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Biden Set to Provide Amnesty & Reparations to Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Deported Under Trump

illegal immigrants

Joe Biden is set to agree to a plan to provide amnesty and repatriations to over 1,000 illegal immigrants previously deported under President Trump.

The Biden administration is currently involved in active settlement negotiations with the ACLU, who is representing deported illegal immigrant parents and their children, who have remained in America, in Ms. L v. ICE.

Under Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy, illegal immigrant parents were prosecuted and deported, and their children were placed in Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) custody, separating them. However, the federal immigration policy of family separation has existed to various degrees in America since at least 2001. To quote a 2016 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opinion, “Before 2001, families apprehended for entering the United States illegally were most often released rather than detained because of a limited amount of family bed space; families who were detained had to be housed separately, splitting up parents and children.”

As part of the settlement, the ACLU is demanding that the Biden administration provide amnesty to over 1,000 illegal immigrants that were separated by Trump’s policies and provide taxpayer-funded reparations and social services to them and their children. To quote the lead attorney in the case, Lee Gelernt, “The ACLU is in settlement negotiations with the Biden administration to provide full relief to the thousands of separated families, not just reunification in the U.S. but permanent status, compensation and social services. We are hopeful this will get done, and we will continue to pressure the Biden administration to move as quickly as possible.”

Aside from likely providing amnesty and reparations to these thousands of illegal immigrants, Biden has already provided aid and comfort to countless other illegal immigrants. On Biden’s first day in office, he ended the “remain in Mexico” policy that was established under President Trump. By no longer requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their American court hearings to take place, Biden is allowing for illegal immigrants to disregard American laws and avoid their court hearings while remaining in the country. What incentive does an illegal immigrant have to show up to a court hearing if they receive the same treatment, regardless as to whether or not they show up? 

On Biden’s first day in office, his administration also issued a 100-day moratorium on nearly all deportations of illegal immigrants. Luckily, the move was blocked by a federal judge just days after Biden announced the moratorium. To quote U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, who ruled against Biden’s moratorium, “The Defendants do not cite, and the Court cannot find, other instances in which any government agency paused its essential duties and tasks for 100 days to reassess its priorities.” While Biden may not have been successful at implementing his deportation moratorium, Biden has already shot down deportations of illegal immigrants to the lowest level in American history. This comes at a time when illegal border crossings at America’s southern border have spiked to the highest level in 20 years.

The costs of Biden’s disastrous border policies are astronomical. To begin, Biden’s administration recently spent $86 million on a contract to provide hotel rooms to around 1,200 illegal immigrants in Texas and Arizona for six months. Biden’s administration is also estimated to be spending at least $60 million per week on migrant child detention centers alone. There are currently over 16,000 illegal migrant children being held in the Department of Health and Human Services facilities. The average cost of caring for each child in these facilities is $290 per day. Since illegal migrant children are held in HHS facilities for an average of 31 days before they are released to a family member or sponsor, Biden’s administration is spending approximately $8,990 to care for each illegal migrant child that they hold at HHS detention facilities. In contrast, the federal government spends just $1,100 per student on K-12 education for Americans each year.

As a result of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which was signed into law by Biden back in March, upwards of 2 million illegal immigrants with over 1 million U.S.-born dependent children were eligible to receive stimulus checks. This means that illegal immigrants received up to $4.38 billion in cash payments from the federal government, thanks to Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress. Did you even receive a stimulus check? Countless illegal immigrants sure did, and they did so at the expense of your tax dollars.

Biden has also proposed the largest amnesty bill in U.S. history. The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 would legalize somewhere between 11 million and 22 million illegal immigrants and provide taxpayer-funded flights back into America to illegal immigrants deported by President Trump but not convicted of a felony so that they can obtain amnesty too.

Biden and his administration are not simply ignoring the crisis at America’s southern border. They are creating and enabling it. The only way to hold the Biden administration responsible for their border crisis is at the ballot box. Elect conservatives in 2021 & 2022 that will enact sensible immigration policies and never support candidates from either party that do not believe in the importance of American border security.

