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Biden and Carter – Race to the Bottom


Presidential polls can be trivial – here and gone. Or they can mean something, matching past patterns, offering a window on the future. Biden’s plummeting poll numbers mean something. Following Jimmy Carter’s policy blueprint, Biden’s polls are tanking, along with the US economy and global respect.

In only 11 months, Biden’s approval dropped from a media-assisted 64 percent to 36 percent. He lost 28 percent of the public, governs with approval from a third of the nation, may beat Carter to the bottom.

This slide-in a president’s first term, first year – is unprecedented. Biden’s numbers do not track with Nixon, Bush 41, or Trump. They depart from Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Clinton, Obama, Bush 43 – and of course, Ronald Reagan.

By way of quick review, all patterns are different.

Nixon began at 66 percent in 1972, slid to 24 percent with Watergate corruption. But that was in a second term, after a popular first term and winning reelection in a landslide.

George Herbert Walker Bush rose in popularity to a stunning 89 percent, middle of the Gulf War. Not a campaigner, he dropped to 29 percent by term’s end.  But wartime presidents are different, often highly popular, then not so much.

Trump was at 60 percent early 2021, then the COVID body slam, rabid press after January 6th riot, leaving him at 29 percent. That said, it took a full four years.

Going back to the 1940s, Truman – under whom WWII ended – saw an 87 percent approval rating in 1945, diminished to 22 percent by 1952. Eisenhower, who followed Truman, war hero, started at 81 percent, concluded 47 percent.

Kennedy tragically lost early, slid from 86 to 56 percent approval, never lower. Johnson, after Vietnam, slid from 79 percent to 34 percent, while Ford, who stepped up after Nixon, and went from 73 percent to 36 percent, again odd times, extended period.

Similar multi-year slides met Bush 43, who went from 90 percent at 9-11 to 25 percent at the end, and Obama, who was at 69 percent, then ended at 40 percent. 

Only two presidents bucked the trend, Clinton who rose – with a growing economy – from 37 to 73 percent, and Reagan, who rose from 35 percent to 74 percent, growing economy, end of Soviet Union.

Only one president has fallen 28 points in his first 11 months, Mr. Biden. However, Jimmy Carter fell fast on similar positions. Between 1977 and 1979, Carter’s approval fell from 74 to 28 percent or 46 points.

Why? Carter’s policies, while not openly socialist, anti-free market, or defeatist, were all three. Biden has just upped the ante, accelerated the process – with a Democrat Congress.

Carter pushed federal mandates, fuel rationing, indulged communist nations (e.g., the Soviet Union and China), pushed alternate and foreign energy sources over US independence, demoralized the US military, raised taxes, increased entitlements, created the massive Department of Education – to this day prescribing federal nostrums to states, municipalities, and parents, at huge taxpayer cost.

What Carter could not do, based on checks in Congress, was pass his guaranteed minimum income, federal job guarantee, negative income tax (money for nothing, discouraging work), cash payments.

Like Biden, he favored legalizing some illegal drugs, was naïve on foreign policy, tended away from deterrence, leading to surprise when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Iran took US hostages, rescue failed, he bumbled into interactions with Cuba, almost withdrawing from South Korea, before stopping.

What was the result of the failed Carter policies, beyond lost approval? 

Answer: Devastation of the US economy, higher runaway inflation, higher interest rates, unemployment, and fear (stagflation), unions seeking massive wage spikes, seniors unable to pay bills, reduced consumption, fuel rationing, devalued dollar, diminished respect for the US globally, communist advances, high drug abuse (including in the military), rising public debt, falling public confidence.

These dramatic negatives got reversed – only under Ronald Reagan, who took over Carter’s recession and got America back on our feet.  He cut taxes, freed free markets, brought inflation down, created 18 million private jobs, restored the energy sector, reduced federal agencies, tackled (with his wife) the drug crisis, restored the US military, and ended the Soviet Union.

So, this avalanche in Biden’s numbers – is headed lower.  He is pursuing failed Carter policies, only magnitudes worse, as pushing with congressional Democrats socialist concentration of power. Expect stagflation, accelerating inflation, taxes, interest rates, and unemployment.

