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Biden Attacks Pro-Lifers

As political violence grows, Biden allows attacks on pro-life groups, many tied to churches. These groups advise women on options beyond abortion, offering real hope, education, jobs, childcare, legal, and health assistance. As these attacks persist, Biden’s Justice Department ramps up pro-life arrests. Why?

The odd reality, triggering protective legislation from Congressional Republicans, is that those offering hope to mothers facing this choice are being attacked by pro-abortion activists, while Justice sits idle.

If it is wrong to attack a provider of abortion, surely it is wrong to attack a pro-life provider of hope and life-changing benefits, a menu of opportunities for avoiding abortion, and enjoyment for a life of parenting.

Put differently, in this Orwellian world of redefinitions, exactly how can Justice protect a group offering abortions as “parenthood” while allowing violence against groups facilitating real parenthood?

Making matters worse, stories are emerging of FBI arrests – last week – of pro-life groups, at a time when federal law affirms there is no constitutional right to abortion. While the weight of political violence is now coming from pro-abortion activists, why arrests pro-life groups?

Trying to make sense of these convoluted facts, one is forced to draw basic conclusions. 

First, although the US Supreme Court overruled Roe, the Biden Administration – which favored Roe, condemned Dobbs, pressed pro-Roe legislation, and may still pack the Supreme Court – is just not defending those who want to help pregnant mothers keep and raise their children.

That is unconscionable, legally inappropriate, and morally indefensible, and should be called out. The President and Attorney General should respect Dobbs and protect those working to constructively save the lives of both mothers and children. They have a duty to uphold the law.

In effect, while claiming to be pro-women, the Biden crowd is anti-advice, anti-motherhood, anti-parenting, and anti-life. They are dragging their feet enforcing this decision – not protecting those offering options for abortion.

Second, the Biden Administration is now – for reasons that escape rational explanation, except as a means of intimidating pro-life advocates – ramping up arrests of pro-life protestors, presumably to turn down enthusiasm for Dobbs, and to curtail those working to help mothers and unborn children.

This again is beyond the pale. If Biden’s decisions on inflation, energy, border, security, crime, not protecting Supreme Court Justices under 18 USC 1507, raiding a former president’s home are “beyond the pale,” this is beyond any ready defense.

Under what circumstances does a president or attorney general decide to abandon enforcement of laws – including protection for those operating under a new legal ruling, and then pour salt in the wound by harassing the same people for legally protesting, ironically after they won their “day in court?”

How can it be right to persecute those living by law, letting those not living by the law attack law abiders, and then use the federal government to harass these pro-life protestors? In short, it’s not.

Net-net, these developments have implications. They must not deter those living by Dobbs, those hoping States will align laws with Dobbs, or earnestly trying to help expectant mothers and babies.

They tell us – once again – what we are witnessing: An administration that does not respect “separation of powers,” horizontally among the three branches, vertically with States and The People.

Most disturbingly, what this combination – letting pro-life groups get attacked by pro-abortion activists and joining the intimidation with pro-life arrests – tells us is that the Biden crowd thinks they are not accountable to anyone, not to the People, the States, the Supreme Court, or a Higher Authority.

What this mess means for everyday Americans, after Biden’s flailing on the economy, border, crime, and national security, is it’s time for change. Voting in November – a month out – is how we get that change.  Biden harassing pro-life Americans is just another reason – to flip the House and Senate, decisively.

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Robert Zuccaro
3 months ago

Everything they accuse Republicans of doing they do… FLAGRANTLY. Think those new 87,000 IRS agents from the faux “Inflation Reduction Act” will just do simple office admin tasks?

3 months ago

Biden and his master the CCP, are Godless vermin. Total corruption.

3 months ago

Really this is total nonsense that we have to wait to flip the house , we have enough evidence to kick Biden and his administration out of the white house , enough is enough of this crap. They need to be thrown in jail including Newsom for breaking the constitution.

3 months ago
Reply to  Will

Will, you are right, but the law, the backbone of American freedoms, would bring Ka-mal-a into the White House. Right now America is being controlled bu the unelected SWAMP. When we vote in November the plug on the SWAMP gets pulled and common sense and law can return. Just get as many people to the polls as you can. Ask them this; “Are you better off today than you were two years ago?” I haven’t had one person tell they were better off, not one!

Letts Brandon
3 months ago

“the Biden crowd is anti-advice, anti-motherhood, anti-parenting, and anti-life” Now replace the word “Biden” with “Satan” and all will become clear.

3 months ago

Joe Biden and his whole family would have never been, if abortion had been applied to their pre-existence. A society that is so broken it has to kill it babies is not a society that I would ever be comfy belonging to. Yes, there are valid, reasonable, situations in which the potential birth Mother should be allowed to decide whether she wants to have a baby (e.g., rape, incest, under-age, etc.) and many states took this in to account when they constructed state laws on this issue. The Fed gpvernment needs to step away from this issue … but of course the DemocRats see allowing abortions by choice as a way to snag a few votes.

