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Better For America: The Cost of Freedom with Congresswoman Lisa McClain

Rebecca was delighted to sit down with Congresswoman Lisa McClain, a freshman representative from Michigan’s 10th district. This week Rep. McClain had a huge victory for all Americans with the bi-partisan passage of her bill honoring the 13 fallen soldiers in the failed Afghanistan evacuation with the Congressional Gold Medal of Freedom. They discuss the price we pay as Americans for our freedoms, and of course, her take on the Biden Administration’s laundry list of failures. For this representative, it all boils down to one thing: Do you believe in people or government?

Please leave any questions or suggestions for future BFA episodes in the comments below!

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Jim Miller
11 months ago

Government is the problem, not the solution . As President Ronald Reagan used too say

Richard DeHart
10 months ago
Reply to  Jim Miller

Also one of my favorite Reagan one liners was ‘Hello, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you!’.

Frank DiVall
11 months ago

The People of America should be able to rise up. Our government is out of control, they are not for the people.

11 months ago

A suggestion: place the monitor in front of the person being interviewed. She was making eye contact with the monitor, I’m sure, but on the video she seemed to be looking off to my left (her right), so no “eye contact” with the viewer. In a face-to-face conversation, this makes me tend not to trust the speaker. I did agree with everything she said, but the optics were wrong.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
11 months ago

Believe in Govt. or people ??? Thats a good question for Bernie Sanders. LOL LOL

11 months ago

Thank you so much for the English subtitles on Lisa McClain’s interview with Rebecca Webber. Let us not forget the deaf Americans. God bless!

11 months ago

I believe in American People.Not the government.

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