Expect a falling dollar, consumer confidence, labor participation, and social unrest, which will be compounded by Biden’s anti-law enforcement and open border policies. 

Expect the US military to struggle with budgets, procurement, operations, recruiting, and retention, as law enforcement is.  And expect arrogance in the White House, with reduced international respect. 

The only thing missing is Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech – announcing America’s lost confidence, and his patronizing energy conservation speech, in that tan cardigan – warm by a fireplace, energy crisis. 

No wonder many see Biden as warmed-over Carter, with cascading policy failures. Expect polls to keep falling, prices to keep rising, and comparisons to Carter to multiply. Once over, Carter may look good.  

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1 month ago

What a team the Democrats have. Hate, destruction, lack of leadership. Go team go! Jimmy can rest easy, Joe is here.

1 month ago

I thought Carter was the worst President than came Obuma but Biden is by far the worse and biggest idiot of all. Impeach him now!!!

1 month ago

Hoping we get the last laugh! Why should they care? They are all swimming in $$$$$$

1 month ago

It is hard to imagine a more reprehensible individual than Obama could be President…except for China Joe.

Fred Fuhrer
1 month ago
Reply to  Duberator

Obama should have never been President. How could a man with a faked “natural born” birth certificate who never had even visited Connecticut get a social security number from that state? Biden should have never been President with the mounting evidence of fraud based election results against him? The Constitution ignored is the greatest danger we all face in today’s world. AND, it keeps on happening, and Congress does nothing avout it, breaking their oaths of office every day they exist as a legislative body. “OATHBREAKERS” they are presently known as, chasing the buck, but not stopping it from becoming almost useless due to inflation. Basing the value of the dollar on what it can buy from 1965 to date, a 1965 dollar used to buy ten loaves of bread. Now, it takes 35 times that much to buy ONE loaf of bread. Gasoline cost $.40 cents a gallon in 1965, where it now costs $3.65+ a gallon, or more depending on how close you are to Los Angeles, CA. Probably a tenfold increase since I was very young. Biden makes me wish it was 1965 once again with stable prices and affordable wages for a one earner home, not two. The bad thing: there are 45 times the homeless people on the streets today than there was in 1965. The good thing is that technology allows most of us to live much longer lives than we did in 1965. Although, I really think we should have bred ourselves to be more intelligent, than longer lived.

Camille Gilliam
1 month ago

Let’s pray that we get Biden out of the WH soon and when he goes home they should have to pay triple the utility rates as the rest of us. Plus they should have to pay us {government } back for their fence around their ocean front property.

Fred Fuhrer
1 month ago

To my long memory, there NEVER has been a fence around anywhere in Washington D.C., not ever. It was the people’s city. Now, by edict, it belongs to Joe Biden and only Joe Biden – that is, while he still lives. That can change very easily depending on his health and popularity. His “cognitive ability” hangs around his neck like an albatross, lost, he becomes a nothing unless his “keepers” keep him alive and able to mumble “something” while in an upright position held up by his podium/teleprompter.
“Stumble, stumble, smile and mumble”. Wave a little bit, and you become President! It’s MAGIC!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Fred Fuhrer

Have your cronies steal the election for you.

Tom post biden
1 month ago

I agree with nearly all the comments. What I don’t understand is how this baby killing lying treasonous imbecile fart bag remains in the White House where divvies up all the taxpayers money with other countries and criminals (ie., the Democratic Party) then pays illegals hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter and destroy our country from within with drugs human trafficking and Chinese-Biden flu. No effort to defend our country in any way—he’s only interested in selling out to china and Russia and the drug cartel. Drag that miserable piece of trash out and put him and every democrat behind bars in GITMO FOR LIFE!

1 month ago
Reply to  Tom post biden

Never forget Tim, he and all the others like him stay in office because people VOTE for them. Let’s stop blaming the politicians and start blaming the people.

1 month ago
Reply to  Rich

Except this braindead P O S DIDN’T GET 82 MILLION VOTES, they stuffed the boxes, padded numbers to the tune of AT LEAST HALF OF THOSE being fraud!

red green
1 month ago

biden is carter on steroids with obama at the helm.

