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Beyond Impeachment, Good Days Await

impeachmentKeeping one eye on the ball is hard, as political operatives and media performers keep moving shells, distracting and reprioritizing. Next week will not bring traditional holiday fare, much less “peace on Earth.” That said, it may bring better news than many expect. There is sun behind the clouds.

On the political front, the impeachment fandango – complete with castanets and tambourine – will keep vying for media attention.  Most know it is more noise than light.  One Democratic House member is switching parties, others wringing their hands.  Their leadership has made life hard – to stick it to a President.  That has been the goal for three years.

Now, as many as 40 House Democrats must cast a vote damaging chances of victory in 2020.  While 31 hail from districts Trump won, another 12 succeeded Republicans; all 43 districts are likely to be heavily contested.  If a majority go Republican, Democrats lose the House.

Objectively, Donald Trump is unique; history will record the fact.  He is about to get the distinction of becoming the first president to suffer an all-partisan, legally groundless, over-hyped impeachment, devoid of due process, impartiality, or pretense to fairness.

The Democratic victory will be short-lived, emotional hoopla at damage wrought, coiffed hair and lines about sadness, no time to worry for country, Constitution, national security, international standing or splintered caucus.  They will gloat, lecture the Senate, watch in mock suspense, then regret the president was not convicted – which he will not be.  That takes us through mid-January.

Good news is elsewhere, under a different shell.  Year end economic numbers look to be extraordinary, in historical context.   We should see two major trade deals – the largest in decades – go final.   First, the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement will level the playing field across North America, gains for US producers and consumers.

Specifics include greater tariff-free access to Canada, plus reduced prices on Canadian dairy products, and a seven-fold increase in US duty-free limit on purchases.   On auto parts, more will come from across North America (rather than outside the region), 75 percent of auto value derived from North American manufacturers, US accounting for much of the value.  Wages in Mexico will rise for more regional fair play.

Expect more protections for intellectual property, cross-border business, better dispute settlement, a six-year review (or sunset) provision, and less currency manipulation and state subsidies.  In short, expect new efficiencies and the regional market to pop.

Then we get “first phase” of the hard-won China deal, after two years of parrying.  This will deliver near-term benefits and longer reforms.  Serious dialogue produced double American exports to China by 2021, and an uptick in US exports to China by at least $100 billion annually in the several years ahead, plus reduced tariffs.

Liberal economists are hesitant to give Trump credit, saying the stand-off was costly.  That assessment is hard to square with a soaring stock market, US labor market, US labor productivity, record low unemployment, consistently low inflation, wage and income growth, widening US supply chain and new international markets.

China has paid an added 40 billion dollars in tariffs, and much of that has not been passed to US consumers.  Note, inflation remains unchanged, so Chinese profit margins appear to have absorbed much of the cost.

While farm exports fell, they are set to bounce higher by magnitudes, and President Trump pressed short-term compensation from Congress to cover near-term income drops.   So, for now, the Trump strategy has worked – and China is on course to take more seriously US insistence on fairness.

In the end, non-partisan economists grudgingly admit the upside of these deals.  They are a turning point.  They represent what no other US President dared seek in recent decades, a reset of the international trade dynamic, greater fairness for US producers, new economies for buyers, greater access to restricted markets.

Other good news abounds.  As one looks ahead, a major trade deal is likely with Great Britain, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson turns to finalizing “Brexit” and pivots West.  NATO countries realize they must carry more weight in out-years and appear poised to do so, adolescent tittering aside.

North Korea has halted – lest we forget – nuclear testing and long-range missile testing under Trump. Oppressive Iran struggles with mass uprisings internally, after Trump ended the nuclear deal, re-imposed sanctions, and encouraged an end to their nuclear weapons gambit.

Globally, from Russia and Turkey to China and Japan, Saudi Arabia to Colombia, the United States is engaged, not recalcitrant, demur, undependable or apologetic.  That has implications for future trade, security and foreign relations.  Socialism is reeling from Cuba and Venezuela to human rights pressure on China.  America is back in the game.

Net-net there are some curious days ahead, with a gaggle of struggling socialist and semi-socialist Democratic presidential candidates urging more centralized control.  That control would cost individual liberty – and Americans know it.   Lots of “free stuff” for higher taxes, less speech, restricted religion, press, association and firearm freedom?  No thank you.

