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Biden and His Hidden Documents

Basic: “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.” Just like that, the indictment of Donald Trump for mishandling classified documents may be up in smoke. In a remarkable turnabout, President Biden secreted classified documents in his home, office, and garage. Why?  

Biden’s “who me” response, after grandstanding about Trump having a handful of classified documents, is a disgrace. Biden and his Attorney General violated the 4th Amendment, swarmed the former president’s home with guns’ drawn – and now appear complicit in covering something worse.

The Presidential Records Act (PRA) was never intended – look at the legislative history – to allow any administration, let alone a resentful Attorney General or political FBI, to attack their political opposition. But that happened.

Of course, the purpose of the 4th Amendment is to protect Americans from exactly that kind of outrage – never mind preserve our political process from intimidation. What Biden did to Trump is still … breathtaking.

Biden harpooned Trump for having documents he had made available to Justice, kept under lock and key, and never made accessible to anyone. Stunning was the blasé way in which Democrats defended the armed raid, placing those in the former president’s home in palpable fear.

When in American history has a sitting president or attorney general used the power of law enforcement to destroy political opponents, insinuate their criminality, and place them in fear? Never.

Worse, Justice – apparently finding nothing of importance – issued no apology and simply returned the former first family’s passports and medical records. The outrage by Americans was proper.

Now, we get a remarkable turnabout. Unlike the former president, the former vice president had no power to declassify. He did not invite the FBI, DOJ, or then-President Trump to inspect his secreted caches of highly classified documents, hidden in a closet, garage, and “library” with no books. More incredibly, Biden’s secreted documents relate to Ukraine and Iran, adversaries – one of which was investigating his son, until the vice president halted that with a threat.

Not only was the election-year raid on President Trump’s home improper, but we know the FBI in 2020 sought to downplay and suppress coverage of what the Biden family was doing in Ukraine and China. And now we see the White House and Justice Department downplaying recent discoveries in the Biden offices and home. Why?

What is to be made of this? Discovery of Ukraine-related classified documents in the former vice president’s office should be investigated by the FBI and Congress, not just a liberal Maryland former US attorney formerly supported by Maryland’s two Democrat Senators.

Why has this whole inquiry been downplayed? Why no FBI investigation? Were other venues where the former vice president may have hidden documents searched, given the Biden family laptop and Twitter revelations – which imply a financial connection between the Bidens China and Ukraine? We hear no indication of this. Why?

A serious look at what is just and unjust with respect to the former president should be conducted. If the current president, a former vice president who mishandled classified documents, is not aggressively investigated, a great deal is wrong – and Trump cannot be prosecuted for a lesser, purely administrative offense.  

For starters, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander,” which means Biden needs to be scrutinized. Something is very wrong about all this. Where is rule of law? Biden’s strange actions – and weak excuses for those actions – cannot be ignored. If Justice and the FBI will not act, Congress must. Biden… and his hidden documents look increasingly odd.

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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4 months ago

biden’s gaffs are fake to avoid prosecution.

4 months ago

As the Dems always say — no one is above the law. Joe Biden and his family is a den of criminals.

4 months ago

Biden is a DISGRACE! and that is all i have to say.

4 months ago

puppet biden is controlled by rice and obama. I am concerned that the money we are send to Ukraine is a promise by hunter because they paid the biden’s millions.

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago

“Who is Joe Biden?” That answer is readily available watching “gaff” after “gaff” videos on You Tube. He’s a white elitist country club back-slapping racist moron. He graduated 85th out of 110 in college meaning there are probably 25 stupider people in the world. Bet they have careers in government as well…

4 months ago

Joey B has let out the TRUE EVILS of SODOM and GOMORRAH and is working to keep it ALIVE in OUR TIME! There’s TOO MANY EVILS NOW! PAST,PRESENT and FUTURE it’s time for GOD to INTERVENE and take DC to it’s KNEES!! The Democrats have been EVIL for to long and our COUNTRY will be turned into a WASTELAND if nothing is DONE ABLOUT IT! Since when do DEMOCRATS care about US? They ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY and POWER and to HELL with the REST OF YOU! Republicans need to STAND THERE GROUND, 1st get rid of ALL THE RINOS and get “REAL REPRESENTATION in for US”! 2nd band together and do what is right for THE “AMERICAN PEOPLE” and NOT the ILEGALS! There IS NO FREE RIDE and PILLAGING our FUNDS, we’ve worked too hard to give it all away because of the EVIL DEMOCRATS! Maybe it’s time to give away “ALL OF THE DEMOCRATS RETIREMENT MONEY 1st”!!They have PLENTY hidden away in offshore accounts that they’ve been STEALING FOR YEARS!!

4 months ago

Jackass Josef DIDN’T WIN the Presidentcy, HE STOLE IT! . . . Respect is earned, Not just given! . . . The REAL ISSUE is whether the Republican Party Leadership CORRECTED this from happening AGAIN and I see NO EVIDENCE that they have! History will REPEAT itself if this is NOT CORRECTED!

4 months ago

Biden is the most disgusting, disrespectful, disengaged and disingenuous morons on the planet. Even if he is the President, no one with a brain should listen to him.

4 months ago
Reply to  ref

But he is NOT the duly elected president!! He was installed, not elected. Question is: how do we get him out & restore our country to its former position as One Nation Under GOD??
Answer is: only a move by the Mighty Hand of GOD will correct & save this nation!!!! Remember Sodom & Gomorrah? Remember the Red Sea? Stand strong & trust HIM!!!

