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Biden Buckles, Flips on Hyde Amendment Under Pressure From Democrats

Joe Biden illegals healthcareFormer Vice President Joe Biden reversed his position on the Hyde Amendment Thursday after facing intense backlash from within his own party.

Biden, while speaking in Atlanta, first reaffirmed his support for Roe v. Wade.

He was noted saying the following at the DNC’s IWillVote Gala in Atlanta, Georgia:

But then he took things a step further, saying that the current culture made it impossible for him to continue to support such an amendment.

NBC News correspondent Mike Memoli noted the reversal, tweeting, “NEWS: Biden says that in an environment where women’s health is under assault especially in GOP-led states, he ‘can no longer support an amendment’ that cuts off funding, as in Hyde.”

Reprinted with permission from - Daily Caller - by Virginia Kruta

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Morty Rupperman

Did anybody else take note that, not once, did Uncle Joe say, “abortion”? Nope. He just kept referring to the Hyde Amendment as something that “denies women their constitutionally-protected right to healthcare.” Never said “abortion” once.

The Democrat Party. The party of obfuscation, euphemism and deceit.

Ramblin Rogue

Roe v. Wade is an Opinion of the Supreme Court not a Law. SCOTUS does not write laws, that is the job of the Legislative Branch of the Govt. ie. Congress!!! The first “Right” guaranteed by the “Bill of Rights” is LIFE!! How can you have Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness without Life??


I don’t understand how women’s health and abortion are considered one and the same. I didn’t ask Jane Doe to go have sex, get pregnant, so that I could pay for it. It is NOT up to the tax payers to pay for their birth control methods. I understand if a rape or illness is involved. But to use it as a type of birth control, that is not women’s health, it is women’s stupidity and quite frankly I shouldn’t have to pay for it and no one else should either!


Excellent article in “100% FEDUP” – “Envoy to Ukraine Resigns After Mention in Whistleblower Complaint,” September 27, 2019. Has numerous interesting facts. Includes, per the article: Turns out that Kurt Volker draws a salary from John Mcain’s “think tank” which is funded by George Soros (as McCain was when he was alive) and a DC lobby firm working for Ukrainian past President Poroshenko, among others. Volker was appointed Special Representative for Ukrain negotiations in July 2017 by then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. (I personally think that Tillerson had to have known of Volker’s Soros connection). David Kramer also works at Volker’s instutute, listed as “senior director for Human Rights and Democracy.” Kramer was the individual who during the 2016 campaign spread the “Steele Dosier” to the press and a number of other people in Washington, including the “midwife of Maidan”, Victoria Nulund. This is copied from the report which is… Read more »


One of the things I notice is dems/libs never even mention adoption as an option. By-the-way if you follow our “refugees” religion birth control is not allowed, married or “concubine”. Just ask them or look it up. Having kids is considered an important part to the jihad of taking over the world. I don’t see any concern or even acknowledgement for women’s health on the left on this one.

Kelly Stewart Chiles

For the life of me, someone please tell President Trump to remind congress that if Plumber Joe did what Biden did every democratic person would applaud him for going after a crook. It doesn’t matter that Biden is running for President. Trump has every right to ask what was going on in Ukraine.