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Beware – “Triple Witching Hour” in American Politics

AmericanAs equity holders know, a harrowing “triple witching hour” occurs when three security types end on one day. Volatility can follow. This week, American politics will see a first-ever “triple witching hour,” as three events collide – the 2020 Iowa Caucuses on Monday, President Trump’s “State of the Union” on Tuesday, and the Impeachment acquittal vote on Wednesday. In short, hold onto your hat.

As if the coincidence of these three ground-shaking events was not reason enough to pause and ponder, the three are each wild. The Iowa caucuses, when Iowans point the way for presidential hopefuls, is this year wide open. The State of the Union, which insiders say will avoid impeachment, offers a powerful forum for Trump’s eye-popping economy, foreign policy, trade, and judicial appointment victories. The impeachment vote … well, what can you say? That long drama will close with a thud.

On the Iowa caucuses, things get stranger and stranger. With largely unpopular, individually questionable, internally quarreling Democratic candidates, life is edgy. With no obvious leader, three candidates – Senators Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar – remain in Washington. So do also-ran Senators Booker and Harris. Accusations continue to dog Biden and son about possible sweetheart deals reached while the elder Biden was Obama’s VP.

Now, adding insult to injury comes a new revelation. According to Politico, “the stunning, last-minute cancellation of the Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom poll and … hour-long CNN special deprived the political class of the 11th-hour marker” in the close race. An Iowa leader termed it “absolutely shocking,” while Politico mused that “the entire run-up to the caucuses has been almost dumbfoundingly strange.”

The entire Democratic party seems in a slow-motion meltdown, with defunct candidates tweeting profanities (Beto O’Rourke), Hillary Clinton – the party’s scorched former standard-bearer – “lobbing criticism at Sanders,” Warren hammering Sanders with broadsides about sexism, insiders doubting Biden, Gabbard suing Clinton for defamation, and now Michael Bloomberg sallying up for his swig of popularity.

The likeliest outcome of these Iowa caucuses, conducted on the eve of a rousing State of the Union and deflating pre-spun impeachment acquittal, is nothing. Iowa will only underscore how divided, rancorous, and flat-footed the entire Democratic party is – in responding to Trump’s powerful message of economic growth, lower taxes, less regulation, trade fairness, national and border security, traditionalism and the triumph of American exceptionalism.

The second big event hits Tuesday, with the State of the Union. Rumors are that this one, like the two previous speeches, will be a barn burner, putting Democrats in Trump-friendly states – and across the country – on defense.

In the run-up, President Trump has relit hopes of a Middle East peace, pushed China for a “phase two” trade deal, cranked pressure higher on Iran to stop seeking nuclear weapons, hinted at a deal with post-Brexit Britain, and can point out the end of ISIS, end of mass inflows of illegal aliens, and a raft of economic data.

Any sense that Trump will be on defense, after a “no new witnesses” vote in the Senate impeachment debacle last week, is gone. Like a ship at full sail in a gale, his biggest challenge will be not running too hard – sails full stiff wind.

Not since Ronald Reagan delivered his 1984 State of the Union, has there been so much good news – and so little basis to recommend an opposing view. As Democrats respond, early bets are on the channel, getting turned by more than half the country.

Then comes what now looks to be a weak epilogue, even if Democrats want to make it the epicenter of the week, an impeachment vote – all but certain to acquit the president, possibly pulling a few Democrats along for the ride. Far from “forever” tagging the president, the process wrap-up looks to tag this crop of Democrats as “forever unfair.”

No serious historian will see this impeachment as anything but blindly partisan, punctuated by intentional misinterpretation, petty insinuation, and bereft of basic due process – exactly the opposite of what Constitutional Framers wanted. Rather than necessary, unifying and good for the country – Democrat claims – it will be viewed as ignoble, disingenuous and ignominious, that is, a rotten crock.

And so, the only remaining question is this: What will follow the remarkable “triple witching hour” in American politics? For many Americans, the answer is simple, rest, relaxation, and a sense of relief.

As Democrats struggle to understand what hit them in Iowa, White House leaders take stock of gains, and impeachment managers begin their self-adulating books, most Americans will get back to work … which is all they really want in the first place, and what this president has delivered in spades. Until the next “triple witching hour,” that’s my read from the cheap seats.

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Joyce Gibson

A;ll registered voters should take heed of the atrocious deeds of the so called Democrats and vote for the party which is performing for the American people, that is Trump. He is the only president in my lifetime that has fulfilled his campaign promises. He would have fulfilled more if he had not been met with the hostile Democrats who love to hate him.

