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Biden, Bombshell, China

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First, liberals are proving their true level of hypocrisy with their unwavering support of Joe Biden even after serious sexual assault allegations against him. Next, a bombshell hit this week as we found out the true mishandling of the Michael Flynn case by the FBI. Finally, the pandemic has opened Americans’ eyes to the true threat of China to the US. AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber joins us this week to discuss this issue in the AMAC Magazine.

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E. Fletcher

Will somebody please please get rid of the traitorous shadow government that lurks in DC? Why haven’t these corrupt people been prosecuted? Starting with the Clintons and work your way up. How is it possible that so many rotten corrupt politicians are not brought to light and tried for their crimes? They are so brazen they don’t even try to hide their hypocrisy or treasonous acts anymore. We’ve been distracted by this virus import, but we need to get back to draining the odorous swamp. If we don’t get down to serious business and the crooked democrats get in, this country is done for. MAGA. PRAY FOR TRUMP.


General Flynn deserves praise, respect & gratitude – instead he gets the absolute worst treatment any American citizen can endure. What makes it especially heinous is the lies and attacks were perpetuated by those that are supposed to be protecting Americans and the American justice system. The depth of their treasonous behavior needs to be addressed and if possible, prosecuted.

T Taylor

Biden needs to brought down, General Flynn should sue the FBI and the United States needs to be done doing bussiness with Communist China.


AMAC told us about China and our medications being produced there over two years ago.


The FBI did NOT mishandle the Flynn case…it is called illegal manipulation!!!!


If you don’t believe the democrat party is corrupt, consider those who support the party. The American Bar Association! That’s right – lawyers! leftist to the 3rd power! The most corrupt profession on the face of the earth! The legal profession will support lawlessness, they support the anarchy, they support those who provide them with unlimited income. They support the democrat party! Joe Biden typifies those qualities most sought by lawyers!

Anita Wasemann

Thank you. AMAC for giving us a choice. I found AARP insulting to my intelligence. When they send me a postage prepaid envelope with their propaganda, I send them an (anti)liberal joke in it, so they pay for me to show them how I feel about them. Now that I think about it, they are the joke.

Rosemary Hoffman

An amazing news worthy outlet with information to the point, I am so happy to know I am in the right place.
Thank you all so much keep the good work coming are way.🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻


The FBI, once such a respected department, now a sewer of corruption.

Terry O'Malley

Flynn deserves his rank, Pension and a big pay check out of Obama’s check book.

Three Point Paper

Greeings To All Readers, 1. The (Traitorous Shadow Governmental Types) which have lurked in and of Delta Charlie (DC) belt way, have been there for decades. Now having been there for decades does not mean that they can not be severely dealt with; They can and shall be severely dealt with, it takes more than a reasonable time frame to do so. What I just conveyed shall not sit well with a great many Americans, but this is the way it is.. 2. With regard to General Flynn’s (goat roping) unfairness by and of the FBI (Obama’s FBI) that is. Even though General Flynn had been put through the ringer by the FBI, and the DOJ overall; There is light at the end of the tunnel for General Flynn. When the entire case against General Flynn is (Fully Expunged with Prejudiced), and General Flynn regains “All” aspects of his (Good… Read more »

Fred J Noel

Do the Democrats have their clothing made from Nomac material, like the NASCAR drives do? Must be a safety precaution. In case fire, fire pants on fire, come to be real thing.

aluminum head

Regarding Flynn: Trump and a federal judge: court order to give $20M to Flynn in reparations right out of the FBI’s “budget.” Cut the salaries of the top 5 head ‘cheeses’ in half AFTER you fire Wray. Did I mention to pursue Mueller financially ?

aluminum head

Gotta get Obama behind bars. He knew about it and was behind it all. AND, take away his pension money past, present, future.

Linda M Rafferty

I am so proud of this president! Although I do cringe at some of his bombastic comments, he truly is leading our nation into a stronger country by standing up for religious freedom, strengthening our economy, and raising awareness of what this country was built on by our forefathers.
I hope that this administration will seriously look into those who have possibly undermined our citizens health by the expansion of the viral studies AFTER the moratorium!

Three Point Paper

Greetings Again To All Readers, 1. There is a grand host of corruption in the Delta Charlie (DC beltway!. This corruption has been there in (DC) for so bloody long, that the corrupt types within our country’s federal governmental body of elected types, has simply lost sight of what is (Right) and what is Wrong. The corrupted types in Delta Charlie (DC), have “Not” cared for doing what is Right, much less mind you, doing what is considered Righteous!. 2. With the ultra Liberal-socialist minded types within and of the “So Called” Democratic Party, with Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Chuck “Chucky” Schumer, Maxine “Loony” Waters, Adam “Shifty” Schift, and Jerry “The Nadling” Nadler, who are all at the forefront of the fully “Anti-American Way Of Life”; Whereas, they are “All” of the Socialist-Communist-Facetious mind-set, as they continue to fully display “Contemptuous Criminal” selves, as they all strut about the area on… Read more »

Mike Doherty

General Flynn should be installed as head of the FBI and tasked with ferreting out all of the traitors to our country working for that once proud institution. Those accused should be put on trial and fined and imprisoned.

W. Lewis

Thanks for restoring those subtitles!

W. Lewis

Why does this video have no subtitles? The video from two weeks ago also didn’t have any. I really need them!


WHY read all these articles ?? what can puny little us do about it ? Sure being with AMAC is great and what they do for us Members But this just gets us all wound up and mad or what? E Fletcher is right – but what has been done about it all?? Nothing. WHY Clintons are not prosecuted ?? – I BET because they have who knows what on fellow crooks in GOV. Something is totally awry here. 34mill. on Trump impeachment – we paid for. We want our money back. Whatever, this is one corrupt GOV we have – NOT all of course. But it is sure getting us no-where. Pelosi Schiff Nadler on and on sad! How much corruption with giving out all these billions to whom we don’t even know about. Colleges that don’t need it, as has been discovered. Huge Corps getting $$ and little… Read more »