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Biden Scolds Americans – Bad Strategy


Biden’s misuse of facts, overpromising, and underdelivering only gets worse weekly.

Biden sells analog as digital takes over. More accurately, Biden sells fear of Omicron, accusing Americans who refuse the vaccine of imperiling the nation, terrifying them with loose data, reducing them to Clinton’s famous “deplorables.” Is that leadership? Inspire trust, move the needle? No, it infuriates.

Last week, contradicting leading experts, Biden talked on the severity of Omicron, which readily transfers but appears less severe than past variants. Biden scolded Americans who – for health, personal or religious reasons – do not choose to take the mandated vaccination. Is that how we do things? Is it how we ever have?  

His scolding comes as the Supreme Court looks at his highly questionable OSHA-penalty plan, a leveraging of federal coercion against employers, pushing them to force the vaccination on employees, or the employer faces a federal fine or worse.

The notion of, in effect, criminalizing through the administrative process, turning to coercive power, to press an outcome with which many disagree, some on moral terms, some on constitutional, is without recent precedent. It is also another slap at the Constitution.

All that said, Biden continues to turn up the heat, making employers and employees sweat, instilling fear. Beyond blurring Omicron and Delta data, he presses the case that we must expect a “winter of ..death.” Is that shrill “gotta do it” message going to work? Should we live in fear? See, e.g., White House ripped for doomsday winter message of ‘severe illness and death’ for unvaccinated people.

If good health is desirable, the objective cannot be achieved at the cost of states’ rights, individual rights, and employers’ rights, all textually vested in the Constitution, 1st through 10th Amendments. To eviscerate the Constitution and Her guarantees – is to lose the forest for the trees.

So, what is the truth? The truth is Omicron is highly transmissible, as every doctor says, and it also seems to be less virulent, although individuals are different. Two shots for Delta may – or may not – reduce vulnerability to Omicron, effects, or severity. The jury is out, and wide speculation is in.

Biden’s misuse of facts, overpromising, and underdelivering only gets worse weekly. He promised 150 million at-home test kits, 500 million to come. That promise, as most Americans know, is just fairy dust. People have not gotten kits timely, not gotten them period, stood in long lines, kits unavailable.

Even the liberal news outlets admit the promise was empty, operational side bad as the Afghanistan withdrawal, poorly planned, poorly executed, surrounded by fear. Excuses are plentiful but don’t cut it. See, e.g., Biden is dogged by a testing shortage he had vowed to fix;  Drugstores struggle to keep Covid at-home tests in stock as omicron rages across U.S.; EXPLAINER: Where are the COVID-19 tests that Biden promised?; The United States badly bungled coronavirus testing—but things may soon improve.

Those who get kits, including this cautious citizen, learn from the test they are “negative” only to discover they are afflicted with something that surely looks like Omicron, down to the last symptom.

Why? Because questions swirl around viral effects, whether kits pick up Omicron. Apparently, a high percentage of those tested – including those with vaccines – appear to show up negative. What does that mean? Tests may be hard to calibrate, vaccines imperfect. That is life. Do not sell fear or uncertain options on a promise of certainty. Again, even liberal media know the score. See, e.g.,  FDA in update says 2 COVID-19 tests fail to detect the omicron variant; Emerging Data Raise Questions About Antigen Tests and Nasal Swabs.

Net-net, simple truth:  There is a great deal about this virus and the cross-application of vaccines to various strains that we do not know. The original and variants come – like all new viruses – with lots of footnotes, asterisks, and reservations. What do good leaders do? He or she says so and talks the truth. 

Those who sell fear of Omicron on the Delta data, certainty in the face of uncertainty, or vaccine and test kit effectiveness for Omicron – which is spreading widely – on facts stretching truth disserve us.  

Since we are not deplorables, not deserving of federal vilification – especially by a listless, inarticulate, aging public servant – the better way would be to assume Americans are smart, intuitive, relatively logical, and can deal with the truth. We get gray, so don’t school us in black and white.

In the end, President Biden seems not to respect the data his own CDC and clinical assessments around the world are producing. He seems intent on selling vaccines for Omicron, based on fears of Delta and the original, humanly engineered stain. Is that political, desperate, misguided? Very possibly.