4 months ago
Reply to  Donna

Let’s Get Biden To Quit. LGBTQ

4 months ago


Jim D.
4 months ago

Unfortunately, it is “WE THE VOTERS” that must act! If people are waiting for the legacy media to inform the American people, the corrupt justice department to genuinely investigate, or even the corrupt Democrat controlled Senate to seriously look into this matter, we’ll be waiting until the rapture! If we can manage to overcome the obvious election fraud committed by these criminals on the left and actually vote these idiots out of power, WE MUST! It’s the ONLY avenue left to “we the people”! We as individual citizens have an obligation to unabashedly educate anyone and everyone that we can! It’s literally the only way we can start to fix this nation! Oh, and did I mention…we must absolutely address and fix our education system that’s spewing out little Marxist’s by the millions that will eventually vote.

4 months ago

Boy, I tell you this is better than watching a soap opera on t.v. , because it’s like watching Dalles , I have never seen such two faced, back stabbing I can do what ever I want, but shame on you if you do it. Think about it everything they have blamed Trump or the Republicans for they have completely lied about and have done them selves and even worse why is this incompetent fool and his ballerina cabinet still in the white house, and why is the F.B.I. still even there they are just as crooked as the Biden administration. What a flipping CIRCUS and a total embarrassment to the American people.

4 months ago

How many of these documents ended up in the hands of the CCP?

Robert Mayberry
4 months ago

Yes, why is there not an outcry from the Media? Why has the FBI not raided Biden’s home, offices and where his college papers have been hidden? Have we gone over the cliff and are now Banana Republic?

4 months ago

The “conspiracy theory” in 2021 was Biden would last for two years and then Kamala would take over. Although Harris is exceedingly stupid it doesn’t matter she is only a puppet, they have perfected the voter cheat enough keep her in office for 10 years. Jan 21/2023 is two years.

4 months ago

This will get swept under the rug just like all the rest. Hillary is still not in prison after four years of Trump with clear, cut and dried evidence that she obstructed justice.

John D. Beach
4 months ago

The Democrat Party and the particular actions of specific Democrats have been outrageous for 62 years. The damage they have done to individuals and the national security is incalculable. They have changed the country for the worse and the costs and consequences of it are irreparable.

John Hancock
4 months ago

It’s Not the one’s they found that is the problem, it is the ones that were there and have been taken away by the enemies of our Nation. They found the ones that no one cares about. Obviously, a plan to distribute our secrets for sale.

Thomas Fennell
4 months ago
Reply to  John Hancock

Didn’t Trump do the exact same thing? How is this alright for Trump but not Biden? Bit of a double standard wouldn’t you agree?

4 months ago

Trump added a little fuel to fire on classified files today: Only President has right to declassify files & Biden was only a VP at the time. Wow, what a defense & should fool a lot of juries.

4 months ago

Wow, Trump & Biden have couple of things in common: 1) How to handle Classified files and now today 2) Biden talking about police using force & wondering if they could just shoot them in the leg —- and did not Trump wonder the same thing when protestors were in DC in 2019-2020? My opinion, we do not want another debate of these two in 2024.

Pete from St Pete
4 months ago

Biden’s demeanor indicates his total disdain of the rest of the electorate. He just smiles when asked about his treatment of classified information because he feels the rules and laws that apply to us don’t apply to him. He knows the progressive press will do its best to get him off the hook. His nitwit press secretary dutifully deflects all questions with nonsense statements.

4 months ago

Biden is not very smart: Trump should have been a Red Flag for Biden to make sure that he did not have any classified files in his house. Both of them should be ashamed of their actions .

4 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Just curious, Johnhabout, why, exactly, should former President Trump be ashamed? Any President has the authority to declassify documents, so he did nothing wrong

4 months ago
Reply to  Belinda

Thinking about this I wonder why the douments that Trump has were still classified if he asked for them to be declasssified. I think it is the symptom of a government that does not work. They do not have enough people to get the jobs done and sometimes fail to complete tasks at all. That sounds like a socialist work force, not in a hurry to get anything done.

4 months ago

Pete from St Pete: When Joey Biden just smiles, it’s because whatever question was asked, he cannot comprehend what exactly was asked or stated. The brain is no longer working, it has not worked in quite some time. Watch his speeches carefully. When he whispers, wait for the lies. When he raises his voice and shouts, then says No Joke, he is pissed. Look for the extra skin around his eyes towards his temples with all the colors of make-up, he needs his eyelid lift again. He is going to be hands full for the nursing home who will take care of him soon.

4 months ago

You called the press progressive. They are not! They are elitist and socialist talking heads, to afraid to speak any truth in their presentations.Everyone should start a list of the companies who advertise during these news presentations and leftist talk shows and sent emails, tweets, texts or letters to their advertiser’s. Let these advertiser’s know your distaste with the lack of factual reporting and out right lies being broadcast on the network they support . Explain to these companies and corporations that since their organization’s supports these broadcasters, by advertising products or services. You, your family and as many people as you can convince on social media will stop buying their products and/or services. Let them know that you already are aware of over 70 million people who are feed up with elitist and socialist fabractions being shamelessly spewed on national television and radio.If these companies and corporations hear from enough people and then experience declining sales or requests for their services, like Disney corporation did, maybe they will start pulling the plug on these haters and mindless talking heads, including teleprompter Brandon, and stop advertising or supporting any of them. Then, we just might start hearing the truth again, not just their dictated political back wash!

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