Few takers for that shell game either.  So, prepare for more discord, fear mongering, and spectacles like Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler on December 15th crying the choice is “impeachment or tyranny.”  That may not sell.  Still, expect the next week to bring a must-have-it approach to impeaching this president, without much interest in constitutional procedure, legal predicate, or bipartisanship.

This too will pass.  Keeping one eye on the ball is hard, but good news lies ahead.  Sometimes you must wait out dark, billowing banks of clouds, to get to sun.  But the sun is there – always was.

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M. C. Marquis
2 years ago

GOD bless

Mike B.
2 years ago

This Holiday Season we all need to pray for President Trump. How he has been able to accomplish all he has in the face of the Dumb–o-crat onslaught. He is truly amazing. We also need to push our friends and and those we meet to vote Trump and Republicans in 2020. We need to give him a strong Republican House and Senate and “hold on to your hats”, he will have our economy humming like a jet engine.

T Taylor
2 years ago

T Taylor

It is time to impeach Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Schiff for abuse of power, disregard for the Constitution, rule of law and willfully lying to the American people; it is time for someone to go to prison for such a political fabrication. Treason has been committed and We The People, 63 million voters, demand justice under the law. If no one from the above are prosecuted it will send a message that the law may be ignored by any citizen if they so elect.

T Taylor
2 years ago

Dear Nancy Pelosi, you, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler are done representing the people in 2020. Sixty-three million Americans voted for this President and we remain unwavering in our resolve to support his good works. You and your party have wasted three plus years trying to obstruct this president efforts to make America great again simply because your party’s hatred of President Trump. Your coup has failed, your spin has fallen on deaf ears and the impeachment will be a bust when it hits the Senate; and now your party is going to pay a political price for such reckless, dishonest, treasonous behavior. My only hope is that the key players in this Democratic debacle are prosecuted and incarcerated. You and your liberal colleagues have brough only shame on our political system; this was a display of disgraceful, juvenile behavior. I pray for God’s mercy upon you for I believe Americans will not be so easily persuaded to extend such grace. Moderate Democrats need to take back the party before it is too late; remember it is WE THE PEOPLE who have the last say; only subordinate under God.

Cyd Drake
2 years ago

The demoncrats have surely pooped in their nest. Don’t possible see how anyone could vote for any of them after watching their antics the past years. They have wasted their time and all the money they were paid making themselves look extremely UNPATRIOTIC and uncaring of the people who elected them. I’ve never been so ashamed of our government, excluding President Trump, than I am of this display of selfishness.

Rich Friedlund
2 years ago

Enjoyed your posting – thank you .. With that in mind, please advise with your overview of the following: – I Would like to know if you feel there is real opportunity now – handed to us by the Dem’s and they don’t even know it by forcing a voting process “up or down” for the impeachment effort ? What I mean here is – this impeachment vote is going to be “single issue” and clearly show how quickly a vote can happen, show how each person votes and forces accountability upon each that vote..
I don’t agree with the issue they are presenting but what I do agree with is this process and what it provides ” No more hiding your true position anymore , No more giving into items that are attached that are not related but forced to accept to get the real issue approved, No more justification for lenghty delay to call for a vote, and much more…
I am hoping You can embrace, what I call opportunity and write about the true incredible benefit to our legislative system making all legislation “stand alone single issue” / “up or down” only and hopefully with a sunset provision..
The positive ramifications of implementation of this process would be profound, deliberatingly simple, amazingly productive and provide exact clarity of the voters position for any and all that care to view ..

Hope to hear from You.. Merry Christmas to You and Yours and may 2020 bring only the best to You and all of US… (Yes, that means the United States also)

2 years ago

Any other conservative or even honest, decent person who would actually do their best for America would have been treated the exact same way the dems/left have treated Trump. It is NOT Trump that is their problem. It is their crooked money flow and power being questioned, brought out into the light, stopped that has made them all go nuts. They LOVED Trump for 50 years! Hollywood loved Trump for 50 years. They want the corruption, the socialism, communism, help from those who hate America. They knew Trump getting elected would be a big problem for them because they know him – for 50 years. They know him well enough to know he would not go for all the corruption.

H L Howell
2 years ago

The senate needs to hold a trial to showcase the unconstitutional actions of shiff, pelosi, and nadler. these people are the enemies of democracy and need, along with hillary, to be brought to trial.PRESIDENT TRUMP, is blameless and innocent of the made up imaginary wrongs that keep showing up once the previous dream has been proven a lie. At the very least these people should be voted OUT.