2 months ago


2 months ago

I believe it was William Safire who said something on the order of Jimmy Carter was a feckless moron on a fool’s mission. Another wag, upon watching Jimmy carrying his own luggage off Airforce One , thought it made Carter look like a tractor salesman heading to a Holiday Inn for the night.
It seems that every recent democrat president has brought a particular type of painful stupidity and ugliness to our country while in office. A liberal wag said Bill and Hillary spread a layer of dung behind them as they strode across a room.
Foreign leaders notice when we a have an especially inept president, as we have now. Our allies will try to adjust to the situation. People like China’s Xi are going to take advantage of Biden, because they know he’s unable to stop them. In this case it seems that Taiwan will soon go the way of Hong Kong, and along with Afghanistan that will be what we remember about Biden. I always sleep better when a democrat isn’t in office.

Dave G
2 months ago

It s hard to imagine anyone in their right mind would pill for Joe except his closest paid off friend s an countries who can gain from all his help. But I will say this he maybe trying to play God But no mistake about it Be s doing the devil’s work God know s everything an Has already won the victory. Keep your eyes on the King of Kings He s coming soon Joe s trying to inherit the World. I waiting on the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessings to you

Dave Smith
2 months ago

Funny that I can’t find a single one of the 81 million “valid voters” who put this fecalfest of an administration in power to tell me how ashamed I should be for still (and always!) wearing my MAGA gear and happily discussing the most successful President we’ve ever had! Not one who will even admit to voting against America to install this inept career criminal! You may not want to admit it or, like me, believe you’d still be around to see it, but another revolution needs to happen in this country before it’s too late. Yes, I will fiercely defend some brain dead democrat’s to talk about the virtues of socialism but I’ll be damned if I’ll watch an ignorant minority of scumbags implement it here in America. If you’re not fighting mad you sure as hell should be, if not, you might want to decide if you’re really still willing to do the hard work it takes to call yourself an American because the “Easy, entitlement road” is the crap these socialist democrats are peddling!

1 month ago
Reply to  Dave Smith

Totally agree!

2 months ago

IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE! . . . JACKASS JOE HAS ALREADY PASSED PEANUT JIMMY IN RECORD TIME!!! . . . He must want to solidify his basement position by making sure no one will ever challenge his position as American History’s WORST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME!!!

2 months ago

I’m a Trump man! While Carter was just a dumbass, Obama and Biden are treasonous scum that should be hung.

Mario Capparuccini
2 months ago

Don’t blame me. I voted for Trump.

Andrew P
2 months ago

I don’t expect Biden to last 4 years, but he will do 10 years worth of damage in just 2 or less.

2 months ago

Biden has definitely won….he is the bottom of the barrel and that is scraping the bottom.

2 months ago

Yeah, I remember well those days waiting in line to buy gas. It was loads of fun – NOT!

2 months ago

Trump’s #s dropped after the Jan 6th ‘Riots’’! Excuse Me?? 1-2 mil flag waving Patriots were rioters? To this day the Pelosi biased Commission hasn’t proven anything other than 50 or so that went into Capital coerced & cajoled by FBI Deep state & Antifa scum! Most are still in jail for practicing their first Amendment! Meantime the true rioters & looters from inner cities were let loose the following day! Expect lies & misinformation from mainstream & social media Not Amac!!
STOP parroting the Liberal garbage that the manipulated & staged Jan 6th event was riots!
Mr Charles should go over to write for CNN or CNBC!

Steven Coughlin
2 months ago

The Democrats ( much like their friends, the Chinese communists) will and are gladly sacrificing some short-term losses in exchange for the passage of socialist spending bills. They know that no existing government program ever goes away ( to the contrary, most or all tend to expand) and that elections are cyclical. They are banking on Republicans blowing any mandate and/or majority they may attain in 2022 and 2024, and know it is only a matter of time until they are the majority political party again (especially if the GOP does not govern wisely).

Gabriele Pfeiffer
2 months ago


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