democrat Party of the horrendous consequences their party has foisted on the American Republic through their cheating to steal the Presidential election of 2020. These vipers must face justice for their atrocities. FJB

6 months ago

And now, to make matters een worse, NYC has decided to remove Thomas Jefferson’ statue!

JJ Johnson-Smith
6 months ago

Every American should read this, then reflect on the facts of what this administration has done to the American People, and to our Afghan allies. This is not a temporary horror, this is FOREVER. It is indeed inexcusable, heinous, and the opposite of everything this country stands for. He and his cronies are without question, guilty of Treason, and We the People bear the responsibility of seeing that they are all held responsible.

6 months ago

This fiasco happened because it is what China wanted!

7 months ago

How can Dr. Mrs. Biden live with HERself? She is responsible for allowing this nonentity who is easily manipulated by other devils to be president. Why did she allow this? She has a lot to answer for. How does she sleep at night? I hope not well.
Ant that press secretary. Is it fun lying every day at every press meeting?

anna hubert
7 months ago

OK I get it what Biden did was not right I did not vote for him but how many more years were we to stay there and to what purpose can anyone explain to me what was expected o the US Army were they sent there for specific purpose?Was it to do the job and get out? What was the job? Are they to carry the problems in the moslem world on their shoulders? Speaking of war criminals let us not forget Bill Clinton who ordered NATO to bomb Jugoslavia schools bridges hospitals were bombed and nary a whisper in the press and indignition of the public opinion was none All these ventures are a very profitable business Who is it that profits?

7 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

All the US military was involved. After 9/11, the main purpose was to get the mastermind, Bin Laden. Slowly, the original mission kept expanding by our government desires during the past administrations. How is success measured? Your guess is as good as anyone else’s. As to Yugoslavia, the CIA was very involved in choosing targets to bomb and their desires took precedence over true military ones that NATO wanted. These particular targets were bombed by US forces under NATO control. Politics are politics.

anna hubert
6 months ago
Reply to  Max

Afganistan followes in the footsteps of Korea and Vietnam they were sent on a mission they were not allowed to win Yugoslavia was bombed because Kosovo squaked is still under UN patrol units and still squaking as for Bin Laden found in Pakistan and disposed of in a hurry hm,

Lee S McQuillen
6 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

You’re missing the point. We promised and reneged on that promise. People counted on that promise and being killed, tortured, etc., because our country did not come through. It has nothing to do with how long we’ve been there. It’s how stupid the leaving was done.

6 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

Surely not the Americans who were left behind to be slaughtered

7 months ago

We all have a sphere of influence that we can properly address , our neighbors, work, family and so on. Let our voice speak loud and clear that the same Spirit that moved Thomas Jefferson, will move “We the people….” Our cause is just and it is right and grounded in Truth and that Truth is Christ. Let them know that this evil will not prevail. The party of death from abortion to nursing homes to Afghanistan speaks volumes of who and what we are dealing with. Our forefathers dealt with this same evil and succeeded.

Sally Duncan
7 months ago


7 months ago

I am still cringe about the Afghanistan episode and of course, everything else that this stupid administration does. Watching the WH news conferences, there are times that I’d love to just reach through the airwaves and strangle you know who. From the common sense side, there are a lot of personnel that need to be arrested and held accountable but it won’t happen. As a veteran, I just shake my head for the last 15 years of idiotic rules and regulations that have been introduced into the military.

anna hubert
7 months ago

What exactly happen between the year 1 and 20? Taliban was in charge then as is now and what exactly was local population doing and where were all the women? was anyone interested in building the modern staye or only in the “humanitarian” aide as they demand it nowI certainly did not see women throwing burkas away es masse 20 years for naught a mill stone around the neck as is the rest of “developing” world

7 months ago

A just God is Certainly Exposing Today’s so-called Democratic Party to what it has Evolved into . . . COMMUNISTS! ! !

Rexford Ames
7 months ago

Question? Who is running the White House? Biden isn’t! So who is running him?

7 months ago
Reply to  Rexford Ames

The name begins with “O” and “O” is controlled by Soros…an evil and despicable meglo-maniac.
Remember “O”‘s “promise” to “fundamentally” change America…IE: turn it into a communist dictatorship. The same “O” who opined in one of his speeches that “there comes a time when you’ve made enough money”…now a multi-millionaire with 3 multi-million dollar mansions…Soros is very proud of his obedient little puppet…

7 months ago
Reply to  Rexford Ames

This is Obamas 3rd term!

7 months ago
Reply to  DJH

That’s right!!!

Tim Toroian
7 months ago

Propagandistic ideologues a la USSR.

Rexford Ames
7 months ago

I did not read your article. My reasoning is simple. I’m a 20 year Veteran. I served two Years in the Vietnam Conflict that should never have happened. President Kennedy was about to withdraw the Military that was training the Vietnam Army but of course, An assassination occurred, That Damn Alcoholic Lyndon B. Johnson became President, which saved him from being arrested for his crimes! Then expanded that war but even worse, President Lyndon B Johnson, ran it during his lunch, daily. I mean that literally ran a war from the Whiter House as he ate his lunch.
Now we get President Biden. That ass has destroyed,killed so many of our Allies, not to mention all the Americans he abandoned in Afghanistan and is even paying them. For what, I cannot fathom?.
Can you imaging just how many Military Active and Retired Men and Women are so Pissed off at this JERK!
We had no business being their either. Not fo some 20+ years and countless lives lost& wounded.
Note: I have refrained saying any expletive’s, as courtesy.
Question: When did we decide that being a Party Member had priority, over being Amercians?

7 months ago

Our current washington administration is pure scum. I can’t think of words harsh enough to describe these evil, lying, corrupt individuals.

7 months ago

I am absolutely disgusted with the government and its associates on Afganistan. If this government had any brains at all they would have stayed there until they had fulfilled their promises. But, no they run like a bunch of chickens, I think it is time for those men in Washington stop wearing lace on their underwear and do exactly what they were elected to do, if they remember what that was.

7 months ago

This is a horrible situation, likened only to WWII. The taliban is an awful group.
With that said I had an email from someone yesterday say “Glory Be”, Taliban Let Afghan Polio Vaccine Program Restart. Believing they are somehow hero’s because they are going to let
the Polio program restart, without them killing & wounding the women who administer the vac’s.

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