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Better For America: U.S. Market Cash Flood

Inflation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Biden Administration’s bad policies! Rep Tom Emmer from Minnesota’s 6th District joins Rebecca to discuss what he believes the new “socialist democrats” are attempting to do to our country. While there are many places where we need to stand up against the left, Rep Emmer is striking while the iron is hot with a bill that will protect your retirement savings! Also discussed: CRT curriculum hidden from parents in his district and how Rep Emmer is putting his foot down.

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1 month ago

I have learned to expect no less from Traitors and Cowards! There are some avenues still available to protect your investments and savings before the Commicrats close the door. Get a good Lawyer familiar with tax sheltering. You do NOT have to be filthy rich to move your assets “offshore!” Find a friendly Nation with Banking that does NOT owe stimulus or bail-out money to the US. If you have pre-tax holdings you may have to pay a penalty but it is small compared to losing everything. It does take a little effort but saving 80+% is worth the effort. Far better than being sandwiched between losses and TAXES on an annual basis… a losing proposition.

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