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Better For America: Root Cause with Congresswoman Debbie Lesko

This week Rebecca sat down with Congresswoman Debbie Lesko out of Arizona’s 8th district. Over the years AMAC has had the pleasure of witnessing the relentless work Rep. Lesko puts in to representing AMAC members. The two talk everything wrong with our Nation, from the open flood gates at the border, taxpayer-funded abortions, to the lefts version of history being taught in classrooms. Rebecca and Rep. Lesko come to one “root cause” to all these issues! Tune in to hear these two fireballs give a dose of the truth!

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1 year ago

Unfortunately Lesko and Schwietker of AZ were among the many usual and expected r.i.n.o.s to help divide our Country. They voted for the juneteenth holiday! So when I comes to Lesko and her Better for America speeches I now will take them with a grain of salt. Art

1 year ago
Reply to  Francis

I just listened to the podcast with Rebecca and Debbie Lesko and I hear ALOT OF TALK but I don’t hear a definite solution to many of these issues. Why not use our independent state laws to shut down he border or just close the wall! Talk, talk, talk. We need action!! And, if you don’t mind my asking Francis, how do you know Lesko and Schwietker are part of the r.i.n.o.s and how do you know they voted for the juneteenth holiday (if they did shame on them). Yes, I am an AZ resident and it’s time for our state to start taking their independent laws and use them like Florida , Texas and other states to make definite decisions that allow us to make our own state decisions to handle these border problems and other issues that effect we the people of AZ. I receive news reports from Congressman Paul Gosar who represents the portion of AZ where I live and its amazing the letters and laws he is constantly presenting to congress to help our state in all of these matters; he seems to me to be fighting hard to stop these insane politics of the Biden administration. He even has a time clock you can look at on line which states how many days have gone by whereby Biden or Harris have not responded to his many letters and gone to the border. At any rate, we need Lesko and other representatives to take more positive action and stop playing politics. Come on people, you are elected to work for Arizona…..step up and meet the challenges.

Peter K
1 year ago
Reply to  Barb

Congressman Paul Gosar is among the elite of Representatives that always puts his constituents first. He has an enormous geographical area to cover and does it, in my opinion, in spades. Great patriot, great Arizonan.

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