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Biden Celebrates Rising Inflation

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As Americans face another week of rising inflation, our President Joe Biden is actually celebrating it. Join Ben Ferguson and Bobby Charles to unfold President Biden’s out of touch behavior, make sure to tune back tomorrow for the final segment of the week!

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5 months ago

Why is inflation nagging the economy???? Simple. It is a hidden method of implementing taxes to a citizenry that generally does not recognize it is simply a way for the politicians to raise taxes without the public holding them accountable. If the politicos raise tax rates, the public understands that and its effect … but inflation is not understood and even the Media is a bit gullible in ignoring the tactic. Every DemocRat administration in my lifetime pulls the same thing … they resort to inflation to raise money for the government to spread around to its political buddies … and the majority public citizenry is none the wiser. Balance Budget Amendment … anyone???? Nah …. the politicians will not do that. because it cuts into their power to govern (rule) the Nation.

6 months ago

Honestly, what did you expect from the puppet? Even when he still had his full mental faculties years ago, he never really cared about the average person in this country. As a lifetime government employee in the Senate and then as the V.P., he was about as shielded and disconnected from the reality of day-to-day life as one could get. Now he doesn’t even remember what he said 24 hours ago, much less what any of it means.

5 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Joe Biden and family. The premium political citizenry brought to the front of the Nation from Del UNAWARE. …. erp!!!

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