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Biden and Haiti – Cause and Effect


Cause and effect work in diplomacy, as they do in physics. Prior to the July 2021 assassination of Haiti’s president and the August 2021 earthquake, Haiti struggled. While facing endemic poverty, corruption, and agitation, stability was possible. After these events, Haiti sought American help. Biden did nothing. Haitians now flood our border. Biden failed – again.

To understand Haiti, context is vital. Everyone from Jimmy Carter and Colin Powell to Obama and Trump have – grousing aside – tried to help Haiti. Haiti has unique problems, from geography to public health and safety. Still, progress was being made with backsteps.

A terrible earthquake in 2010 set the country back, but successive administrations helped. This includes forward-leaning efforts during the Trump years. By 2019, trade preferences had Haiti’s economy clawing back. As the US economy surged under Trump, industries like apparel –90 percent of Haiti’s exports – were thriving. In that year, the industry boasted 50,000 jobs.

Likewise, while political issues created turbulence, other highwater marks were recorded. Haiti recorded zero cholera cases, hope rose with 27,000 new jobs from “private sector competitiveness” effort, and while security was a concern, political outmigration was no higher than normal.

Then came the devastating assassination of Haiti’s president in July of this year. That is what an insurrection looks like. It was horrific and turned the nation upside down.

As a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, whose job focused on unstable regions, some principles resonate. Without security – including law enforcement – stability slips. Without stability, civil societies do not work, no investment, rising fear, and lawlessness.

In July, the proverbial writing was on the wall. Haiti needed immediate support. How? As with past instability, they needed US troops, directly or under UN command. That, we know, works. Biden did nothing. Secretary of Defense and State Austin and Blinken did nothing.

A weak branch can bear a heavy bird, but two birds will often break the branch. They did. In August, a devastating earthquake hit. While we responded, slowly – no security support.

While humanitarian aid is useful, recall the principles: No security, no stability. No stability, civil societies do not work – crime, fear, lawlessness, lack of hope follow. They did in Haiti.

Mr. Biden was preoccupied with fleeing Afghanistan, no time for little Haiti. Of course, in retrospect, maybe Haiti is better off without his attention. That said a self-stoking disaster.

Once Biden’s indifference was obvious, security nowhere, people hoping to save their lives fled. Unlike in Afghanistan, where the Taliban hold Americans and allies, Haiti had a backdoor – Mexico.

So, Biden’s indifference to Haiti’s security needs, preoccupation with Afghanistan, and on-again, off-again cogency left Haitians with a simple choice – face insufferable conditions or get out.

Not only did they leave, but last week the US Ambassador, appointed by Biden, followed them. In protest of Biden’s failed foreign policy, which has now included a strange combination of deporting Haitians back to a lawless country and pushing 15,000 of them into America’s Heartland, Ambassador Daniel Foote – whom I respect – left.

This tragedy was preventable. The 30,000 Haitians on US soil who should never have been here, and which Mr. Biden could easily have encouraged to stay in Haiti by paying attention to what Trump, Obama, Bush 43, Clinton, and Bush 41 had done – fled because they had no security.

Reality: We reap as we sow. Biden is doing that now. Cause and effect work in diplomacy, as in physics. If Biden were cognitively engaged in July, this would not have happened.

A real insurrection occurred in Haiti, and it left the president dead, the first lady in the hospital, nation in disarray. Instability was predictable, making security essential. The August earthquake iced the cake, forced a vital reaction – security assistance – only Biden stumbled, missed that.

If you get down to it, this is why we are now awash in COVID-untested Haitians, terrified to go home. Some combination of security assistance, deportations tied to security, and immediate humanitarian aid remain vital. Words are cheap. Action is real. Biden continues failing.

Like in Afghanistan, Biden failed miserably in Haiti, misread events, and caused calamity. It seems he did not care or is not all there. Foresight, planning, and courage are among his deficits.

Failures in foreign and domestic policy are becoming Biden’s hallmark. But he is good at the podium pivot and probably basement darts; maybe that is why he goes to Delaware every weekend and is never in DC. The less he knows, the less he does – cause and effect.

