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Biden Sells Oil to China – Big Questions


The Biden Administration, already in left field on energy, spending, and national security – is now headed into the bleachers. Having amputated US fossil fuel production (60 percent of power grid), then (unsuccessfully) begged Mideast allies for oil, they tapped the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (reserved for national crises), and we NOW learn they are selling oil to China.

You are probably thinking, with me:  Let me get this right…Biden reversed US energy independence, consciously drove up prices for heating oil and gas, tapped oil reserved for national security (reserve now low), and today is selling that oil to China – AND to a company in which his son has interests?

If writing a script for Hollywood on the take-down of America, punishing us from within, hammering average people, empowering enemies to gain from our pain, endangering national security by syphoning reserves and selling them to China – plus a company tied to the president’s son, movie producers would say, “Nah, too unrealistic.”  No “Manchurian Candidate 2.0.”

Truth is, most of this is incompetence, arrogance, pro-socialism, anti-free market naïveté, and blithely imperceptive, elitist, out-of-touch leadership – not an intent to crater America, but the outcome is the same, dangerous.

Americans are starting to speak out and – from liberal, center, and right – saying: Stop this insanity, get back to basics, empower and protect those who elected you, not Communist nation.

Last week, Republican members of Congress sought an end to the sanity, a return to rule of law, free market economics, supply-and-demand – not government mandates, overspending, market distortions for climate Nirvana.

After all, China produces 27 percent of the world’s pollution, while suppressing 20 percent of the world’s population. The US produces 11 percent of emissions. How endangering America by selling oil we do not have to Communist China helps anyone – except China – is a mystery.

But Republicans pushed harder, because Americans deserve answers. They want an accounting, an understanding of why this is happening. “More than five million barrels of oil released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve have been diverted to European and Asian nations instead of U.S. refiners,” says Reuters, using data from the Biden Administration. The question is, why?

Wrote House Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Cathy McMorris Rodgers: “The American people deserve answers as to why our emergency energy reserves are being sent to foreign adversaries like the Chinese Communist Party, compromising our energy security and national security…President Biden needs to remember that our strategic energy reserves are for emergencies, not to cover-up bad policies.”

She added, “America needs to flip the switch and increase our capacity to produce and refine oil here at home…Now is not the time to use our strategic stockpile.” She made clear this issue is not vanishing, and bluntly asked: “

“What do they have to hide?”

Her inference – that all is not “above board” – is supported by facts and logic. For whatever reason, the Biden team is endangering the wider US economy, average Americans’ wellbeing, and our national security in obvious ways, catering to China while reducing our own preparation for a major crisis.

Today, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is indefensibly low, with no replenishment on the horizon. It has fallen 492 million barrels, lowest level since more than 35 years – and it is 20 percent lower today than before Biden’s release of oil in late November. 

In the end, big questions demand big answers. How and when will Biden and the Democrats restore America’s energy independence? How will they bring down energy-driven inflation? How will they replace – in immediate outyears – tens of thousands of US jobs lost in energy? How will they replenish the strategic oil reserve? How will they prepare to confront China? How do they defend selling precious American oil to the Chinese, as oil and gas go sky high? And how do they justify selling it to a Chinese company toed to Biden’s son? 

Other than that, we are all good, right? “Other than that, Mr. Lincoln, how was the play?” Oh, one last question: What are all those Democrats going to do when American vote in droves, and sweep them out next November? That is for them to answer. Meantime, sanity must return.

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Paul M Marquardt
2 months ago

I would like to share a link to this article around the internet, but not with all the poor grammar, poor punctuation, and typos.
That stuff just causes people to ignore the information within.

Gerald Burns
2 months ago

How much is the Biden family still collecting from the ccp ? Has hunter got his hands on fentanyl now with china and the cartel? When this great nation was young you know traitors were shot or hung. In my mind either fine.

2 months ago

How. many presidents sit in prison today? Where is Hillary? Biden will not be arrested for his actions nor will Hunter. There may be a little ripple in the “force”but the swamp is wide and deep with many rat holes for escape.

Charles Mitchell
2 months ago

Our current administration is in fact a traitor to our country’s heritage and to the country’s health in fact and a majority of conservatives I believe would agree. Even many of the democratic socialists would agree but do nothing to stop the destruction of our country. Our congress should take some responsibility to our heritage and the oath of office they swore to. This insanity and further enriching our Executive Office from Chinese and Ukraine interests must stop!