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Victoria Johnson
4 months ago

The intention of the Biden administration is to give the illegals amnesty and have them firmly ensconced as ‘citizens’ and /or eligible voters before 2022 so that we won’t have the ability to vote them out or overturn any of their unlawful actions in regards to actual immigration law. The Democraps filed lawsuits against EVERY executive order or action Trump signed before the ink was even dry. Our side doesn’t even verbally contest anything this out of control administration is doing let alone actually institute legal action to stop it. How do they expect to stay in office at all after H R 1 and S 1 are passed?

4 months ago

fCould it possibly be that this is yet another means by which the current administration is seeking to pack the voter base with “friends” they have bailed out, helped, funded, petted and fed…..after all, if someone does all this “good” for you, would you vote for them? Never mind if you are legal or not. Never mind if you do or do not know, understand, believe in, or honor this nation. All those folks, entering this nation outside of the law, are, in time, potential voters……they will be the grease on the gears that speed the demise of this nation…..hide and watch. D.P.

4 months ago

This CS needs to go.

Blaine Dellecker
4 months ago

if you are here illegally, any child brought here or born here should also be illegal !!! try to get into china or iraq illegally and see what happens to you, probablly death. if anyone deserves reparations it is the american indians for everything that was taken from them. stop giving all our money away, we cant afford it anymore. our dollar is deteriorating by all the debt and interest on the debt. our kids need to be taught economics not the woke culture. no-one is telleing our kids how much all this crap is costing us, especially the future taxes out of thier paychecks or already retired people and retirement plans..wake up people, none of this is free

4 months ago

We as Americans should not be “footing” the bill for illegals, we have our own people to help, of which many times we don’t, i.e. the homeless. The US should have a policy like Japan, in Japan you can immigrate there but you aren’t given any rights and the path to citizenship could take years and sometimes never! If you have children born to immigrate parents in Japan, those children are not automatically Japanese citizens. Immigrates in Japan can’t work, do not receive any government help, children are not automatically citizens, children can’t attend school, etc. The American people better wake up and realize that our freedoms are being trampled in favor of the illegals by the Puppet in the White House and his administration.

4 months ago

I thought ACLU was AMERICAN civil liberties union. Guess these illegals ARE Americans. Aren’t there illegals from Middle East, etc coming in? Let’s just keep inviting Hamas, etc to sneak in and we will protect and serve them with our tax dollars.

4 months ago

It is one thing to come into this country as a legal immigrant, not sure was Bidens underlying agenda for illegals is, but American citizens should not be footing the bill for this anti-American Agenda period! Smells of corruption!

4 months ago

Out of Control Spending and Open Borders, What could go wrong? Economic crash coming soon.

Joey Mize
4 months ago

This process is known in other countries as stacking the deck. Placing or allowing large numbers of non-citizens to overwhelm the system in order to build a majority. It is a very political move that often forces natives, true citizens who built the country or state to move out and leave an empty shell of a country to those who have been imported. Then the new gov’t. is fully replaced once a couple of very questionable elections are over, and the new guys change all the rules going forward. Sounds kind of familiar huh? all at the taxpayer expense, then the next thing you see is business leaving, jobs disappearing, schools being closed “no one to attend”, churches closed, and the place eventually becomes a slum because there is no one to keep it up. who would want to??? The new official Gov’t. of foreigners runs this new country just as it was where they came from. NO BETTER.
The new country becomes such a burden that the Federal authorities have to take over and there you have the rest of the story,, Communism or Socialism at its best. We are about half way there folks, ya might should grab a condensed copy of the manifesto in English and or Spanish and start reading up on what it is all about. and while your at it grab AGENDA 21,,, it is even bleaker. We have managed to allow a soft coup to occur and it is going to be a difficult MONSTER to put back into the bottle now.
chaos is just around the corner folks,, this gas crisis thing has a real bad smell to it. .like it was an under the table deal??? to jump start the takeover Federal oversight at every turn. I see a well thought out plan here that did not just happen 2 weeks ago. it has been years in the making and now they are in place to implement the NEW WORLD ORDER.I am not really worried that much about the people in the new fake oval office, I am scared to death of the ones that are behind them and have yet to reveal themselves. They are running the show and have been for a few years, at least 8 now. But it takes cash to implement huge plans like this , payoffs and under the table deals and buying people and elections etc. etc. This is a runaway train and we won’t stop it at the ballot box. Many have died trying to open this, to show the truth way back when, well they are gone now, the new leaders we can’t see could not afford to let them live. I will begin with only one name, I believe he was honest and saw the plan as it was being devised. No one who was such a capable hands on boat owner would have ever drowned like he did. William Colby once head of the CIA was highly comfortable with water sports. He lived on the water and died there near his home. I have never been convinced it was just an accident. Many others have been sacrificed in order to maintain this current takeover. Make no mistake there are 3 who are deeply involved that won’t go away because they are the driving tip of this spear, BC, HC, and OB. in bed with the CCP for years now. This Hunter Biden kid was just a new upcoming teen when these people were PLACED in power 12 15 years ago, he has been groomed to do their bidding as have so many others.