El Ey

I truly hope and pray that the RINOs will be recalled and/or remove from their office. I also hope and pray that ALL democrats will be removed from office either from petitions or elections. The democrats have gone so insane and God forbids, if they get the power back our country is doomed.
God help us.

Nell Williams

An excellent and accurate commentary…and I love your writing.

Stephen Russell

Acquittal & Iowa will hurt Dems big time, SOU will rally nation.

Ed LaPinskas

I hope this article is even near correct. The left and any name with a ( D ) after it must be CRUSHED at the polls. You kinda’ need to ‘hold your breath though. American voters elected Clinton twice and Oboingo as well. That # 44 was in the top 3 as the worst clown ever. Communist Muslim. And the media NEVER asked for his credentials either. I say that clown would’nt be able to pass a hard drug test to this very day.

Jim S

This all sounds good….but don’t forget, the young and naive, the ignorant liberal minded, fringe groups, most minorities, and indoctrinated college age crowd and their “educators”, the indoctrinated union crowd, will all still vote for whatever candidate opposes Trump. Republicans need to put well spoken conservatives out front that can win over some of these people. Most of them won’t even listen to Trump, as he touts the good things he has done. It concerns me that we might be falling into the same trap that the Clinton crowd fell into, in the last election, when they thought they couldn’t lose.

Carla Anderson

The most fun will be watching the demorats in the audience!!! The expressions on their faces will be the best entertainment EVER!!!!!!!!

John Karkalis

I have said it before and it is even more relevant now. The Dems have a remarkable genius for shooting themselves in BOTH feet.
Pocahontas on the warpath with Bernie over sexism. Hillary turning on whoever.
Mayor Pete trying to look squeaky clean. If he becomes any more bland he is sure to turn into a bar of soap.
My politically astute cat, Louie, said “I think Bernie has been spending way too much time hanging out around the catnip bag. The old guy is completely stoned and clueless”.
Smart cat.

David Spade

I think it is interesting on how the Democrat in-fighting is now in third gear. It will get worse as we get closer to their convention. They will get as nasty with each other as they have over the last 3 1/2 years with President Trump. Ask any Democrat candidate for President what their congressional minions have done for the country. Their entire house of cards will be falling. This could be the greatest victory the Republicans have had in several decades. Blue states will flip to red states, and only the very liberal coastal areas will remain for the Democrat party. As I have said before, the damage for the Democrats will last for decades. The are getting what they deserve.

David Lyday

Everybody be heads-up. EVERYBODY must vote in November. The current Dem clown car of unelectable candidates is just the warm-up act. Couple of women, couple of black and brown candidates, couple of Socialists, first openly gay candidate…. The usual suspects. And Bloomberg who is test-marketing himself. The Real Deal for the Dims will turn out to be Michelle Obama. You know … “This is the first time I’ve ever been proud of my country” Michelle. Who managed to go to a top Ivy League college here in racist America. Woman. check Black. Check. Motherly. Check. Socialist? Gosh, what do you think? Government grab of the entire healthcare system? What do you think? Higher taxes to pay for free access to Leftist brainwashing factories for all high school graduates. Drag queen story hours in day care… Do NOT stay home in November. Do NOT “let somebody else take care of it.”… Read more »

Rick J.

Lots of truth in this article. I’m sure Pelosi’s view of President Trumps speech will be all bullschiff. If we are all
lucky, the “democraps” will implode or explode due to their primary fights, and Republicans will
regain both houses of congress. MAGA 2020

John Karkalis

Actually there is only one event of note. The State of the Union address.
Impeachment? It’s rapidly becoming a mouldering corpse, a third rate floor show that’s worn out it’s welcome.
The Iowa caucuses? HA! even Iowans don’t know how their laughable system works, but it does give them early bragging rights.
Focus on November.

Martin Steed

The fact that elected Democrats seem to care more about President Trump asking for an investigation of possible Biden corruption than they do about possible Biden corruption tells you everything that is wrong with elected Democrats, AND why they should not be given power ever again.

Jim Chett

Enjoyed the excellent Article, sent to me by a good conservative friend, and fellow U. S. Vet. Difficult to fathom why I never subscribed before – “must have been asleep on watch!”

Brenda Blunt

The libs are about to be really spanked!! time for Americans to tell them politicians that we citizens know what we want and like!!

Robert J. White


Phil Hammersley

Wonder what Nervous Nancy will be doing while she’s sitting directly behind our president? Making faces? Passing out? Interesting viewing, I’m sure!


Be sure that the Dems will not learn their lessons and will continue to roll out accusations one right after another!


This is one triple witching hour I am looking forward to. Thanks for the insight. Trump 2020

Tom Murphy

Right on!