2 months ago

i wish biden would do as much for America as he does for ALL OF OUR ENEMIES! Americans need to visit our government’s customer service desk, return biden and get their money back.

2 months ago

Just another nail in our coffin, Biden armed the terrorists in Afghanistan with the finest military equipment that’s on the planet, now he’s giving the communists everything that they need, to successfully walk right in, and take over this country, leaving us with nothing to fight back with.

Ken Hall
2 months ago

Insanity rules on every front in the Biden Regime.

Richard Cummings
2 months ago

China owns he entire Biden family.

2 months ago

Our country has, as experts estimate, over 400 plus years of oil and gas under our feet! These criminals in government are insane. The People Are The Government and Sovereign.

2 months ago

Kruschev furiously banged his shoe on the table at the UN and promised the communists would not have to lift a finger to take over America because it would fall from within. Marxists printed their manifesto and proclaimed that the way to their success was through our children. We scoffed and turned a blind eye. There is a solution… 2 Chronicles 7:14 (I always ‘see’ the “if” in bold all caps). ps How many angels will it take to throw Satan into the pit? One.

Robert Zuccaro
2 months ago

He’s not called the “Big Guy” for nothing… seems I remember a time not so long ago when political corruption was both investigated by Justice and reported on by the media.

2 months ago

Biden did not Legally get his Office
He was NOT Voted in by the Number of Votes. He was INSTALLED by An ILLEGALLY Opperated Counting System that was MANIPULATED by CRIMINALS within the USA and by ENEMIES of the USA , Who were Outside the USA but Now are also inside the USA because Biden HOLDS THE DOOR OPEN FOR THEM

Joseph Gabriele
2 months ago

One individual can harm another individual in only two ways: accidentally or deliberately.

What so many seem to miss is that these destructive acts are not failures of the Socialists but, rather, necessary parts of the plan to destroy any and all vestiges of Individual Rights on Earth.

Indeed, they have convinced or coerced billions of people into thinking of themselves primarily as members of a class and not as the unique Individuals they truly are.

John D. Beach
2 months ago

The policies of the current administration are, incomprehensibly, uninformed if the constitutional purposes of providing for the common defense, promoting the general welfare and ensuring domestic tranquility are considered to be obligations of those who are elected to legislate and enforce the rule of law for the benefit of the American citizenry. Provably, they do not and this is sufficient cause for impeachment and removal from office. Democrats, meanwhile, will exercise the right of arrogant ignorance and partisan discretion in order to avoid having to demonstrate some semblance of objectivity with respect to the rule of law. They are, fundamentally, lawless as their choices do not fulfill constitutional purposes.

2 months ago
Reply to  John D. Beach

You are a gracious person…but is not incomprehensible…it is deliberate.

2 months ago

News today stated that state of California is going to pass a law that will ban building future gas stations in the state. They figure that well make USA go green faster. What is plan to create the additional electricity that will be required for electric cars. Does California have excess power grid & will they be energy efficient without fossil fuels in the future.

Tara Blood
2 months ago

Biden has no right to sell our oil reserves…our reserves…the People of the United States reserves. Stop him Congress!

2 months ago

I think I know the answer: but does President Biden have the power (EO) to take all the oil he wants out of Reserve without approval of Congress?? Cannot remember what happened during Trump term, but he also dipped into Reserve for a short term with EOrder.

2 months ago

Our oil reserve should never be used to export oil to other countries, it is there for an USA national crisis. What is Biden planning to do: Will he empty the oil reserves & then leave it for the next administration to refill ??? What is he thinking & why would he do this which increases inflation & will make the USA vulnerable to future crisis. Come on Man !!!!!

Cheryl Pokorny
2 months ago

Biden says we need to convert to green energy and get electric cars. Well, tell me one thing, I got a notice from my electric company today and our rate is going up from 9:62 per kWh to 16.98! It usually goes down in the spring, but not this year. I’m no rocket scientist, but how can that be good?

2 months ago

The problem- no one person should have the power to make decisions like this without approval from Congress. Truth be known the oil belongs to the American public not a bunch of Washington bureaucrats. Remember Washington does not have or make money without our taxes. Everything in Washington belongs to the tax paying citizens of America. The Biden Administration has no right to sell anything to anybody without consent.

Lisa Skinner
2 months ago
Reply to  Lloyd

Absolutely agree! It is our money they use in ways which we should have a say over and Biden sending our oil to China is absolutely criminal !

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