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Biden Laughs – At Drug Deaths

Drug abuse, drug trafficking, and drug overdoses – are poised to become a major issue in the presidential election, because they are now affecting the public health and safety of nearly every community in America. Only … Joe Biden does not seem to get it.

Last week, discussing an explosive rise in fentanyl deaths, part of a far larger national problem, President Biden seemed to miss a synapse, or miss the enormity of the issue.

Commenting on congressional hearings in which a mother testified to the loss of two children to fentanyl, he first said this was all on Trump’s watch, he indulged laughter.

Out of touch does not begin to describe this kind of callous, disconnected behavior. The Biden-Harris Administration does not understand what is happening across America, how the drug issue – paired with other policy failures – is exploding.

The average American now lives in a place with a markedly higher risk of drug-related health and crime issues, drug-related domestic abuse, addiction, and homelessness than two years ago, let alone two decades ago.

Objectively, illegal drug trafficking, crime, abuse, addiction, and overdoses – leading to unintended death – are on a rip, rising on an exponential curve, shallow to vertical. The threat to public health and safety is significant.

Yet here we have a president who laughs while discussing a family’s loss of two children because he is more concerned to disparage a Republican congresswomen than address facts.

We have a vice president who – charged with border protection – is unwilling to engage in serious dialogue and giggles discussing it, as if lives affected are not her concern.

Reality has a way of shifting the focus. Democrats are in for a rude awakening. As Biden misjudged Russia, China, how much Americans care about the value of their dollar, debt, inflation, interest, energy, and freedoms – they care about their kids and stopping drug deaths.

The popular misconception – one pushed by Biden – is that the problem is not big, has little to do with a porous border, driven by abuse of legal opioids, can be solved with legalization, decriminalization, and giving away needles.

These are all falsehoods. The problem is so big that total deaths – long at a prevention-driven, treatment-driven, law enforcement-driven manageable level – are now exploding.

From 91,000 dead kids in 2020, we suffered 108,000 in 2021 from overdoses, many expecting 130,000 in 2022 and more in 2023. In the first two years of Biden, experts see a 30 percent jump in drug deaths, despite quick-fix ideas like Narcan, not treatment but resuscitation.

Why has this happened? Because drug traffickers are not stupid. They recognize Biden’s invitation to more trafficking, lower chances of getting caught, higher profits, and a once-in-forever chance to create mass dependence.

Assisting them are other Biden policies like defunding, demoralizing, and delegitimizing police, allowing felons to escape prison with reduced penalties, no bail, excusing recidivism, and legalizing narcotics.

On the question of what drugs are responsible, the answer is not what you hear from Biden.

The White House says doctors are responsible, and entry drugs – like THC – irrelevant.

Data says the opposite. Even the Administration’s data shows synthetic opioids, of which the leading is fentanyl from China and Mexico, kill more than any other drug – and most of those are illegal, not legal.  Even more shocking, abuse of psychostimulants (like meth) and cocaine are on a tear, rising rapidly. Doctors have nothing to do with those.

On the marijuana front, collective denial, hope for votes, and the fiction that promoting drug dependence is no worse than water-based alcohol dependence or remedied by offering treatment are all responsible for major adverse health spikes.

Even the Biden SAMHSA office confides “one in six” marijuana users get addicted before age 18, while the drug can produce “permanent IQ loss,” and “studies link use to depression, anxiety, suicide planning, and psychotic episodes,” with other impacts.

On the crime front, data consistently links elevated personal and property crime to drug use, some studies indicating six times more crime by those on drugs than those seeking money for drugs. Archival data shows 80 percent of those selling drugs use them, more than 65 percent of robberies and burglaries are done on drugs, for males, 48 percent of homicides, females, 65 percent, and more than half of assaults and two-fifths of all domestic crimes – are on drugs.

What does that tell you? The more drug use we promote, the more dependence, addiction and crime we will have to contend with. For Biden to laugh that away – is unconscionable.

