Biden: ‘Single Women With Children in a Dead-End Job’ Can Quit Because of Obamacare

From MinutemenNews

In a chat with the ladies of “The View” on Tuesday, Vice President Biden said Obamacare “gives women a great deal more freedom.””How many of you are single women with children, in a dead-end job?” Biden asked. “You’re there because of your health insurance. You would rather have the opportunity to spend the next couple of years with your child until they get — if that was your choice — until they get into primary school.

“You’re now trapped in that job because if you leave, you lose your health insurance. Now you’ll be able to do — make an independent choice. Do you want to stay in that job and still have health insurance, or do you want to — I mean, do you want to stay in that job, even though you can get health insurance absent that job? And it gives women a great deal more freedom.”

Biden called Obamacare a “life-changing” experience that gives people “peace of mind.”

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Bill Elliott
6 years ago

3-1-14 Wake up America. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I suspect that nothing will change until “average Jane and Joe” wake up one morning to find: no food in the grocery store, no gas at the pump, and no electricity to light the golden arches marquis. To date, these unthinkable “what-ifs” have yet to happen. But don’t hold your breath. These are the kinds of crises it takes to get peoples attention. In the mean time, Washington will babble, Sacramento will wobble, and North Dakota will prosper from hard working people who are willing to do something useful with their… Read more »

Bev Gus
6 years ago

Our Vice President is nuts – -as well as the President…How can people keep on voting in such idiots ..what is wrong with our country. GOD help us!

6 years ago

My husband would be glad for one of those dead end jobs right now! It’s not just about the health insurance. It’s also about supporting yourself, and the income from even a dead end job would be better than no income at all. I would be glad to take a dead end job myself! We are tired of having no income of our own. It’s not enough, and we hate having no income of our own!

6 years ago

His mouth is moving but nothing is coming out…Just what job is this moron qualified to do?
The advice he gives to poor single parents to quit their dead-end jobs is outrageous!! He reminds
me of the parents who gave their depressed teen-aged son a gun for Christmas and then
became surprised when he used the gun to kill himself. The psychiatrist who treated the boy
realized it was the parents that needed more treatment! They were blinded by self-righteousness
and were morally unfit to be parents!! Biden is not qualified to give anyone advice- much like his boss!

6 years ago


John Roland
6 years ago

These two are a match made in heaven . Obama picks Biden so he can move with his program to strip this nation of its superior. Joe talks, people listen because he is entertaining . How this man was elected to several terms as a senator is beyond me. He takes the heat as a distraction so Obama can re-shuffle the deck while everyone is looking at jos hand . UNREAL! Is this really happening to us?

6 years ago

Biden is a simple-minded moroon!!! Doesn’t anyone ever..somewhere..anywhere filter his speak in a public forum? He should never be allowed out of the boobie-hatch…known in some circles (liberals) as the White House! What a clown!

Gail Butler
6 years ago

Joe Biden is a total idiot!!

6 years ago

Let us not criticize the mentally deficient. Biden epitomizes the wasting of the brain due to Progressive’s Disease.

6 years ago

At 66 years old, I supervise a Learning Center in a non-government school. My mission is to try to counter some of the anti-American, anti-Constitution propaganda disseminated by the liberals who are at the helm of our “Ship of State”. These pirates have hoodwinked the dumbed-down public, taken over the colleges by means of using the liberties bought and paid for by the hard work … and even the blood … of generations of patriots who fought for this once-free country that is now being hijacked by these bozos! The educational system has had billions upon billions of dollars pumped… Read more »

6 years ago

quit working because of obama care, it will be more like bankruptcy. This program is
all garbage.

6 years ago

The show The View, is a one way view. Biden is a major joke alone with Hillary. I did read the book((( Culture of Corruption))))).
Democrats are making kids believe somebody owes them, and thinking it’s okay for people to come to the government for their needs.

B.J. Weisse
6 years ago

We have an administration that is so in over their heads, which would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. It would make a great comedy act and everybody could play themselves. We wouldn’t have to have actors. Somehow we have to get rid of these inept people. I told Scott Garrett on his town hall meeting via phone, that the main guy that has to go is Harry Reid. He has tabled 12 House bills, no looking them over, and certainly no votes. And they call us (republicans) obstructionists. I told Mr. Garrett he not only controls the Senate,… Read more »

Nick Hallinan
6 years ago

I have been watching the liberal democrats pulling there crap for over 50 years. I have been trying to inform all that know me about this. They just thought I was a wacko. We’ll now most of what I have been warning has come true. The democrats have been dumbing down our kids for so long that now all they think about is their iphone, video game or just themselves. Now the druggies of the 60’s are in charge in DC and most of the states. And where are the Republicans? Except for a few are hiding under their desks.… Read more »

Terri G
6 years ago

Mr. Biden is the personification of the Democratic Party mascot—- a Jackass! I was on welfare because my dead beat ex refused to support our 3 children , who were 2,4 &, 6 yrs of age at the time,the 2 year old has Cerebral Palsy; so the family court judge told me to apply for” Aid for Dependent Children”. Back in the 60’s welfare was a lot different then it is today. I had to account for every penny . As soon as my daughter (my 2 year old) was old enough to go to school I pushed to be… Read more »

Lou Sylvestri
6 years ago

You gotta be kiddin!

Everette Burk
6 years ago

God help us, it just seems to get worse, they have no clue at all.

Ginny R
6 years ago

It would ave been nice for the video clip to support the headline.

Daryl L Hunter
6 years ago

Oh thats great, that way they can choose a lifetime of poverty as my mother did. Sure there were 5 kids in my broken family, California sent my mom to school and she kept going until all the kids were out of the home. After my mom received her masters degree she got a job driving a cab. The state should have cut her off after she got her AA degree so her kids could have lived above the poverty line. Oh she remained a dedicated liberal voter which was the goal of those handing out the free stuff but… Read more »

Glen Saunders
6 years ago

This guy doesn’t even belong on our planet let alone our government. His asinine comments concerning shotguns was bad enough. Now he encourages single Mom’s to quit work? Who’s going to feed her kids? Public assistance? Welfare? Who will make her insurance payments? Where in hell did you find Biden? I want an exterminator to visit the ground you pulled him out of just in case there are more sprouting……Unbelievable!!

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