Clarence Holt
2 years ago

I wish everyone in America could read this!

2 years ago

We have through our President of the United States Of AMERICA the greatest economy EVER!!
Thank You President Trump & your staff & advisers for doing this for AMERICA!

2 years ago

As far as I can see Donald J. Trump is the best President I have ever seen. The Democrats are making fools of themselves, not doing their jobs and wasting time and money while president Trump keeps doing more and more of what the people actual want done. He is courageous and genuine. He may not be the best diplomat but he is doing his job and doing it well. God Bless Donald Trump and his family.

Don Wyne
2 years ago

As we know, the only reason that the Demonrats (as Judge Jeanine calls them) tried impeachment all though there was no valid charges to impeach for is that they know they can’t beat him next year. Also, they don’t know what to do with a politician who keeps his promises. Promises Made; Promises Kept!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago

Very well written and so understood! Gives me hope all will be ok towards spring

2 years ago
Reply to  Bumbleybee23

All this is getting so old. We have the greatest President ever. What he does is for the left as well as us. They are so blinded by lies. Very gullible folks.

2 years ago


PC or not PC?
2 years ago

We can only hope that these sunzabritches pay dearly in the next election . God bless President Trump.

Gerlinda F Baker
2 years ago

Best President ever

2 years ago

NEVER FORGET AMERICA HAS A DEMOCRAT POLITICAL PARTY (1 for killing of babies because it is a woman’s wright) (2 for open borders that lets any one come in even drug dealers, drugs, rapist, killers, terrorist,) (3 they hate the Christian community and embrace the radical muslin kill American crowd as their actions speak so loud to and their lies are sanctioned by the Koran). TOLERANCE, TOLERANCE, TOLERANCE OF THE EVIL THEY PREACH IS THEIR P. C. TWISTING OF THE TRUTH FOR NO SANE PERSON IS TOLERANT OF PURE EVIL YET THEIR SLAVE FOLLOWER SAY YESSER MASTER. AMERICA EDUCATION SYSTEM HAS CREATED A MASS OF MINDLESS ROBOTS TO SERVE THEIR BIGOTED HATE AMERICA LEADERS. A LITTLE LEVEN, LEVEN THE WHOLE LOAF, AND IN THIS CASE A LITTLE EVIL SPREADS THROUGH THE WHOLE LOAF. SOME OF THEIR TEACHER ARE MASTER BAKERS OF THIS PIE. TIME TO CUT THE HEAD OFF OF ALL OF THESE SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Perry
2 years ago
Reply to  R J B

Somehow we need a final solution to the Democrats/Communists. We can’t let them keep on wreaking havoc to our Republic. They must be put down permanently and God needs to give us wise leaders to know how to do it. When Republicans get in control again, they need to pass laws forbidding a party to run candidates which espouse those values of the Democrats. Those values do not convey the Judeo/Christian values and we must root all of the evil out of government or we will lose all of God’s blessings.

2 years ago

It’s so wonderful to hear the good news in one coherent article from AMAC. Too bad much of the country will never hear it, as they thrive on the doom and gloom of the liberal media. Their lives are better economically, and they seem to have no idea where this is coming from. I’m guessing their psyche wouldn’t be able to take it, if reality hit and they had to admit that President Trump is doing a stellar job taking care of this great country. So sad that the hate machine (liberal media) is where they all live day after day. TRUMP 2020 and beyond!!!!!!!

2 years ago

God Bless this great American President, Donald Trump. The 1st President in many years that loves God and American and is willing against all odds to stand up for what is right and what America stands for!!!!

Susan Perry
2 years ago
Reply to  Denise

President Trump is on a par with George Washington. He is our great General, just a different kind of war. He is persecuted and discriminated against everyday, as is his family also. He has sacrificed his former life to do what is right for our country.

2 years ago

The Liberals and the Democrats have made a mockery of our judicial system with their lies and illegal procedures. Our President, President Trump, is the greatest thing to ever happen to Our country. President Trump is without a doubt the strongest person I know. They ridicule and obstruct every move, every decision and every accomplishment he makes and he is still making headway. Pray for Our President and Our country. These are perilous times.

Susan Perry
2 years ago
Reply to  Jack

I agree. None of us have gone through an attempted coup of our presidency. This is a first in our history, thanks to the Dems. Because of this Democrats should be banned from office. There could be another major patriotic party, but no more Democrats. They’ve shown they are Communists and hate America.

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