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Better For America: The American Dream

This week Rebecca hands over the mic to Andy Mangione, AMAC Action’s SVP, who will be interviewing freshman Congresswoman Victoria Spartz out of Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. From growing up under a socialist regime to becoming a CFO, and then being elected to the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Spartz has quite a story to tell. Learn why she believes we have the greatest republic that has ever existed, and how her experience led her to the Republican party.

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Bill on the Hill
7 months ago

I read this interview yesterday morning, all the way through in my 1st official AMAC magazine which I found in the mailbox on Sat. Thank you AMAC for putting this out there. Victoria Spartz has it all together & then some. That she is able to tell all of us through her 1st hand personal experience about life living under the dark shadow of socialism is quite telling. She has a persona about her that will serve her well as she is now a freshman congresswoman for Indiana’s 5th congressional district…
I wish Victoria & her wonderful family all the best…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Mildred Palmer
9 months ago

So glad that my husband and I left that “other” senior organization and joined AMAC! I love their magazine too! Plus they represent my views as a Mature American! GO AMAC!! Keep up the great work that you’ve been doing!

Shelia Howard
9 months ago

This is my first AMAC Podcast. Outstanding!! I will be sure to subscribe.

Gary M
9 months ago

Tremendous asset to our country. I would love to have her here in CA.

Michael gosser
9 months ago

What a bright, intelligent, motivated individual. I’d move to Indiana just to vote for her! She gets it!

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