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Biden Does What He Accused Trump of Doing: Destroys U.S. Alliances

AMAC Exclusive By: Daniel Roman


On September 11th, 2001, when the United States was attacked by Al-Qaeda based in Afghanistan, President George W. Bush received a phone call from British Prime Minister Tony Blair pledging his support. Blair had little to gain from the gesture. Bush was not popular in Britain. Nonetheless, Blair stood by America, sending British forces not just to Afghanistan, but also to Iraq. Despite the tensions that eventually developed over the Iraq War, it did not, however, end America’s alliance with Britain. That fell to Joe Biden. Joe Biden has done what Soviet leaders never managed to do. He has quite possibly destroyed the free world, and ended America’s global leadership.

The US-British alliance, which underpinned the war on Terror for twenty-years had by this past week descended into farce as British SAS forces abandoning the safety of Kabul airport to venture into the city to rescue stranded westerners were rebuked by US commanders for potentially undermining talks with the Taliban and making the US look bad. Unable to confront the Taliban in the field, the Biden Administration and its subordinates have been left to lash out at their friends.

Those friends are likely having serious doubts about the United States’ ability to lead the free world, at least under Joe Biden. According to a poll of British voters, 65% believe the West has let down the women and children of Afghanistan, compared to only 11% who disagree, while by a 59%-20% margin UK voters believe that the 457 British soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan died for nothing. Most strikingly, by a 44% to 16% margin, UK voters believed that “events in Afghanistan mark an end to America’s claim to be the leader of the free world.”

That result is shocking, but the British are far from alone. French commanders in Kabul have also clashed with US military officers over America’s passivity, while Angela Merkel, with typical German understatement, stated she believed the decision to press ahead with the withdrawal was made for “domestic political reasons in the United States” and that this contributed to the disastrous outcome. Her successor as party leader, Armin Laschet went further, describing the withdrawal as “the biggest debacle that NATO has suffered since its founding.” “The United States of America bears the main responsibility for the current situation,” Markus Soeder, the governor of Bavaria, said. “Because of their decision to leave Afghanistan, in parts overly hasty, they have the main responsibility.”

America’s friends are worried. But the country’s adversaries are taking pleasure in US failures, even if the Taliban present their own set of challenges for them. Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with Merkel said the West “must stop the irresponsible policy of imposing foreign values from abroad,” stating it was counterproductive to try to “build democracy in other countries according to foreign templates.” Having taken satisfaction in America’s misfortune, and thereby honored his guest through the old German tradition of scheudenfreuden, Putin kindly conceded that “But it’s not in our interests right now to stand on this point and talk about this as a failure. We were interested in the situation in the country being stable.”

Other foreign leaders went even further, suggesting that Afghanistan was better off with the Taliban in control, a direct challenge to US moral authority on the world stage. Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a nominal US-ally, declared that Afghans had broken “shackles of slavery.” Khan, a former British cricketeer who was previously married to a Jewish socialite, has reinvented himself as a Islamic Anti-Western nationalist, demonstrating the way opportunists see the winds of international geopolitics blowing. He sees his own future, and Pakistan’s, in alliance with China, the Taliban, and Iran, not the United States.

India, by contrast, has been the only country to try and do anything about the Taliban. While Western nations struggled to manage evacuations, India pledged support to Afghanistan’s former Vice President Amrullah Saleh in reestablishing the Northern Alliance, which fought the Taliban between 1996 and 2001. Salah has received fawning profiles in Indian media, while India has pledged support to forces which have refused to surrender to the Taliban. While the US has apparently given up under Joe Biden, India cannot afford to, given its location in the region.

India and Pakistan’s reactions may point toward a future without American leadership. American allies, without being able to rely on America will have no choice but to step up if they live in dangerous areas. Expect Brazil, India, and maybe Japan to do so. Those who lack the strength to resist are much more likely to retreat into isolation or make accommodations, as Europeans likely will with Russia. The greatest risk is that, having witnessed American fecklessness and unreliability, states like South Korea and the Philippines look for their agreements with China.

Biden may not care. He believes Americans wanted the troops out no matter the cost or residual effects. As an old-style, small-state politician, Biden wants America to be Delaware, or perhaps Belgium. Maybe that will work. But if America becomes Belgium or New Zealand, what will happen to the actual Belgium or New Zealand? They are asking themselves that. And if America is too big for that then it will relearn the same lesson it learned in the 1990s. Efforts to hide from history end with history finding you.

Daniel Roman is the pen name of a frequent commentator and lecturer on foreign policy and political affairs, both nationally and internationally. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

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1 year ago

Yesterday, 13 American troops were killed iatAfghanistan airport & today new said at least 100 civilians died. I mourn for all as they are all innocent victims of terrorists. Biden said “We will not forget & we will hunt you down” which is stupid as the news said these were suicide bombers & therefore they no longer exist. How do we know this was not Taliban action???

1 year ago

Worst plan ever: Abandon Embassy & let Taliban surround Airport & then negotiate with them to protect us from attacks. Both The Alamo & Custer’s last Stand come to mind as bad military decisions —but Kabul is the worst ever for America. Biden should resign along with every military advisor that supported this exit plan.

1 year ago

Our allies since end of WWII have lost faith in USA due to both Trump & Biden. Trump publicly bashed Germany,Mexico,Canada to name a few. Trump bashed NATO , but think he finally realized how important. Trump Trade-war comments hurt our relationships. Now, Biden seems to be going rogue without thinking of our ally countries.