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Robin Walter Boyd
2 months ago

Joe Biden has only failed on everything he’s done when judged by American standards under the Constitutional Republic we are supposed to be and as a free capitalist nation, which we are also supposed to be. In the eyes of those who are controlling Joe Biden, Biden has been quite a success.|
Every situation is a manner of perspective. The winner gets to write the history books. If the U.S. continues to be so successfully forced into Socialism, then Joe Biden will be regarded as a hero to Socialist and Communist regimes that will have control over American citizens and the U.S. Don’t expect Truth, Justice or the American way, however.

2 months ago

We don’t want them here, nor do we want anyone else. Stop this ridiculous crap! CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW!!!!!!!!!

2 months ago

These Haitians have not been residing in Haiti, they are from Chile and Brazil…yes…the current administration should have responded to Haiti…but what’s that got to do with the current invasion…THEY ARE NOT LIVING IN HAITI!…why are we so consumed with this…as well as…covid…these illegals have Aids, TB,
Hepatitis, Measles, Mumps, and various skin diseases…all are very contagious… it’s not their fault if they never got vaccinated…but this is more of a reason…that they should not enter our Country…
It seems that this administration wants to get rid of most American citizens…we love our freedom and they want new citizens…illegals will be more submissive…this is a better fit for their agenda…

Charlotte A Mahin
2 months ago

Letting the Haitians come here and stay and bringing Afghans who were not helping us in Afghanistan ( and not vetted in any way) is just part of the Marxist plan. They are filling our country with people of color, many with no education or skills and are promising to support them for as long as they want it. They plan to give them the right to vote asap and the Marxists politicians are counting on being in control forever. These are the proverbial “chickens coming home to roost” that O’Bama’s long time reverend Jeremiah Wright talked about. Recall, he also said it is not God bless American, it is god damned America. They are quickly destroying our Democratic Republic. We are more than half way there….they own big business, social media, a news media that is nothing but another arm of the Marxist party, the entertainment world, our universities, etc. The DC Biden crowd and their friends own the FBI, DOJ and the IRS that were totally corrupted by O’Bama and Biden. They have disdain for upholding our laws and blatantly lie every time they open their evil mouths. Nothing short of a miracle will stop this powerful train from mowing us all down. All we can do is contact our Congressional Reps and volunteer to assist in Conservative advocacy groups and pray.

Nick Patriot
2 months ago

Well said, Charlotte. However, I have no faith whatsoever Republican reps as most of them are in on the destruction of freedom and the implementation of socialism. I don’t believe that God will intervene either even though I hope he will. He may help us if we decide to fight these devils. I don’t think Christians will decide to do what has to be done until its too late. Weep for our grandchildren.

2 months ago

Biden is trying to make the Haitian’s seeking illegal status as US residents is tending to make most American citizens think “I hate the effort by Joe Hidin’ Biden to slip them in to the US so the DemocRat Party can use them to try to continue to rig elections.”

2 months ago

I think the facts tell us that these Haitians were living in South America for a couple/few years waiting to come north.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jim

And it wouldn’t surprise me if a few DemocRats were spending time visiting them and training them to be able to assist in rigging the outcome of future elections in the USA once Joe Hidin’ Biden lets them come in to the Nation illegally.

2 months ago

Someone needs a more observant editor.

anna hubert
2 months ago

Cause and effect = “help for developing nations”=pouring water into a sinkhole.Will we ever learn that misplaced charity produces useless dependents who expect to be taken care of and have a fit when least is expected of them.

2 months ago

Just what America NEEDS RIGHT NOW, more angry black people who will riot if not appeased. . . . I’ll bet that if “white” Conservatives would “protest”, we’d be attacked by government troops in riot gear! . . . PREPARE TO FIGHT OR FOREVER LOSE YOUR RIGHTS! ! !

2 months ago

Why do we give a damn about that sweltering cesspool? They cannot blame a colonial past like the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa, or far Southeast Asia. The folks running Haiti today are the same folks that have been in control since about 1811…when they brutally butchered men, women and children to achieve nationhood. The country of Haiti is only about 25 years younger than the USA. Just maybe some peoples are incapable of self-governance? That truism is not going to be popular, but oftentimes the TRUTH HURTS!

