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Biden Says Kids Belong to Their Teachers

President Joe Biden shakes hands with President of the National Education Association (NEA) Becky Pringle at the NEA 2021 Virtual Representation Assembly.

Schools are becoming indoctrination factories, trying to turn children against their country and their own parents’ values. It’s what the teachers unions intend.

Amazingly, that’s just fine with President Joe Biden, who told a gathering of teachers and union bigwigs on April 27 that the kids are “yours when they’re in the classroom.” That wasn’t just a Biden stumble. He repeated it for emphasis: “They are all our children…They are not somebody else’s children.”

Sorry, Joe. But parents have a right to know what their children are being taught, and to set limits. State legislators in at least 12 states have introduced bills requiring teachers to post teaching materials, including books and videos, on a website for parents to inspect before their kids see them.

Good teachers will have no problem with that. But ideologically driven teachers, as well as the unions, are fighting back. That includes Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers. As she launched Teacher Appreciation Week — and most teachers do deserve our appreciation — Weingarten smeared classroom transparency requests as the work of political “extremists.”

Concerned parents are not political extremists, but Biden is joining the attack against transparency, parroting the unions. He and most Democrats in Congress are teachers union flunkies. Democrats delivered hundreds of billions in COVID relief to school districts, including $46 billion to teach critical race theory. By the way, that included $9 billion for CRT in New York schools.

Biden also kowtowed to the unions to prolong school closings and masking, and then allowed the unions to dictate what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would require to reopen schools.

As a candidate, Biden vowed to end federal support for charter schools, and his new regulations have that obvious intent — another obsequious gesture to the unions.

Weingarten and National Education Association President Rebecca Pringle probably have more power in the Biden administration than any senator or cabinet member. That would be fine if they were wielding their clout to ensure children acquire strong reading and math skills. But that’s not their agenda.

The American Federation of Teachers website shows the union is more committed to political activism than reading and STEM instruction. The site urges visitors to “take action” on student debt, voting rights and passing the Equality Act. But it never mentions that fewer than half of New York City’s third to eighth graders can read at grade level. Or that, overall, students in the U.S. rank behind many other countries in math. No call to action there.

The AFT website also declares that the U.S. is facing health, economic and racial challenges “all made worse because of Donald Trump.” How can the 74 million people who voted for Trump in 2020 entrust their children’s education to an organization so politically biased?

Joining the unions to fight a parent’s right to know is none other than the Democratic Party. No surprise. The unions give 94% of their money to Democratic candidates and parties, according to data-tracking nonprofit Open Secrets.

Tit for tat. Democrats are demonizing Republicans who support curriculum transparency. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) calls them “mean, hateful and spiteful.” Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. says Republicans will be forced “to own the meanness.” Meanness for what? Keeping discussions of sex out of elementary school classrooms?

Murphy lamely predicts Republicans backing curriculum transparency will lose because “it’s just not true that it’s popular to pick on gay kids. That’s a willful distortion.

Truth is, no one advocates bullying gay kids. All children deserve kindness. But that doesn’t mean kindergarteners should be instructed in how boys can transition to become girls, or vice versa. Nearly half of teachers agree these issues don’t belong in the classroom, according to an Education Week poll.

Biden often jokes that he sleeps with a teachers union member — the same one — every night: First Lady Jill Biden. Cute, but he shouldn’t sell out to the rest. Parents care more than anyone else about their own children. They should decide what schools teach, not the far-left ideologues running the teachers unions.

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and author of “The Next Pandemic,” available at Follow her on Twitter @Betsy_McCaughey.


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Craig Driver
4 months ago

The Democratic Party has been infiltrated by the Communist Party USA, which explains their love affair with the Chinese Communist Party and their hatred of our Constitutional Republic.

Dennis Templeton
4 months ago

No student belongs to any so called teacher,The Democratic Party belongs to SATAN.
People need to wake up or country will be gone while they are sleeping!

Rich C
4 months ago

Too bad Biden “belongs” to us.

4 months ago

Like Hell they do Go Brandon

4 months ago

Pedo Joe is at it again. You taught your son well

4 months ago

Pedo Joe is at it again, now you know where his son gets it from

Protect Our Freedom
4 months ago

Right out of the communist manifesto.
Why do parents still have their children in school? Home school Your children or start a co-op school.

4 months ago

Trench coat Biden is sick and out of his mind crazy

R. corcoran
4 months ago

We all got to get it together. like they did in the fifties and early sixties and vote these socialists out of here if the unions have to go so be it their time has run out to.

4 months ago

Children belong only to their parents or legal guardians. Teachers are to teach reading, writing, the proven sciences, the arts, and documented history. US schools are failing miserably teaching those subjects. Any attempt to teach other things must require written parental consent at an appropriate age. I am thankful that my children are grown

Will Smith
4 months ago

Wow unbelievable how the he thinks he’s gonna change the way children get taught in school, they are not his kids or the schools , and that goes against the constitution also . Biden is a traitor of the American people and should be in prison for treason.

Rich C
4 months ago
Reply to  Will Smith

I second that motion!

4 months ago

Biden is a pandering old fool with no moral compass. He is a suck up to what ever group, organization or ideology he is “speaking” in front of. His overwhelming and irrational desire to be loved has turned him into a worldwide joke. Has he EVER said what he means, or only what his captive audience expects to hear?. What a let down for anyone P2burner hopes for integrity in their leaders.

Mary ann williams
4 months ago

Don’t mess with our children. You bring out the “Mama Bears,” of protectiveness out, when it comes to our children!!! There not your kids, they are “ our kids!”

4 months ago

Sounds just like Natzi Germany.

4 months ago

Biden will definitely lose that battle. Parents won’t let that happen and have a right to know what their children are learning in school so they can pull them out and send them to private or another alternative school.

4 months ago
Reply to  Anthony

Sadly enough many parents are ok with the government rule over their kids

4 months ago

Stop the tinkering and start the law suites calling for the principles running the teachers unions and federal groups to pay for private tutoring for every student in America, without a learning disorder, that is not at grade level in Math, Reading, English and Science to get these students to grade level at their own expence. No government funding!

David Neal
4 months ago

Parents do have a right to know what their children are being taught, and to set limits on the curriculum. If teachers spent more time teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, we would not be having such conflict. Where do you start making changes? Your local school board. I for one plan to start attending the meetings. I heard at our last County Republican Committee meeting that we are facing many of these same issues. Who do I blame for this radical infiltration? Myself! I am a grandfather of 9 children. Five are home schooled and 4 go to public school. There is a difference in the content and the teaching. My 14 year old grandson who attends public school knows the difference and hates it! Will we be homeschooling him? That is a good possibility! However, meanwhile this grandfather will start paying closer attention and holding our elected officials on our local school board more accountable!

4 months ago

Coming from a pedophile, not surprised. Children belong to their PARENTS—–NOT TEACHERS.

4 months ago

We are Grandparents we believe that parents should approve what is taught in school!

4 months ago

I never had children myself, but I have seen throughout the years, the indoctrination that has been going on, and how children think an act. When they took prayer out of our public schools, is when it all started. That was over 50 plus years ago, an it has only gotten worse! God have Mercy on this Nation.

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