RED DAWN ? HEARTLAND a film about what is happening now. who would have thought.

4 months ago
Reply to  Joey Mize

I totally agree with you Joey Mize. This is deeper than anyone can imagine, people better wake up. Look up Agenda 2030, it says we will “All be so Happy!” The “virus” was predicted in 2015, how did they know in 2015 that there would be a virus “pandemic” in 2020? It was all planned.

Victoria Johnson
4 months ago
Reply to  DebS

The virus didn’t just spontaneously come into being in the Fall of 2019. The Chinese had been working on it for several years with the help and benefit of U S funding through Anthony Fauci and other Americans. I believe a contingent of Democraps traveled to China in the Fall of 2019 to discuss how to defeat Trump in 2020. He had to be stopped by any means possible. I believe they decided at that time to release the ‘nuclear’ option, the deadly corona virus they had been workng on. They may have even had a vaccine to administer to those present, and other important people in China, to make sure it would not affect any of them. At any rate, the Chinese would have no qualms about losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of peons in their own country. Chinese citizens are the property of the state and completely expendable. Releasing the virus upon the world was a deliberate act, NOT an ‘accident’.

Victoria Johnson
4 months ago
Reply to  Joey Mize

Another forboding film – “Arlington Road”.

Jim D.
4 months ago

What’s friggin wrong with our Republican party these days??? Biden’s job #1 is protecting our borders!!! Why have we not filed articles of impeachment against this ass-clown for refusing to do his constitutional duty? I’m really stumped on all this! If you don’t do your job…..your FIRED!!!
THAT’S IT! They impeached Donald Trump…TWICE! Simply because they didn’t like him!

Geraldine McGann
4 months ago
Reply to  Jim D.

Impeachment starts in the House, so until we get Pelosi out as Speaker (hopefully in 2022) it is a non-starter. We also need a majority in both House & Senate, and/or some fed up moderate Democrats.

4 months ago

Instead of the United States paying reparations to ILLEGALS, we should demand that they reimburse the Treasury of the United States for all the TAXPAYER money it cost the United States to board, feed, transport and protect them while here ILLEGALLY!!!

4 months ago

Turns out there is a difference between reparations (in the title of the article) and repatriation (in the first paragraph.) Duh.

4 months ago

Biden is an idiot. He does not belong in our WH! The people who are currently running this country are determined to destroy America as we know it. Impeach, impeach, impeach!!!

Geraldine McGann
4 months ago
Reply to  Barb

Impeachment starts in the House, so until Pelosi is no longer Speaker (2022!), it is a non-starter.

David B.
4 months ago

This crazy man and his fellows traitors must be stopped somehow!

David P Nelson
4 months ago

Are you kidding me!?! Where has intelligent, logical thinking gone?

4 months ago
Reply to  David P Nelson

Biden and his people are MORONS! No doubt about it…..

4 months ago

That no good for nothing is destroying the United States.

Kathy Bowman
4 months ago
Reply to  James

I agree with you 100%.

4 months ago

aclu ~ pffft. Another snakey commie group that supports any subersive causes it can find.

Nancy Arnett
4 months ago

Mr Biden and other rich Democrats that support all of this illegal immigration instead of American citizens and want to promote their political agenda – Why don’t YOU fly some ILLEGALS in and YOU pay for their housing, food, and healthcare? Enough IS enough!!!

4 months ago
Reply to  Nancy Arnett

My thoughts have been to fly the illegals to Biden’s houses in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware or to Nancy’s home town and she can give them some of that $12/gallon ice cream she brags about. Or make room for them in the WH. Let the Puppet, the Hyena, the Clintons and the Obamas pay for the illegals that they love so much.

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