3 months ago

I hope a lot of misguided Americans (mostly courted and/or deluded by the Commie DemocRats) wake up to the reality of the majority. But it will be difficult to reach that point in this Nation’s governance unless and/or until the voting system can be freed from the rigging of voter outcomes. And I still strongly believe term limits should be Constitutionally mandated as it applies to Congresspersons and Exec office heads (HLS, FBI IRS, etc.). At this point in this Nation’s history, there are too many falsely guided politicos hanging on to their positions to feather their own personal nests rather than serve the majority of the citizenry.

3 months ago

I’ve wondered if the arrest of pro-life people is how the demoncrats will gather the Christians. I saw on Tucker Carlson where the fbi arrested a pastor in Tennessee for being at a pro-life rally. It occurred to me that that would be the starting point.

Nobody’s Business
3 months ago

Democrats have been using lies about Roe v Wade for campaigning for over 40 years, Now that they can’t and most states will not allow abortions up to nine months they are ticked off . They have nothing else to run on. Only fools will vote for socialism, defund the police, and taking away guns from good people while letting criminals have them.

3 months ago

Never in my 69 years, nor in the history of the US I taught and read for decades has there ever been a President of the US that publicly condemned Americans for their beliefs. But then again they were all presidents as opposed to the totalitarian tyrant attempting to lead this country.

3 months ago
Reply to  Jeb


Not lead, DICTATE!

anna hubert
3 months ago

There must be a reason for this eagerness to provide abortion no matter how late And it is not for the rights of women because we all now see how women are regarded and the young girls something does not add up

3 months ago

The Democratic Party has corrupted government by means of elected democrats and democratic appointments. The Democratic Party at a minimum wants a Marxist society that they control with one party rule. The only way to stop this is by abolishing the Democratic Party by voting red to avoid becoming part of the Chinese Communist Party.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago
Reply to  Carl

Simply stated yet profoundly true…
Thank you,
Bill… :<)

Philip Hammersley
3 months ago

First of all, Senile Joe is a pathological liar. On top of that he supports the murder of babies, sexual confusion and perversion, rampant trading in deadly drugs, and exploitation of illegal immigrants. He is following his “father,” and the father is NOT God!

Mario Capparuccini
3 months ago

Please understand that Biden, Harris, Pelosi, AOC, and others of their ilk are agents of Satan. They are likely beyond redemption although only God knows this for certain. They may be accountable to no human authority but they will be accountable to God Almighty. If they do not turn from their wickedness, they will burn in hell for eternity.

3 months ago

Yes we desperately need to make a change. Once we elect a Republican house and senate we need to hold the accountable. Stay on them, praise them when they are doing the right thing and criticize them when they are not.

3 months ago

Biden, you baby killing, child sex pervert. you will be surprise to see the devil and his demons rubbing their hands enjoying the though of having you in their grip so they can put your soul to hell when you are on your death bed. and you will see them and feel their evilness and smell their rot and I think you will not be happy at all but terrorized. that brings a smile to me as I think of it.

Joe Rea
3 months ago

I don’t know how anyone can continue to support this Administration and his enablers in the House and Senate. The only way to stop this Executive Overreach is to send the pro abortion Biden Harris administration a message in November. Vote pro life Vote Republican. FIRE PELOSI AND FIRE SCHUMER. Give the Republicans a big majority in the House and Senate and elect Republicans as Governors and Attorneys General. Then we can Impeach Garland and stop the politicization of the Justice Department. Vote to send a message. FIRE SCHUMER AND FIRE PELOSI.

Mario Capparuccini
3 months ago
Reply to  Joe Rea

I agree wholeheartedly. However, the rot of the Democrats goes deep. It will require many elections to overcome their evil. I do not know if the American people are ready for a sustained offensive against Democratic Party depravity. After all, 40% of those polled believe this demonic president is doing a good job.

Ruth Lance
3 months ago


Suzanne Hoegh
3 months ago

Everything about Biden leads to being a phony. No devout Catholic believes in killing the unborn!!!

Mario Capparuccini
3 months ago
Reply to  Suzanne Hoegh

Agreed. Why does his bishop lack the courage to refuse Holy Communion to him?

3 months ago

Mario: because the Catholic hasn’t got the courage to do what needs to be done…….I am Catholic born and raised….I love the Church but I am ashamed of those who run the Church…we have a leftist regime in Washington and s leftist Pope in Rome

3 months ago

I’ve never seen such a lawless administration! Whether Democrat or Republican, we have to make a change.

3 months ago

The POS sure is a ‘devout Catholic’ isn’t he? We need to impeach him and the cackling ho.

Ken Westenkirchner
3 months ago

Yes it is time. One way or another change must happen

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