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Better For America: Political Power Plays with Ben Ferguson

To kick off the New Year, your AMAC Weekly News host, Ben Ferguson, joins Rebecca on the BFA Podcast to bring AMAC members up to speed on the crazy political year that we survived in 2021! We all know the actions of the Biden Administration are intentional. But tune in to hear this seasoned political analyst’s insight as to why, and what to expect in 2022. Will this be the year Nancy Pelosi steps down? And will we see the Red Wave? Be sure to subscribe and never miss a BFA update!

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Jennifer Hallman
1 year ago

In the summer of 1990, I was expecting my 4th child, as was my friend, Debbie, and we were both due in Sept. Debbie was due on Sept. 30th; me on the 13th. We spoke on the phone on the evening of June 14th. The next day, I heard she had had her baby during the nite- I didn’t believe it, but the next day, I found out it was true- From there, were many prayers said and extreme anxiety for the family -and finally doctors trying an experimental med. as a last resort, with the parents permission – and it worked! Today that baby, a girl, is a grown woman, married , and has had a baby of her own. Why am I posting? Because everyone needs to see and recognize that YES – abortion is murder- if a 20 wk. year old fetus can survive, and not only survive, but have no disabilities,( and this was over 30 years ago), then the US or any other country, has no right to deny them life- and we are making murderers of our sisters, our women who are denied and never given this knowledge-

1 year ago


Rita Francesco
1 year ago

Thank you for this great interview! However, dear Rebecca Weber you should not recommend “the vaccine” until you know 100% that the science is right. It is not. Too many people got severely injured and even died. And as you said: “follow the money” that a former abortion clinic leader is now strongly influencing ” the vaccine” for children, shows clearly the evil connections. Thank you again, you are a great lady I highly respect you!

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