Bottom line: I got the two vaccines, am healthy. I also likely got Omicron, recovered, and am fine. Should people look at all the data? Yes. Assess effectiveness based on what we know? Yes. Consider their own conditions, convictions, and conscience? Yes. Consult their own doctor? Yes. But trust, not fear, is the currency of persuasion, the golden ticket, the way to win fights while respecting rights.

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2 days ago

I’m sure that biden and his regime are trying to come up with some way to use their tests to determine who will be put in their concentration camps and who won’t. When they get this rule all worked out then they will roll out and push the testing

2 days ago

Nice article to start but runs on to long.

3 days ago

And when is the dumbass going to realize that those of us that have had covid have way better immunity than those phony poison ‘jabs’ give anyone. We need to get his sorry dementia ridden ass out of the white house….and the cackling ho too.

3 days ago
Reply to  granny26

Have heart as the midterms are later this year. Then hopefully the new Congress will do just that. After that, make Kackala so frustrated that she will resign or be impeached, then McCarthy, Jordan or whoever becomes speaker will be in charge. That should give us something to look forward to.

12 hours ago
Reply to  granny26

You go Granny!!!!!! Love it.

Michael J Cotrell
3 days ago

.Biden is a total waste of skin and a MORON besides!!

Rich C
3 days ago

Fear is what it’s all about! And who in their right mind can believe anything this pretender is saying? Biden is NOT a doctor OR researcher. Why do so many people put their faith in this government mouthpiece? This government folks won’t save you and is NOT looking out for your personal safety or well being. If they were, they would innoculate everyone that crosses the border and would not allow those who are infected to enter under ANY circumstances. There is FAR more to this jab (and what is going on in this government) than is apparent. If nothing else, do the math, just follow the money. Look at what they have said from the beginning and how the dialog has changed. Are these experimental “vaccinations” really saving us even with the boosters? Think people! Do your own research.

3 days ago

Once again the use of off label generics are being ignored. Why can’t we learn from the results in India? The use of ivermectin is well documented. The death rate overall in India is less than half the death rate in the US. Take politics and big business out of medicine!

3 days ago

Sadly, Biden has become the old grumpy guy down the street that yells at everyone to “get off my lawn”. As a result, everyone is pretty much ignoring him and his “proclamations”.

Rich C
3 days ago
Reply to  FedUp

I don’t think it is “sadly” that we are ignoring him. It is common sense. If you hear the wrong information long enough, you ignore it, for your own good.

Howard MacKinnon
3 days ago

Anyone that had a COLD since 2020 had covid & now has natural immunity. Remember, covid has 99+% recovery rate.

3 days ago

Buy-dent himself is perfect PROOF that the election was stolen by his cabal friends. Just so he could call himself POTUS!

3 days ago
Reply to  Duane

Actually that should be PINOOTUS, President in Name Only of the United States

3 days ago

Screw Biden and his entier administration. And while your at it, screw all the democrat, communist bastards too!

3 days ago

Jackass Joe must think that everyone is as dumb as he is! . . . But guess what? . . . Only the idiots that voted for him are!

5 days ago

He hates America and it’s people. Shame on the people who voted this incompetent idiot into office. I hope they are happy we are the laughing stock of the world.

Steven H
5 days ago

He acts more and more like a dictator. He does nothing but show contempt for America.

5 days ago
Reply to  Steven H

Yes , this clown and his marxist democrat party hate America, they lie and destroy this Great Country!
They must GO

W. Moseley
6 days ago

The old heathen wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face!!

Jocie Taylor
6 days ago

Right now I think we need a hero right this minute to take over and get rid of the idiocy

6 days ago

Covid is now a political tool to push mail in ballots so Dems don’t lose control of Congress in the midterm election.

6 days ago
Reply to  Oz


5 days ago
Reply to  Oz

But the facts and science show that omnicron is less lethal and already starting to lessen.
Another joebama and democrat lie is being exposed!

6 days ago

Stupidity in high places. A dangerous situation.

6 days ago

Phaq Biden

Allan E Brem
6 days ago

Every day the democrats are making me feel more like Basah Adaba’s wife. Embarrassing as all get out!

7 days ago

Someone please get this a-hole outta here.

2 days ago
Reply to  Karen

Let’s go Brandon

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