Last, remember that as law enforcement deters crime, disparaging law enforcement encourages it. We now have reports of a new drug type – worse than fentanyl – called “nitazene compounds,” next level for addiction and death. These have been discovered in 34 states.

Right now, today would be a good time for the president and vice president to stand up, take notice this is real, and start caring about American families – and kids – not laughing at those who do.

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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2 months ago

Saw this coming when they started the push to legalize marijuana. It affects reflexes like alcohol but the police have no way to test for it.
Time to drop the big boot on this crap!

2 months ago

I think Biden and Harris are both very clearly aware of the Fentanyl dangers affecting people, especially younger people all over the U.S. and they know it was not on Trump’s watch. They are so corrupt and deranged and excited (yes, excited) that the appearance of many dying makes them giddy. They are sick, sick, sick!!! In every term of the word. They have no Fear of the Lord, and evidently think they will live forever.

2 months ago

Well mister president…her kids may have died while President Trump was in office, but how many..many..more died under your two years of utter totalitarian incompitence?

2 months ago

National security right now, is at a severe level. IMPEACH BIDEN NOW! Knowing that republicans are in the minority right now in the senate it wouldn’t fly, but “We the People “ need to see this blatant disregard for our country exposed to all.

2 months ago

Both the incompetent idiots in the white house keep letting illegals and DRUGS across the border. May they both sniff a pile of fentanyl and maybe they’ll realize it isn’t funny.

2 months ago

Joeblow has a 2×4 mentality. Defined as needing to be hit upside the head with a 2×4 every few minutes until they understand. Upset alert: until Hunter dies from an overdose he will not understand.

2 months ago

Biden and probably Harris both are helping china destroy America and getting rich they think but God is watching.Biden is the worst and most destructive that has ever been in the White House.People of America you better start praying Jesus is coming soon.

2 months ago

I just wish Russia and China would launch thier nukes and get it over with. Then we can die quickly instead of agonizing over the fall of America cause it is gone. Fair elections are absolutely gone, drug crazed idiots are running everything (real name demoncrats). Come on Russia and China grow some balls and fire them nukes!!! You have the codes for America’s nukes fire them straight up and back down. Hurry up!!!!!!

John Bass
2 months ago
Reply to  sdgorton

Why would either country use nukes when they are destroying us from within, they just need to be patient and it will all be theirs for the taking…besides they want our farmland and living space for their people…especially China.

2 months ago

Our “Drug Lord” and “Human Trafficker” in chief should be arrested for what he is doing to this country.

2 months ago
Reply to  FedUp

I so agree with you!! The POS running our beloved Country is the DRUG LORD! And HUMAN TRAFFICKER. And the reason children are raped, and killed on the way! All because of him. Why isn’t he in prison? He is the reason.

2 months ago

When President Trump spoke at CPAC, he said he would root out the drug cartels, as he did Isis. He seemed more restrained than before; someone must be coaching him. Good. Same energy, same enthusiasm from and for supporters, same clarity of thought.

How this administration can ignore fentanyl production in China, transport to Mexico, smuggling it into the U.S., and then killing a hundred thousand Americans “in their prime” indicates that population reduction is another one of the green new deal’s goals. And Xi’s as well. Biden shows a stunning lack of compassion when mocking anyone sympathetic with this disaster.

Lois A Sewak
2 months ago
Reply to  Kim

China owns Biden. He will do whatever possible to help them. He doesn’t care about Americans or America. He probably is getting a kickback from the cartels for keeping the borders wide open and allowing the infiltration of unknown illegal aliens. Our enemies are among us thanks to Biden and his administration.

2 months ago
Reply to  Lois A Sewak

When Hunter’s not at some art show, he’s probably at the border directing traffic!

legally present
2 months ago
Reply to  Kim

While the Lady’s Sons did die in 2020 when President Trump was in office, Joey is too dang stupid to realize they are intercepting RECORD numbers of pounds of fentanyl at the border and in some cases at border checkpoints. He doesn’t recognize the almost 1 million or more got-aways seen on camera and not caught. HOW much did they bring in??? Maybe if Joey’s son got his drug hands on some and passed he would think differently. But probably not.