Dave Smith
1 year ago

Thanks to Sippy Cup joe, NATO now means Never Again To Offer support to America.

1 year ago

AUGUST 26, 2021….
11 United States Marine Corp DEAD!
1 United States Navy Sailor DEAD!
Total killed in the previous 18 Months before BIDEN?
****** ZERO! ******
WHAT will Tomorrow Bring?????

Steven H
1 year ago

Everything this man touches turns to chaos.

1 year ago

I think this is Biden’s first success! He has successfully managed to single handedly destroy America’s standing in the world.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

First & foremost folks, DO NOT take your eyes off the ball with all the False Flag distractions happening & we were warned of this, i.e. the Arizona audit release, long overdue with all the distractions currently flying around & MSM pushing it hard. ALL Afghanistan with ZERO Arizona audits reporting…The DS is moving fast because they know what’s coming…
Bill on The Hill… :~)

1 year ago

Nice warning, most people will just ignore it and not think about it. Just sad.

John D. Beach
1 year ago

Democrats are a hate crime.

Robin Walter Boyd
1 year ago

Biden could care less what American citizens think of him. Biden has always been a bought and paid for politician. He is currently bought and paid for by organizations controlled by billionaire Progressives with god complexes. It’s no use complaining about what Biden does because as long as Biden is funneling money into his and his families bank accounts from those who are telling him what to do and say, Biden will continue to sell out the U.S. and American citizens. It’s not like Biden does not have a history of being the low-life sell out he is because Biden has always done what he is doing again, just on a bigger scale.

1 year ago

Sometime next week (after the pull out deadline) Psaki will get asked the question, How many people are still left in Afghanistan? and her answer with a straight face will be “The Biden administration was able to facilitate any American who WANTED to leave, if they are still in country it was because they wanted to stay”. Sadly it will not be challenged by the MSM.

1 year ago

President Puss for Brains has been part and parcel of EVERY disaster for America over the Past 50 years. From the fall of Saigon, The Iran Hostage debacle, Muslim Attacks on 9-11, O’bongo’s racial division of our Nation and finally selling out our veteran’s sacrifices to the Taliban!
Taiwan is next! His kneeling Vice President Street Whore is a total sham!
We The People are in serious trouble…….

1 year ago

Joebama,commie Harris and the failed useless democrats are fleecing America, selling out to China, ruining Our Country and need to GO.
These anti American socialists are an inept, pathetic clown show.
Get the heck out you traitors.

1 year ago

It is becoming obvious why Biden has easily turned over Afghanistan to CHINA the minerals need to make batteries for electric cars is abundant there and the hold they have on him is unbreakable he’s been bought and paid for that’s why the origin of covid-19 is being covered up quite simple follow the MONEY trail look at the early build up by china of the 46 miles of border they have with Afghanistan plus he gave them a bought and paid for military airfield by US taxpayers, hopefully if the Republicans take control of the mid-terms Biden and his left wing mob will be impeached..

1 year ago
Reply to  Gene

Absolutely right in fact anything Biden does will be at the behest of his Chinese masters.

R.J. from Arizona
1 year ago

Biden is a walking train wreck

1 year ago

He is a stumbling trainwreck.

1 year ago

You ask are the Fools who voted for the puppet dictator now hanging their heads in shame?
No, at least not some. My sister (I am ashamed to call It that, more like evil spawn) voted for Obama because he was black. It didn’t even know any politics and that was not the issue for It. It still believes that puppet dictator Biden is wonderful: “ending” Afghanistan, bringing troops home, “loving everyone” and allowing the US population to grow to trillions would very much please It.
This is what Mature Americans are fighting against. The good part is that they are immature (nary a couple brain cells to knock together). And this same group of individuals mostly believe and hugging everyone, let the world across borders, choose to change or delete the Constitution, deny Constitutional Amendments, and never own arms.
Pearl Harbor was only an aerial attack because the United States has the largest militia in the world. Members of that militia believe in the Constitution, hold to the 2nd Amendment and bear arms.
The puppet does not have the cognitive ability to remain in office. Neither are any of his minions able to carry on as president. His entire regime is an infected rotting disease destroying our country. The entire administration need to be excised. It requires surgery.
The surgeons will be our militia.
May we be strong!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeanine

And he is a documented crook which most of the News Media tried to pussy foot around reporting.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

First off, America’s friends are those same liberal socialist crooks that our current administration is loaded with. Joe stepped on their toes, they’ll get over it, because they know the ” money train ” is back & as long as Joe or Camel Toes are in charge, they are all set. Just a matter of time, the tariffs will go away, the US will again pay the NATO costs for all those nations at the expense of the US taxpayer. Yes, they have bruised toes from Joe stomping on them, meanwhile it will get back to the usual games, everyone will get their cut…No I disagree, the Alliance will remain as strong as ever, just so long as they don’t have to deal with Trump again, they know it & JRB’s string pullers know it.
Anything else is simply collateral damage…Follow the money…
Bill on the Hill…

1 year ago

The demented old bastard has unleashed the hounds of hell on the Afgan people.
All who voted for Biden now have the blood of innocents on their hands. The frightening part
is we are stuck with this idiot for 3 1/2more years.

1 year ago

Biden. “Do what I say,not what I do”

1 year ago
Reply to  par

How ’bout “Do what I say so I can line my pockets and partisan frieds with goodies.”????

1 year ago

Leftists (majority of Dems) subscribe to accusing you of what they are actually doing.

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