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago
Reply to  HagarTHorrible

If they hadn’t made a deal with Satan to overthrow the French in exchange for their “freedom,” they might not be the outhouse of the Western Hemisphere!

Todd Wagner
2 months ago

They stepped on the1st soon time to pull out the 2nd.Law suits are coming.

2 months ago

I can’t help but to be concerned that the 15,000 Haitians are ready to be primed to play a ridding role in the upcoming National elections. And I don’t feel like I’m obsessing…….

2 months ago
Reply to  Hal

…. rigging, not ridding ……….typo

Willy E
2 months ago

BIDEN is just following his PROGRESSIVE agenda instructions as the ADMINISTRATOR of the UNITED STATES, CORPORATION, which is to reduce the world population. The results promote the GREAT RESET, and at the same time cause our country to fail. However, the United States of America is still simmering and hopefully will come to a boil soon. The sooner the better. We really do need a President.

J. Farley
2 months ago

I saw one of these slime-bag freeloaders from HAITI , on Fox and Friends this morning, bad mouthing President Trump, this morning. Here’s a thought, take him back to Haiti, by Airplane, BUT, don’t land the Airplane, just throw his Butt out from 30,000 feet.

2 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Mexico is still not cooperating in stemming the flow of illegal seeking aliens to trek thru their country to the US border. Maybe it is time to start getting realistic in insisting Mexico allow the US the privilege to monitor their southern border. That would put the stop to 99% of the potential foreigners seeking entry illegally to the US. ITS TIME TO STOP PLAYING GAMES AND SHUT DOWN THE ILLGALS TRYING TO PIERCE THE US/MEXICAN BORDER. There is no doubt in my mind that Mexico could be effective in being a good neighbor with little extra effort.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Dems & Haiti do Nothing, see Clinton scam then in the 90s: Zero.
Same with Biden Zero

Jeff Noncent
2 months ago

The Devil knows exactly what he is doing and it’s going to get worse and it’s not even a year yet we see this kind of stupidity chaos and Demonic behavior in the part of the government of America.

2 months ago

DemocRat Joe Hidin’ Biden has a policy now that says, “We will help Haitians and to H-E-DoubleHockeyStick with how it hurts US citizenry.” Our great Nation can not be a refuge for all the needy people in the World to escape political systems and tyranny because they have not wisely survived in their own country. The USA is no longer the magnet for the World’s needy and abused citizens that want to pour in to this Nation. C’mon, DemocRats. give priority and enforcement of this Naiton’s laws created under a Constitutional Democracy.

2 months ago

What I want to know is…. how in hell did the masses of Haitians get to South America and Central America? They appear to be poor, uneducated, but well fed. I smell a Soros (or his ilk) in the weeds.
They certainly didn’t paddle a small boat to SA.

Jeff Noncent
2 months ago
Reply to  RC100

Well that is exactly what I called Demonic manifestos you have George Soros, Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy, Chuck, and all of the Democratic party behind all of this.

Megan Larson
2 months ago
Reply to  RC100

Some were living in those countries. Then decided to come here.

Sharon Ormsby
2 months ago
Reply to  Megan Larson

Yes, but the question remains, HOW?

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago
Reply to  RC100

And where do they and the ones crossing the border get the brand-new T shirts with the Biden logo on them? They sure didn’t make them!

2 months ago

It’s hard to find a dem wearing a Biden tee shirt in this country yet they adorn immigrant Haitians with them. How does Soros get away with what he’s doing in our country? I understand he’s not allowed in his native Hungary.

2 months ago

These Hatians have been residing in S America for several years! They had Refugee status. No reason to come here EXCEPT our advertised FREE STUFF!!!

2 months ago
Reply to  Lizzy

And when the “free stuff” begins to wane, the former refugees likely in most cases begins to find nuisance and/or illegal ways (or both) to survive in this country that deteriorate the quality of life for the legal citizens of this Nation. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the DemocRats will find a way to use them illegally and politically to increase their political power.

2 months ago

The probIem is that we are under attack, both at the border and from within at the point of D.C. l do not see petitions, Ietters, phone caIIs, “voting”, protests, vigiIs, etc. soIving ANY of this. How did that work out for our CoIoniaI ancestors?

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