2 months ago

He’s 80, probably going to die soon and like most bureaucrats apends hours talking on subjects he does not understand AND will not yield the podium to a subject matter expert. The beatings WILL continue…

2 months ago

I don’t want to hear about how corrupt the leaders of Ukraine, Mexico, China, Russia or any other rulers of other countries are! The most corrupt and ignorant leader in the world is an idiot named Joe Biden and his half wit associate Harris! Hopefully God has a special place in Hell for both of them for what they are doing to this nation and Israel!! May they both receive a sulfuric acid enema tonight!

joe mchugh
2 months ago
Reply to  MJB

MJB, interesting treatment for Biden and Harris. “May they both recieve a sulfuric acid enema tonight!” While that suggestion would likely clear up their obvious bowel obstructions, wouldn’t it be somewhat painful? Perhaps simultaneus ingestions of one ounce of fentanyl, each would make the sulfuric acid treatment more tolerable?

David Millikan
2 months ago

Would like to see DICTATOR Beijing biden laugh from Hunter’s Meth Overdose.
But wait, DICTATOR Beijing biden would blame President Trump for Hunter’s overdose and then, with election time he would decide to do something about ALL the METH coming from Communist China through Mexico and Canada into the United States.
But like I said, I want to see DICTATOR Beijing biden laugh at Hunter’s overdose.
By the way, WHY isn’t Hunter in Prison where he belongs with his daddy?

Michael J
2 months ago

Oh they understand the seriousness of the drug problem, they just care until it’s election time.

2 months ago
Reply to  Michael J

Even then, none of the Democrats actually care. To them, it is just the cost of importing millions upon millions of illiterate illegal aliens into the country in order to change the voter demographics. They just say they care around election time, so ignorant Americans will re-elect them to office for yet another term.

As we get closer to the 2024 election, expect to hear the Democrats all calling for “comprehensive immigration reform” (that’s progressive code for mass amnesty in plain English) yet again with a fast track to full citizenship (voting rights). That is the last piece the Democrats need to secure a permanent majority control of the federal government. After that, the Democrats won’t care about anything, because they will have a lock on an additional 50 million Democrat votes to ensure they control Washington, D.C. forever. Then the real fun for the American people starts and the Democrats drop all pretense of being anything but a Marxist party.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

A part of me hopes you are wrong about your second paragraph, but my common sense tells me that you are correct with your thought.

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Bare facts as always

2 months ago

The problem lies not only with the administration but with the people that voted for them. And if you don’t think there is corruption in our elections, you are part of the problem too. The thing is, how do we get these idiots out of office because you know they are not going to change anything. Biden is doing everything the dems want him to.

Steven Coughlin
2 months ago

This lying, corrupt scumbag (yes, I said scumbag) has only cared about one person his entire life; himself.

2 months ago

it was 1961 I was in English class reading My Weekly Reader in there was article I never forgot where …..Chairman Mao of China stated he would take America without firing a shot he would rot us inside out with drugs he would drive down our street throwing out drugs as we begged well I see that’s been going on yet govt does nothing??WAKE UP AMERICANS Communist China is doing just that Why isn’t Fed Govt protecting Americans Why is our borders open why can China buy up our farm land rmpty houses could it be there are 1000s of China soldiers in US reason they havent taken over us cause we have guns ???

2 months ago

Biden mumbles & stumbles & does not seem to grasp the huge fentanyl problem in USA today. And POTUS should never belittle any American in public like he did in this case.

2 months ago
Reply to  johnh

MAGA Republicans threaten school board members?! You’re out of your league.

joe mchugh
2 months ago
Reply to  johnh

johnh, Joe Biden is incapable of “grasping” anything! The only reason that the 25th Amendment hasn’t been activated is that Kamala Harris is the Vice President. If Tulsi Gabbard had been picked to be the Democrat Party nominee for Vice President in 2020, Biden would be history by now.

Nothing new here. Joe Biden provided obama with the same security during the Indonesian’s reign.

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